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  1. Awesome, thanks! I ended up grabbing the Dryads I needed, but might be interested in some more, depending on the price 🙂
  2. Hello all! I'm looking for some older metal Wood Elves to fill out my army. I'm mostly after ~10 of the metal Dryads, and a few Glade Guard (and a bunch of extra shields, if you have them), as well as the below pictured Treeman. But if you have othet metals, I would certainly take a look!
  3. Yep, I've got one (it's in the Battle Sister Squad kit). PM me your address and I'll ship it out to you 🙂
  4. Let me check my sprues when I get home, chances are I have an extra 🙂
  5. Standard size game for 9th Age is 4500 points. Armies tend to be slightly smaller than a 2500 points WHFB 8th edition army, since the points for 9th Age have been roughly doubled from those of WHFB.
  6. I have the Oathmark Goblins, and I think they are really good for the price. Not quite as detailed as some other miniatures, but way less cartoony than GW and definitely more affordable. I've always thought Mantic's dwarves were the WORST.
  7. Hello! So as far as Dwarves go, I'll leave the real advice to some of our locals that actually play them ( @TheBeninator, @Jason), but my impression of the army from my limited research (and the one time I played them) is that there are an army that can do almost anything that you build the army towards, but you might struggle to have everything in the army, due to it's elite nature. They have some of the best combat characters in the game, scary blocks of troops, quality shooting, great magic defense (an the ability to have a good magic phase themselves)... you can certainly have a very well rounded army, or you can lean in hard into combat or shooting if that's a route you want to go. As far as 3D printed models, while I can't speak for everyone, I'd be willing to wager one of my armies (not the Ogres, take the Warriors!) that you'll never have anyone object to 3D printed models. I simply can't imagine a scenario that someone would (I certainly wouldn't). On the contrary, I think you would get a lot of praise for bringing an army that's not just a ported over Warhammer army.
  8. Can confirm; Sisters are definitely not cheap. Especially when you pay retail+ for Battle Sisters because GW is out of them...
  9. Are you just looking for "normal" movement trays? I found this lot of STL files, seems like it would have most sizes you might need 🙂. Not free, but pretty inexpensive https://txarlifactory.com/collections/movement-trays-stl/products/movement-trays-rectangular-bases
  10. Mordheim is definitely my favorite minis game of all time! I know there had been talk to getting something going for Mordheim among the 9th Age crew, but it's been put in hiatus, due to Covid. Hasn't stopped me from working on some models though.
  11. What makes you say that? Seems pretty consistent with the CA books I've purchased in the past. Also, Blood of Kittens has $250 listed as the price of the starter box, though I don't know where this number game from ("grain of salt" and all that). If that's true, which I'm inclined to say it is, still seems to be a good value, but a bit of a blow for people expecting a $160 price tag like Dark Imperium.
  12. They said on a preview that the Indominus box would be out in "July," but no other specifics at this point.
  13. So I've got almost everything that I need for my Sisters of Battle army that I'm starting up for 9th, EXCEPT MY 3RD TROOP CHOICE. Everyone seems to be out of the basic Battle Sister Squad box, and I'm not able to order it locally or through GW, and not wanting to spend $100 for them on Ebay. So I'm looking for 5 Sisters to finish off my 1500 point list. Ideally it would be 1 Sister Sargent (Superior?) with a chainsword and 4 Sisters with Bolters, but 5 Bolter Sisters will do just fine. Don't care if they are assembled, prefer not painted but I will make it work if need be. From the starer box is fine too. Just looking for current plastic though, to match the rest of the army. Have paypal at the ready, happy to pay for shipping too if need be. Thanks!
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