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  1. Yea, I don't know if this guy's design predated the whole "caster templecity" line of Stormcast, including the ladies. Not sure about that, but I'd need to read more into the magic phase to see how much that really would swerve. And where you could make up in design space for removing it. It is homebrew after all ­čśä Now to find a used lot of stormcast....
  2. Greetings 9th age dudes! In my wanderings, I've come across a handful of home brews for using Stormcast Eternals (on 40mm's, like Ogres) in EEFL and/or in 9th. Has anyone run into these rules before? I know it sounds odd, but Mindtaker (and others) are loaded down with extra sigmarines, and I've got a hankering to be deviant. @Andrewgeddon @TheBeninator CelestialesWIP.pdf
  3. Exile

    ITS Season XI

    The rule change with larger game play and tournament consequences are the civvie changes: EFFECTS ┬╗A Civilian is a game element with a Troop Profile that does not belong to the Army List of any player. ┬╗ Therefore, Civilians cannot be part of any Combat Group and donÔÇÖt provide Orders to an Order Reserve. ┬╗Civilians are considered Neutral, unless some rule, Special Skill or piece of Equipment states the contrary. ┬╗Civilians donÔÇÖt block LoF. ┬╗Civilians ignore the Effects and Damage they could suffer, being from an Attack or any other source (As Falling Damage, for example). Therefore, they lack the ARM, BTS, and Wounds Attributes. ┬╗Some Scenario Special Rules or mission Objectives can modify this rule. ┬╗Civilians cannot activate Deployable weapons or pieces of Equipment. ┬╗Synchronized Civilians do not generate AROs. ┬╗ Templates that affect a Civilian are not considered null, but will have no effect on the Civilian (emphasis mine)
  4. Exile

    ITS Season XI

    Concillium watch requires a model with Journalist alive, an in ZoC of a non-null model armed with the illegal weaponry. The answer is clear. Kill the warcor first.
  5. Exile

    ITS Season XI

  6. I hope your doggos get better soon! Pet hospital is no fun.
  7. In the previous two years, the end of August date put us in conflict with certain College and University schedules, let alone Labor Day weekend. There were several teams in that two year period who -could not- attend due to school/work appointments starting, classes underway, etc. A late July date forestalls both of these issues. Locking in early this year (and more importantly announcing dates early) allows us more lead time to manage sponsors, promote and sell tickets, and make your future OFCC experience an EVEN BETTER ONE. Because that's why we do it.
  8. Exile


    Glad to hear it. The Senate will be in touch.
  9. Engineering deck? Oh hell yes.
  10. And thus the eternal cycle.... continues. Those look dope Sam! I need to bust out my elves...
  11. I'll be there sorting and restocking terrain, I will bring an Infinity list to play, for the first time in what seems like quite a while.
  12. Either there or closer to RD's person at the Infinity event.
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