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  1. I've played a bunch of Elite: Dangerous. I usually go in bursts since I only play it on my VR headset but when I'm on the kick I find it really enjoyable. Mostly I like to do exploration stuff but I do enjoy blapping space pirates.
  2. They are transport teams: Grey Wolf 194: they're under the very large heading for "Transport Teams" Same for Atlantik Wall Same for Bridge by Bridge Also page 11 of the rule book:
  3. ARV's are transport teams. If you're targeting tanks they will be assigned hits only after all the tanks have been assigned hits.
  4. Just to chime in. I was part of the aforementioned playtesting group. One of the biggest reasons I stopped playing is basically due to playtesting. Being obligated to play a certain number of games that you may or may not be interested in, being beholden to an NDA (we really pushed it by playing at Guardian, which meant that any walkups were very likely not to get games since we were bringing random lists we couldn't talk about) led a lot of burnout and essentially killed FOW in Portland for quite a while. Playtesting was a great way to turn something enjoyable into a huge chore and drive people away from the game.
  5. About 1000 feet up it would seem.
  6. My opinion is that the show followed the themes and general plot of the comics without following them frame for frame. I enjoyed the first episode a lot, I don't think that preacher would be all that great if we just took the "Screw the Comic Code we can do whatever we waaaaaaaant!!!!" comic of the 90s.
  7. I actually ran into my first big bug. Playing as your friendly neighborhood fungal federation builders. I had a neighbor with +175 relations, but when trying to get them to an alliance I got 'Differing War Philosophy" with a -20 score. That pretty much makes an alliance impossible. Turns out this is a bug thats only supposed to apply between pacifist/militarist philosophies, I found a thread about it on the paradox forums that included a link to a mod that gets rid of it. Now I'm trying to recruit the 4th member to my alliance so I can make a federation.
  8. If you right click on a planet there is an option to unload the soldiers.
  9. And don't watch the last half season. Just assume they all die in space or something.
  10. What bugs have people been seeing? The only one I've seen was an issue where I had a construction ship that couldn't make a warp to a system I told it to build an outpost in so it sat where it was and built it remotely.
  11. I've been playing it a bunch. Overall I'm really impressed. Essentially the game is Europa Universalis but in space, oh and way better in just about every way. I usually spend a TON of time in EU on pause dealing with redirecting armies or reading text or trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing. Not so in Stellaris, I mostly spend the game chugging along exploring the galaxy or trying to figure out if I'm ready to launch a new war or tweaking planetary setup. The AI seems much improved as well, it doesn't just declare war constantly like the EU ai did. I even played some multiplayer with a friend yesterday, it surprisingly turned out to be a fun experience. Usually those realtime games are slightly infuriating to play multiplayer because someone is always pausing, but Stellaris seems to be in a great spot where there wasn't any need to pause.
  12. Wow, this thread made the ban run in less than 13 parsecs!
  13. Why bother when they could fill the shelf space with games that sell and don't require external marketing?
  14. It makes decent sense from GG's prospective. They've been having problems with battlefront undercutting them in different ways for years. Years ago I remember there being a debacle where BF stopped sending their product to GG in a timely manner. Then they started their web-only special order stuff, they cut pretty much all of the tournament support they used to give, the whole house thing that you couldn't get through the stores and now a 50% off online sale on the biggest retail weekend for stores in the US. On top of all of that its not like Flames of War is exactly flying off the shelves at GG, it takes up almost as much space as Warmahordes and, I imagine, sells orders of magnitudes less product.
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