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  1. Exile

    March Releases

    I dunno, the tac junk that the monstrucker is on is far better than tac rock. Gear can end up in any environment, rocks are a harder sell, and often require removal/replacement, depending on your basing scheme. Really dig the Nyoka as well.
  2. Well now. Isn't this a surprise? https://infinitytheuniverse.com/games/tag-raid Here's a shiny barely informative YouTube vid. TLDR: late year Kickstarter campaign, battle-royale Tag battles. A chance to use those shiny S7 tags everyone made for some reason or another, eh??
  3. Exile

    Buy This Now!

    Oh! Also, a bunch of the resin vehicles like the 'kuri-pot' are hitting early next week.
  4. Exile

    Buy This Now!

    I may have snagged a full Sarissa Pagoda + extra level. Gotta love perks!
  5. Welcome back, Adam! I'm Pete, I played High Elves back in the day. There was a campaign running of The 9th Age right as the world shut a year ago, I'm hoping that once things settle out, we can get some square base gaming going again!
  6. And gravity-defying... assets.
  7. Exile

    N4 Is Live

    Thanks Jay, I appreciate it, even if household quarantine rules preclude such a visit >.< I'm reviewing the pdf's as I can, hoping my physical book shows up soon.
  8. Well howdy! The clubhouse was shut for most of the spring and early summer, what with the 'vid and all. It has recently reopened for some distanced, limited capacity game nights. I haven't made it down to play just yet, but I did stop in to say hi to some of the Senators and scope things out this last week. Definitely feeling the itch to play again. Household restrictions make it tough. I perused the C1 rules, and set them down and said "looks like I'll like N4". So I'm psyched for next week(?)when the info starts dropping. Glad to see you make your way back! See you in the fal
  9. Exile

    Product Help

    This - $15-40 https://www.miniaturemarket.com/accessories/card-game-supplies/accessories-playmats.html I know Red Castle is doing pickup on friday for a mtg release, you might be able to arrange curbside if you wanna shop local.
  10. @WiseKensai and @thediceabide just started a weekly livestream on tuesday nights, I think they played a tts game last week. https://www.twitch.tv/thediceabide
  11. Suggested game sizes in the rulebook are 15, 25, and 30. I have a feeling that we will play a lot of 20. It seems very close to 200pts of N3, which is what Rampages have been for several years.
  12. So you're pretty SWC heavy there. Army construction is limited to 1 SWC per 5 C1 points and per 50 N3 points. One big point to consider about Infinity army construction is the focus on Objective play. Objectives are completed by Specialists: Engineer, Doctor, Hacker, Paramedic, and Specialist Operative in C1, and add Forward Observer to the list for N3. This is not to say that big guns aren't important, you sometimes have to remove opponents from the Objective or overwatching positions before you send in your (usually) squishy specialist. You also have 11 troops, C1 has a 10 troop
  13. 20ish? The individual Operation box halves (7 troopers) are 15, and their N3 point range varies depending on the box, but usually lands between 140 and 160, depending on weapon loadouts. The 6-man faction boxes are gonna be a bit shy of 15, I got the Tunguska one to about 13. So you can add 2-4 selections to hit 20. Should be close to 200. Code one's designed single combat group limit means that as you get above 20, you take fewer and fewer cheerleaders and more expensive active pieces.
  14. Follow-up: Here is a link to that fan roster. Ignore the... Editorializing. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ToAumAf9s_3MFstXdAGPCRR94jWAgVfrpq9mVzFwwt8/edit?usp=sharing
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