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    N4 Is Live

    Thanks Jay, I appreciate it, even if household quarantine rules preclude such a visit >.< I'm reviewing the pdf's as I can, hoping my physical book shows up soon.
  2. Well howdy! The clubhouse was shut for most of the spring and early summer, what with the 'vid and all. It has recently reopened for some distanced, limited capacity game nights. I haven't made it down to play just yet, but I did stop in to say hi to some of the Senators and scope things out this last week. Definitely feeling the itch to play again. Household restrictions make it tough. I perused the C1 rules, and set them down and said "looks like I'll like N4". So I'm psyched for next week(?)when the info starts dropping. Glad to see you make your way back! See you in the fal
  3. Exile

    Product Help

    This - $15-40 https://www.miniaturemarket.com/accessories/card-game-supplies/accessories-playmats.html I know Red Castle is doing pickup on friday for a mtg release, you might be able to arrange curbside if you wanna shop local.
  4. @WiseKensai and @thediceabide just started a weekly livestream on tuesday nights, I think they played a tts game last week. https://www.twitch.tv/thediceabide
  5. Suggested game sizes in the rulebook are 15, 25, and 30. I have a feeling that we will play a lot of 20. It seems very close to 200pts of N3, which is what Rampages have been for several years.
  6. So you're pretty SWC heavy there. Army construction is limited to 1 SWC per 5 C1 points and per 50 N3 points. One big point to consider about Infinity army construction is the focus on Objective play. Objectives are completed by Specialists: Engineer, Doctor, Hacker, Paramedic, and Specialist Operative in C1, and add Forward Observer to the list for N3. This is not to say that big guns aren't important, you sometimes have to remove opponents from the Objective or overwatching positions before you send in your (usually) squishy specialist. You also have 11 troops, C1 has a 10 troop
  7. 20ish? The individual Operation box halves (7 troopers) are 15, and their N3 point range varies depending on the box, but usually lands between 140 and 160, depending on weapon loadouts. The 6-man faction boxes are gonna be a bit shy of 15, I got the Tunguska one to about 13. So you can add 2-4 selections to hit 20. Should be close to 200. Code one's designed single combat group limit means that as you get above 20, you take fewer and fewer cheerleaders and more expensive active pieces.
  8. Follow-up: Here is a link to that fan roster. Ignore the... Editorializing. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ToAumAf9s_3MFstXdAGPCRR94jWAgVfrpq9mVzFwwt8/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Not exactly. There are 'Vanilla' and 'Sectorial' armies. Vanilla have a much wider selection of options, but lower total AVA of most every troop. Vanilla YJ allows you to take AVA 4 monks, and AVA 2 Ninjas. Sectorials offer a smaller list of choices, with certain ones with Higher AVA. Sectorials also offer other benefits, most specifically the ability for like units to for a 'Fireteam' and activate together with one order expenditure. There are restrictions on how they function, and they can be rather complex. For now, I would suggest not worrying about Sectorials, they are not part o
  10. Woo-hoo! Hey Art man, welcome to Infinity! 1) when not in crazy time mode, Sunday afternoons we play at WoW, Thursdays sees play out at Glimpses in Sherwood, and also at Fate and Fury in Vancouver. No telling how that may change, but it's out there. 2) honestly, if you can track down the PDF for one of the two-player starters, they have a sequence of games where you learn some basics - moving, face to face rolls, and the scenarios add new stuff as you go along, so you start with three Light Infantry dudes, then add a Heavy Infantry, then either some Camo, or Airborne Deploy,
  11. Fresh from their 2nd dullcote, I have finished up this unit of Swordmasters and a Noble Elf! The Crimson Legion grows! more Infinity on deck too!
  12. Ahoy friends! I had a separate NCA/Pano Blog back in the day, but with several other armies in play, other projects, it seemed time to start a new blog thread. I've been lax and lazy in my hobby it seems, since finishing my home table for OFCC, but with time on my hands indoors (yay quarantine), it's time to clear out the backlog. First up today, I recently finished up 3 more Auxbots, touched one up, as well as cleaned up some chips on a few Bolts. Need to clearcoat more things today, weather's looking good.
  13. Lemme dig through my closet, I may have some stuff stashed away...
  14. I will be staying home this week. Stay safe ya'll.
  15. Exile


    No need for terrain, we have 4+ tables worth of solid stuff, and that's before we raid the big room or Jay or my personal tables show up.
  16. I'm bringing my smörgåsbord again, highlights include a Bolt Action American starter army, infantry assembled and partially painted, a fully painted Deathwing army, some Some IG metals, Steel Legion/Schaffer's, some 4th ed SM, and I will be hauling a chunk of my X-wing collection down. Also some Infinity. Also some 6th ed HE metals, and some 7th-ish DE (if I can find them).
  17. Hey Steve, thanks for the game! Getting that uh-oh moment when you dropped the Lizard was sweet! Here is that link to the token generator I mentioned. http://inf-dice.ghostlords.com/markers/ Thanks for taking the time to come meet everyone, hope to see you again!
  18. Hey Dino Steve! I'm Pete aka Exile, one of our Ordo Senators, glad you found us! Yes, our Sunday Game Night features Infinity action, 3-7 at the clubhouse. It is located here in downtown Portland. I know Raindog and a couple others will be out, but I know there will be a few people up for games, we've got several other game system leagues running, we had an epic game night last week. I myself play NCA and OSS, been dabbling in Shas lately, I'll bring a collection of lists for multiple factions. Looking forward to it!
  19. Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs Doors Open at 3 pm Cost: $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! Games we play: All games are welcome. Chaos and order battle for Necromunda in the Uprising in Deathcap Junction. Infinity players will be present. As well as the Bolt Action crew. There is also often Gaslands, 40K, Kill Team and War Cry
  20. I dunno if I've mentioned this before, but the new Mukhtar's pose seriously frustrates me. If that's their attempt at 'superhero landing' or what, it just begs for heavy old-school conversion.
  21. Exile

    Help Mr. Grumpy

    The button labeled 'Add to List' should change to 'Edit Spec Op' after you have added one to a list. As to the Deva loadout, I find myself almost paralyzed by choice. Much as I find myself army building in general these days. Brainstorming lists for Raid has been an exercise in... frustration. For a defensive link, the first option you presented is solid. If it's purely going to be a support Deva, you can drop the mimetism, but if you want something hilarous, AD: Combat Jump, D-Charges, Bioimmunity, and Exp CCW🤣🤣🤣🤣 it's my 'Screw you Looting and Sabotaging!' option.
  22. Have you confirmed that someone will be there to open the club at Noon?
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