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  1. There is no finishing army painting. Only a moment's reprieve before the next phase begins XD
  2. Phoenix Nest Games out of Athens, OH is donating some prize support to OFCC. I will be bringing it with me!
  3. Oh sweet! Thanks for the heads up. Was gonna have to wait till the 22nd for delivery.
  4. Sadly I have no costcos in my little Ohio college town. I gots a walmart, a Lowes, and a kroger lol. Goin to local stores after that. This is what I picked up: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Simple-Green-All-Purpose-Cleaner-Concentrate-1-Gal/23569739 That the right stuff?
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the words of wisdom 🙂 Will have to go by my local wallyworld and see if I can track some uncomplicated blue-plus-yellow down.
  6. Thanks! How long did you soak them?
  7. Hey, Folks! I am going to try and do some converting this year for OFCC. Me? Converting?! I know!!! As a part of this process I'm looking at needing to strip paint off of some forgeworld broadsides. This is very new territory for me and I'd really appreciate some words of wisdom on how to go about doing that so I don't damage/dissolve the resin models while stripping them.
  8. I-on You Points: 2000 Command Points: 16 Bork’an Brigade 1293 HQ 242 Enforcer Commander ‘Angler’ (76) 158 Drone Controller (5) Missile Pod (2) (48) Plasma Rifle (11) Cadre Fireblade (39) 42 Markerlight (3) Cadre Fireblade (39) 42 Markerlight (3) Troops 367 Strike Team (11) (77)
  9. Pulse for Days Total Points: 2000 Command Points: 17 T’au Brigade 1549 HQ 319 Aun’Va (85) 95 Ethereal Guard (2) (10) Enforcer Commander (76) 137 Drone Controller (5) Missile Pod (2) (48) Airbursting Fragmentation Projector. (8) Cadre Fireblade (39) 42 Markerlight (3) Darkstrider
  10. Heya, folks. I'm trying to dial in on what I want to run for OFCC this year. It's coming fast. I swear it comes faster every year. So need to figure out what I'm running...and in turn what I'm painting. I'm going to post two lists below this as separate posts. Please let me know which you would find more FUN to play against.
  11. I am looking for a CSU model for Infinity. Ideally the one that comes from the Expanded Red Veil box. The older one is a bit pricey for my pocketbook typically though I am open to discussion! I have paypal cash monies as well as 40k Tau, Warmachine Khador, and AoS Seraphon stuff with which to trade.
  12. I am looking for the turrets for the forgeworld hammerhead variants. Anybody got any of those floating around they'd be willing to part with? High-Yield Missile Pod Twin T'au Plasma Cannon Twin Heavy Burst Cannon
  13. You hush. I will have my revenge upon the mawloc next year! BLOOD FOR THE BLO...I mean...for the greater good!!!
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