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  1. I'll be down there like 7pm with some stuffs
  2. Ill try get down there a little after 7 with some stuffs
  3. Im hoping to be there like 7pm, ill bring lists for both those missions
  4. Ill try be there like 7pm with a list
  5. no worries, I believe you gave me the shaolin monk Im using so it could be repayment for that
  6. I've got an old PanO combi rifle and an extra yu jing sniper rifle you can have
  7. I can be down around 7pm. I'll bring stuffs if you cant find a game by then.
  8. Yaay! I will bring my stuffs
  9. Anyone free for a game of infinity? I can be at DT a little after 7pm. Looking to play show of force scenario
  10. I'll be down a little after 7 with my stuffs
  11. I'll be down a little after 7 looking for some battles!
  12. Sweet! I'm free sat morning/afternoon
  13. I need a makeup game to, sat should work for me
  14. Can't make it today, anyone open for a makeup game this weekend?
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