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  1. Apologies, forgot to follow up on this. Are we good to play?
  2. Updated post! I'll be at the Ordo Gamer Garage Sale tomorrow, bright and early, anyone there will be first crack at this stuff 🙂
  3. For an earlier game, I can do Sunday morning (I think, I'll have to double check what's going on when I get home from work), around 7 or 8-ish. Any other day would have to be in the evening, after 9 most likely.
  4. Oh hey, I made it to playoffs! I don't recall seeing any sort of notification for a new ticket, or accepting it. If I did, it was purely by accident...
  5. One thing to keep in mind before getting to married to anything is that books are currently getting a round of updates; half were updated earlier this week, the rest (including Demons) are probably next week? It's mostly points adjustments, and i would count on Demons getting more points drops than increases, based on the data, but there is some room for small design changes.
  6. I can't imagine some unified thread of stuff from the garage sale popping up, since everyone is selling stuff individually. Once I get things cataloged I'll put them up on my trade thread here, or if there's anything I mentioned in my list up above drop me a PM and I can get more specifics.
  7. That should be good! Hopefully my son decided to cooperate, heh
  8. Are we thinking for a 1 day event? 2 days might be hard to swing, but a 1 day sounds doable. 100% can't do it on Thanksgiving weekend, 30th sounds good though
  9. My buddy just gave me a huge pile of stuff to unload. I'm going to try and make it down, although not 100% if I'll be able to. Stuff I've got: -Wargaming terrain (DarkOps Iceheim, 2x Tinkerturf kickstarter bundles) -Tons of Necromunda (starter, rules, lots of gangs) -AvP 2nd ed board game -A giant assortment of Game of Thrones LCG cards, lots of stuff still new -plus a ton of other random GW kits: Scions, Chaos Cultists, Dark Elves (Blood Bowl), Blood Warriors, plus other goodies
  10. I'm not available tomorrow or Thursday, but late evening (post 9:30) any other day should be fine. Let me know if anything around then works 🙂
  11. That's how I would approach it. I also think the Mantic Nightstalkers / Forces of the Abyss lines have a lot of potential for this army as well.
  12. You can certainly associate GW models with some of the Daemon Legion units, but since they split it up into 7 gods instead of 4, it isn't necessarily a direct correlation. Also, only the characters are tied directly to their specific gods, while all the other units are able to take Manifestations from multiple different gods. Would Wrath = Khorne? Probably. Vanadra's Scourge is probably meant to be a Bloodthirster, the Maw of Akaan probably meant to be a Great Unclean One. The core choices all harken back to the GW core demons: Imps = Horros, Succubi = Demonettes, Lemures = Plaguebearers, Myrmidons = Bloodletters. ...but none of this is set in stone. Who's to say what a Succubus with a Manifestation of Greed looks like?
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