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    Exile reacted to thediceabide in Rose City Raid 2021!   
    IT'S THAT TIME! I'm here to announce the Rose City Raid 2021. It will be held June 25-26 at the Lucky Labrador, COVID permitting. If we're required to change venue to be outdoors, then we'll be holding it at the Madrona Hill Vineyard in Sherwood, OR. Hope to see you there!
    Event Info Here!
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    Exile reacted to Sgt. Rock in Black Sheep Industries is back!   
    I noticed that this hasn't been posted here yet. Thanks to the efforts of Joe at Fate and Fury Games, BSI is back up and running. He acquired the company and is carrying on Luke Mundy's legacy. 
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    Exile reacted to Raindog in Can you ID me?   
    It is a Dwarf Thane with a shield oddly attached to it. The shield hand has been cut and reattached and the wings on the helm are cut off. 

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    Exile reacted to scottshoemaker in 10/15 - Thursday - Game Night at Wow - 4:00pm - 8:00pm   
    I'll be there to offer no advice of any kind.
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    Exile reacted to scottshoemaker in 10/15 - Thursday - Game Night at Wow - 4:00pm - 8:00pm   
    No advice was offered.
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    Exile got a reaction from Raindog in N4 Is Live   
    Thanks Jay, I appreciate it, even if household quarantine rules preclude such a visit >.<
    I'm reviewing the pdf's as I can, hoping my physical book shows up soon.
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    Exile reacted to Tao Tsê-Mung in GW's Tactical Deployment showcase   
    Exactly. Literally everyone is waiting on their complete faction ruleset to go with 9th/points changes and GW is focusing their time and energy on manipulating people into buying new terrain kits with new rules that will likely disrupt the balance again and then be nerfed after the kits are sold.
    Any other game company would finish the codexes as soon as possible instead of dragging them out for year to sell us plastic walls. Or the transition would have been a lot smoother if they made points changes by faction as codexes armies shifted from 8th PA to 9th.
    But having worked in marketing to put myself through college I know the biggest trend in advertising lately is triggering people’s fomo anxiety. All the release uncertainty and faction unbalancing is an intentional play to manipulate people into buying more plastic in the meantime while they have to wait for their current faction update.
    When the game is already this expensive and their profits already soaring, not to mention all the economic hardship people are experiencing right now, its a pretty telling message about how GW really views their players.
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    Exile reacted to Ish in GW's Tactical Deployment showcase   
    Maybe the “black shirt” managers of GW’s own retail stores were sick of having to build (and repair) their shop’s in house terrain? 
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    Exile reacted to Andrewgeddon in GW's Tactical Deployment showcase   
    I would never play with these rules, but I certainly don't disparage anyone for wanting to. Just seems like a weird release, not really sure who this is for? Was anyone telling GW that they wanted to lug around a bunch of terrain in addition to their army? 
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    Exile reacted to Brother Glacius in GW's Tactical Deployment showcase   
    My cynical side must be up because this just screams money grab to me. If you need more [big bad swear word] to deal with, then I guess it is okay...but seems 40K is pretty heavy on the rules thing already.
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    Exile reacted to Andrewgeddon in A Tale of the Deep Woods: Sylvan Elves   
    Well, it's been a while! Between OFCC being canceled and the release of 40K 9th Ed, I pretty much let this army flounder. I've recently recaptured the spark though and am slowing plugging away of the Sylvan Elves. Don't worry, evil snail dwarves will be back on the menu soon!
    Recently magnetized the entire army (that is, until I re-wrote my list and added in 15 Forest Guard which need to get done). Always satisfying to do the flip test, especially with metal models.

    Blade Dancer BSB made out of extra sorceress (?) model!

    ...and currently working on putting together my Forest Prince (Princess, rather) and a Dragon. Love this model, but man is it a pain to work with.

    More progress coming soon. Give a hoot, don't pollute! 
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    Exile reacted to Sgt. Rock in Sgt. Rock's Toy Soldiers!   
    Finally got off my ass and did some hobbying. Gotta wait for daylight to prime his base (custom 3D printed!) But after that, he'll be good to go.

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    Exile reacted to Peanut in Coming back, still Infinity?   
    Cool thanks. I think I'll wait for N4 and everything to clear up, I'm in the process of a move and don't have much time to play electronically. I'll be up there in a couple months though, so will rejoin game nights when they start up again.
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    Exile got a reaction from Peanut in Coming back, still Infinity?   
    Well howdy!
    The clubhouse was shut for most of the spring and early summer, what with the 'vid and all. It has recently reopened for some distanced, limited capacity game nights.  I haven't made it down to play just yet, but I did stop in to say hi to some of the Senators and scope things out this last week.  Definitely feeling the itch to play again.  Household restrictions make it tough.
    I perused the C1 rules, and set them down and said "looks like I'll like N4".  So I'm psyched for next week(?)when the info starts dropping.  Glad to see you make your way back!  See you in the fall!
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    Exile reacted to Sgt. Rock in Sgt. Rock's Toy Soldiers!   
    Stormtalon WIP. Didn't want to mess with painting the interior and canopy, so I yoinked the armored cockpit from the Stormhawk.

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    Exile reacted to Inquisitor66 in Sale at guardian games   
    Guardian games has all the Infinity stuff other than the big boxes on sale for 50% of if you are looking for somthing.
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    Exile reacted to Sgt. Rock in Sunday Game night is back.   
    I miss you guys, but with a recovering cancer patient in my house, I'm taking no risks. It sucks, and I desperately want to game with everyone. I'll see you once we're vaccinated.
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    Exile reacted to ninefinger in Game Night is Back!   
    Greetings Ordos
    As you may know, Multnomah County has entered phase 1 for reopening.  We are going to start hosting Game Nights at WoW again, starting on June 23rd.
    There are a variety of concerns for reopening while still trying to limit the spread of coronavirus, so I want to go over what we will be doing, and what we will expect our members to do.  We want to make the clubhouse available and safe for all our members, to the best of our ability.  As always, we trust you to use your best judgment as to whether or not to attend, based on your own risk levels.  If you or a family member have been experience any symptoms, Please Stay at Home for the night.
    For the next 3 months we will be waiving game night dues for Warlord Champions, as a thank you for your support while we have been closed.  We will be adding a message board at the entry to WoW, listing the Game Night Czar for the day. There will be hand sanitizer at the door, as well as masks and gloves for members who haven't brought their own. Before opening, the Game Night Czar will clean and sanitize all high touch surfaces, and note that they have done so. The GNC will also open windows and get fans running in every room, to maximize air flow. Face coverings will be required to be worn while in attendance,  particularly since our space and activities do not allow for adequate spacing for social distancing. Doors will need to be kept open, to increase airflow. We will be giving priority for gaming space to Champions as well as to members who post their plans in the weekly Game Night threads We may have to limit attendance, and will request that if you're planning to spectate or hobby, be aware we may not have space.  
    We are also going to look at expanding the nights that we host game nights, more details will be coming soon.
    Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns,
    Stay Safe, Ordo
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    Exile reacted to Damunky in New to 9th age needed suggestions   
    I 3d printed some bolt throwers 

  20. Poop
    Exile reacted to Ish in Random Awful Mini Photo Thread   
    Do I even have to explain?
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    Exile reacted to Brother Glacius in 40K 9th ed   
    And if you don't want green rods...paint them.
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    Exile reacted to Ish in 40K 9th ed   
    A guy back at my old FLGS in Michigan swapped out all of his Necron’s green rods for translucent red ones. Looked fantastic. 
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    Exile reacted to Ish in 40K 9th ed   
    As I've been saying for years, every time GW introduces a new product -- be it as major as a new edition or as minor as a redesigned paint brush cup -- the reactions are eerily predictable: 
    33% of the fan base will absolutely hate the new thing and declare the game RUINED FOREVER!!! 33% of the fan base will absolutely love the new thing and declare the game PERFECTED AT LAST!!! 34% of the fan base will say MEH. Realizing its an equal mix of good and bad like always, and carry on playing like always... and desperately wish the above two groups would shut up.
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    Exile reacted to Ish in 40K 9th ed   
    I predict that the new edition will fix a lot of the imbalances of the current, the first half dozen new codices will be nicely balanced, and although the Internet hive-mind will figure out a couple quirks and niche exploits, things will be great... for two years.
    Then GW will start releasing codices that break many of the core assumptions written into the core rules and become far to powerful; GW will release several supplements that are poorly tested and rushed; the Internet hive-mind will figure out unintended combinations that totally skew the game... and three years after that we’ll get 10th Edition.
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    Exile got a reaction from InfestedKerrigan in Product Help   
    This - $15-40
    I know Red Castle is doing pickup on friday for a mtg release, you might be able to arrange curbside if you wanna shop local.
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