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  1. Hell yeah guys, demo the [big bad swear word] out of that game! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah I doubt I will be able.to post anything this week so book scenarios are fine. I'll have light, beast and shadow up in hope soon. Hawaii time and all, ya know.
  3. James there are plenty of us playing both Kings of War and Age of Sigmar. We have a Age of Sigmar Escalation League going on at Guardian Games on Friday nights currently if you wish to check that out.
  4. Uploaded version 1.2 of OrdoComp for AoS. Please feel free to post issues or questions.
  5. Scenario 3 & 4 have been posted. Scenario 5, 6, 7 and 8 will also be posted shortly as I am going to Hawaii for the first 3 weeks of October and won't physically be there to run games but the league will persist hopefully well on into November where we will have a one day event.
  6. I think he should be available to Wood Elves. Just sayin.
  7. It can be done Bro G. You just have to see the entire event as one huge narrative rather than a series of matches. Trust me, it can be done.
  8. Scenario Four: The Winds of Death As the last tendrils of the Baleful Realmgate’s green eldritch energy dissipates from the edges of your armor, the bone-chilling grip of Shylish; the Realm of Death seizes your body and instantly saps the warmth from your flesh. The grey realm is suspended in a time of eternal twilight, where the ever present gloom and shadow melt seamlessly into the horizon. A dark and roiling mist creeps along the cracked surface of the Realm of Death. The grey, sickly mist clings to the earth like a blanket and occasionally seeps into a large fissure or crack that emanates a sickly, green glow. As the last member of the army arrives through the portal, the emerald light that illuminated the area goes dark, plunging the entire area into darkness until eyes are able to adjust. Nothing seems to move in the Realm of Death. Silence hangs in the air like a wet fog, clinging and oppressive. It isn’t until you turn and bark orders to your battalion is the silence shattered and the army leaps into motion. A chilling wind blows through the army, pushing the fog back along to the forest edge. To the far east a shattered monument rises high into the twilight sky. The shattered monument bears the markings and matches the description of the building under which the portalglyph resides. To the far north, the twilight sky is suddenly rent and bleeds red, unholy light. The sound of a thousand voices screaming in agony fills the air and the red light pulses from the tear. As quickly as the tear appeared; it closes and the cacophony of screams is abruptly silenced. The fog roils again revealing a massive detachment of the Blood God’s warriors standing upon the cracked earth of Shylish. At the head of the host looms a massive red skinned fiend; it’s wings spread wide as it’s cloven hooves crush the earth beneath and cause the ground to smolder. The massive axe in the fiend’s grip burns with an unholy red radiance casting a hellish hue upon the legions beneath it. As flames erupt from all around the hell-titan, a roar of challenge is torn from the beasts throat as it’s glowing eyes settle upon your army. As one, the horde lurches forward into a full run. The echo of hundreds of voices shatters the silence and fills the air with promises of blood and murder. As the horde approaches, a series of emerald green portals open before you and hundreds of skeletal warriors pour out. Huge, winged skeletal gargoyles emerge from the portal, each wielding a massive axe that glows with a purple, fel light. The two armies crash into one another within seconds and the battle is joined. The red-skinned demon titan sweeps down into the thick of the battle smashing aside dozens of skeletal warriors. A corona of flame flashes around the demon as it fully commits itself to the slaughter. The huge gargoyles move forward to engage the demon and the heavily armored units of the chaos army. As the two armies engage, you note that there is a path clear to the portalglyph tower. You look back to the Baleful Realmsgate and then to the tower. Right as you move your army towards the tower, yet another army arrives on the other side of the battlefield. The news of the portalglyph’s discovery must have travelled far and wide. Your bark your orders for your units to race to the tower. The race is on… The Armies Each player will field between four and eight warscrolls. Scenario Objectives Get to the Portalglyph and successfully activate it on the following turn. – 5 points Destroy the enemy General – 2 points. Successfully unbind the Portalglyph spell when cast by the opposing player. – 3 points Each surviving unit at the end of the game – 1 point. Sudden Death will not be used this scenario. The Battlefield: The game field will be played upon a 6’x4’ surface. There will be various terrain features each being determined to be “Deadly” as per the Mysterious Terrain rules in the basic rules. There will be a single objective place in the center of the opposite short table edge. This objective marker will represent the Portalglyph. Players deploy along the short table edge opposite of the objective. Each player will be given a corner and a 18” (long table edge) x 1’ (short table edge) deployment zone. They may not set up closer than 12” from enemy territory or units and no closer than 54” from objective. Units may not Deepstrike in this scenario closer than 48” from the objective. Game Length This scenario will last 6 Battle Rounds or until the first player gets a hold of the Portal Glyph and successfully activates it, teleporting their army off the battlefield and ending the game. Scenario Special Rules The Portalglyph Wizards – a Wizard in possession of the Portalglyph know the spell Open Portalglyph in addition to any other spells they know. The Open Portalglyph has a casting value of 8. If successfully cast, the entire player’s army is teleported back to their Realm and the game is over. Caress of Shylish Wizards – upon the field of battle know Caress of Shylish. Caress of Shylish has a casting value of 7. If successfully cast, select a target unit within 18” of the caster. The unit will suffer 1d3 Mortal Wounds and be weakened so badly they will be unable to act in their next activation (they can not do anything for a turn). Death is All Around You are trying to navigate your way through a raging battle between the forces of the Blood God and the denizens of the Lord of Death. On occasion you may find yourself battling your way through both forces to get to your objective. During the player turn, during the Hero phase roll a D6 for every unit and consult the table below: 1 – The unit is swept up in the tide of battle between the two opposing armies. The unit may do nothing this player turn (the unit may act if it is attacked or is swept into battle due to the 3” consolidation rule but otherwise is unable to act). 2-5 - The unit manages to successfully navigate the battlefield and avoids getting tangled in any skirmishes. 6 – The unit crosses over a glowing crevasse of eldritch energy emanating from Nagash’s realm. The unit is followed by a newly summoned Wraith. The Wraith will follow the unit the rest of the game. If the unit rolls a “1” during the “Death if All Around” in a subsequent phase the player may sacrifice the Wraith to ignore the effect. Otherwise the Wraith functions as a marker and has no further game effect. Undead units (Vampire Counts or Tomb Kings warscrolls) please consult “Nagash is Absolute!” as well. Nagash is Absolute! All Vampire Counts or Tomb King warscrolls gain +1 to hit and +1 to wound for 1 turn. The unit also gains 1d6+4 wounds (or 1d3 models if a multi-wound models, or if a single model it gains 1d3 wounds) from the deathly vigor(?) bestowed upon them by their Lord. The Power of Death Compels You! All summoning spells of undead units gain +1 to cast on the Realm of Death. Victory Conditions The player with the greater number of Objective points at the end of the game wins. League Scenario Reportings: Victory Points: Win - 3 points Tie - 2 points Loss - 1 point Victory Points + Objective Points = Final Scenario Score
  9. Scenario Three: The Rotwater Blight The emerald waters of the Brightwater falls crash down from thousands of feet above. The deafening roar of the triple falls echo through out the valley as thousands of rainbows wink in and out of existence as the fall's mist dissipates in the summer wind of the Realm of Life. The beauty of the valley is almost overpowering, flora and fauna are abundant everywhere. Snapdragons and Daffodils the size of an ogre spring from the ground forming gigantic fields of flowers and dragonflies the size of horses skim over the crystal clear waters of the lake. Life is abundant in the realm of Allarielle, the Incarnate of Life. To the far east, one of the great forests of the Brightwater Peninsula rises majestically, the ancient treelords can be seen patrolling the forest edges. To the west the green plains and rolling hills burst with color as thousands of flowers fill the landscape. To the south however is where the paradise is marred by rot and decay. The one beautiful Brightwater Delta is now blackened and befouled by the struggles against the Grandfather of Disease, Nurgle. The Rotlords forces have turned the Brightwater Delta into the Rotwater Blight. Once beautiful patches of land are now blackened sludge and bubbling mounds of corruption. The very air is thick with miasma and sickness, as the denizens of the Rotwater Blight howl and giggle with glee as they watch the crystal waters turn black once it rushes into their roost. The Brightwater Delta has a seed that Lady Allarielle's exarch has gifted to your general. This seed will allow a great oak to grow and spread roots deep within other realms and one day serve as conduit between realms. For now however, it is in danger of being claimed by the enemy. You must claim the seedling that has finally burst from the soil and rush back to your realm as quickly as possible. The Armies Each player may field 4-8 warscrolls (or 30 points for OrdoComp) Scenario Objectives 1. Obtain the Ream Oak Seedling and escape the battlefield - 5 points. 2. Defeat the Enemy General- 3 points. 3. Every unit of the enemy's forces destroyed - 1 point. 4. Every unit of yours alive at the end of the battle. - 1 point. Sudden Death will not be used in this scenario. The Battlefield The gaming field will be played on a 4' x '4 surface. There will be a single objective marker placed in the center of the battlefield to represent the Ream Oak Seedling. Deployment Players will deploy their forces along the board edge opposite one another no closer than 6" from the board edge. Game Length The game will last for 6 Battle Rounds or until one player is able to reach the board edge with the Realm Oak Seedling which then immediately ends the game. Scenario Special Rules Barkskin - Wizards - in the treacherous waters of the Rotwater Blight know the spell Barkskin in addition to other spells they know. Barkskin has a casting value of 8. If successfully cast, select a target unit with 18" of the caster. The target unit gains +2 to their armor save (maximum of 2+) but suffers -2 to their movement as the Barkskin has hardened their flesh. Pits of Doom The waters of the Rotwater Blight are treacherous. Every time a unit moves, runs or charges; roll a D6 and consult the following table: 1 - There is a wet sucking sound as the model steps into a blackened pit of sludge and disappears beneath the blight's surface. The model is removed from play and is considered killed. 2 - 5 - Nothing Happens 6 - One of the warriors in your unit trips, they fall face first into the Rotwater Blight's befouled waters and causes disruption in the unit. The unit suffers -1 to their movement statistic this turn. Fountains of Life The gifts of the Everqueen still are strong in this region despite the corruption. At the beginning of each Battle Round, roll a D6 for each unit and consult the following table. 1: Rot, Glorious Rot - Consult the Geyser of Corruption table. 2-4: Nothing happens 5: Renewed vigor - the unit heals 1d3 wounds.* 6: Regrowth and Renewal - the unit heals 1d6+2 wounds and is empowered by the gift of life. The unit has +1 to movement this turn.* *Models with the Keyword: Daemon suffer 1 Mortal wound. *Models with the Keyword: Nurgle suffer 1d6 Mortal wounds. Geyser of Corruption Not everything is kept pure by the Everqueen, Nurgle has a way of getting his "gifts" bestowed upon everyone. Consult the following table: 1: Glory of Nurgle - Target unit suffers 2d6 Mortal Wounds from Nurgle's Rot.* 2-5: Rotting Nuisance - Target unit suffers 1d3 Mortal Wounds.* 6: Blessed are the Sick - Target unit suffers 1d6 Mortal Wounds and select another unit within 6" and that unit suffers 1d3 Mortal Wounds from the sickness.* *Models with the Keyword: Nurgle heal 2d6 wounds and may add 1d6 additional models to the unit. Realm Oak Seedling The seedling is a massive seedling and as a result requires a huge amount of effort to move. As a result the seedling may only be moved a maximum of 8" per turn and the unit escorting the seedling may not Run. The seedling may be claimed by a unit making contact with it, however another unit may steal the seedling by one of two methods: 1. Destroying the unit by spells, shooting or close combat and being within 3" of the seedling marker at the end of the turn (and not in combat). 2. Making a desperate grab for the seedling. Both players must be in close combat and one player be in control of the seedling. Each player rolls a D6 and the player who rolls higher manages to steal or keep the seedling. This action is performed during the Consolidation movement sub-phase. Wounds suffered from scenario special rules count towards battleshock. Victory Conditions The player with the most objective points wins the scenario. Victory Points: Win - 3 points Tie - 2 points Loss - 1 point Victory Points + Scenario Objective Points = Final Scenario Score.
  10. Not yet, some folks were testing out OrdoComp but right now all the scenarios are 4-6ish warscrolls so keeping it small and fast.
  11. If you have fielded 42 points of Warscrolls you may summon up to 21 points of additional warscrolls (that are in your Warscroll Compendium i.e. Army list). I'll be releasing a 1.2 version hopefully next week. I think I need to clean up some language and definitions not to mention evaluate how models with a single characteristic that does D3 against specific keywords are handled.
  12. Next week's scenarios will be Realm of Life, so on the bright side - less chance of getting hit with 3d6 mortal wounds!
  13. Whatever makes you feel like your game of toy soldiers isn't just that.
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