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  2. Alright ladies and gents, I got into 40K pretty heavy with the Grey Knights a while back just before the local store I played at closed. Now that I don't play with a regular crowd, I find myself moving towards other games. So I'd like to turn my Knights into some Star Wars stuff or the cash to buy some SW stuff. Pics can be found via the photobucket link here: http://s879.photobucket.com/user/TheBurner/library/Stuff%20To%20Move Here's a list of what I've got: Have: Warhammer 40K: Grey Knights - Retail: $627, Asking: $300 1x Purgation Squad (10 Models, x4 Psycannon, x1 Demon Hammer,
  3. Alright, so I'm looking to move some models that are just sitting on my shelf taking up space. I'm willing to meet in Portland, or anywhere on the West side of town. I'm local to Hillsboro, so if that's helpful, that would be great. Pics are on photobucket. If you have any questions, just let me know. I'd prefer cash, but decent trades are always on the table as well. Thanks for looking! Haves: Warhammer 40K: Tau: XV 104 Riptide (Partially Painted) - $50 Dark Vengeance: Dark Vengeance (Various Stages, Missing One Cultist and Aspiring Champion) - $70 Tyranids: Tyranid Warrior
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