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  1. Also would possibly interested in regular Mordheim, depending on the frequency of games. As a note, I am thinking of running a super casual Mordheim league using the expanded campaign rules after the 9th Age campaign wraps up, probably sometime after March?
  2. So these are my ideas for rules adjustments for the main rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GjNwCRth9kMZ3iFeCclh3McPWA-BztT7y8rF6MRHWhU/edit?usp=sharing -Premeasuring allowed -All cover saves a flat 5++ -Instant Death replaced with “Overwhelming Force,” does D3 wounds instead. -Assault = 2d6, difficult terrain = 2d6 - 2” (or 3d6, drop the highest?) -Wound allocation per 8th edition rules. -Force Weapons do 2 wounds each instead of Instant Death when activated -Deep Strike Mishap Table: 1: Terrible accident 2-3: Misplaced 4+: Delayed I'm personally a proponent of toning down the Deep Strike mishap table, and of even removing the "terrible accident" result all together, but I understand it *is* thematic, even if it can lead to some awful play experience. As far the vehicles, I don't think you can give them 360 line of sight without taking something away, and I'm not sure what that would be. Maybe just drop Rhinos' AV by a pip would balance them enough? I also think "Fearless" could do with an adjustment, so moral actually matters, but again, not sure what that looks like. Maybe Fearless gives you a re-roll to moral? Or you don't suffer negative modifiers to moral checks from casualties? Maybe you're immune to Sweeping Advances?
  3. Gotcha! Are you a proponent of the current AP system then? I agree it's a lot cleaner than 5th's.
  4. Isn't that how it worked in 5th ed anyway? Take whichever save is better? An yeah, I do like the 5+ cover save; Still a good thing to have if you're wearing paper armor, but makes the game less about running from cover to cover.
  5. You know, I totally forgot that premeasuring wasn't a thing in 5th. Rose colored glasses and all that, I suppose. I am personally a big proponent of premeasuring, I would think that including it wouldn't effect the rules too much, besides the need for random charges.
  6. I think the Bretonnian warband rules are fun, even if they aren't official. I might be trying to put together a Mordheim campaign after the 9th Age campaign finished, could definitely use some brave Bretonnian knights... 😎
  7. Let me just settle this: Best city in the Old World was hit by a comet.
  8. It's from that one version of 40K where you only had to own 2 books to play 😎
  9. True! Very hard to move a template for scatter when you're headbanging.
  10. 2 months to go and we've already filled 23 spots! I thought I would quickly clarify regarding the additional spots possibly available after we reach 36: Those spots are not guaranteed! It all depends on what other events are booked at the time of reaching our "initial capacity" of 36. ...Basically, if you want to attend, please sign up! I've got 13 more guaranteed spots open 🙂
  11. We always listened to Bolt Thrower when we played 40K, seemed 100% appropriate.
  12. Let me start this off by saying I DO like 8th Ed 40K, and it has done a great job in fixing a lot of the issues of 6th/7th. With that out of the way though, I've been thumbing through my 5th edition book and have been kinda longing to play it again. I feel the rules were very streamlined and list construction was a lot more simple. That being said, the rules were not perfect, and there was a ton of power creep for the codicies released at that time. I've been toying around with the idea of a "Revised/Redux/Community Edition/whatever you want to call it" ruleset based off of the 5th edition rules, and I'm curious what rules to think would need to be changed or improved from the core rule (codices would be their own can of worms). Ideas I had, from my own experiences: -Remove wound allocation shenanigans. I'd have to double check the wording, but I think the 8th ed rules for it would slot in place fine. -Tone down cover. Maybe make 5+ cover the norm? -Remove Instant Death, via double Str vs T and Force Weapons. Maybe change it to multiple wounds. I always felt like Instant Death created alot of negative play experiences (poor Tyranid players vs Grey Knights). -Charges: Does having a 6" charge make combat more reliable, or does a 2d6 charge? Hmmm... -Vehicles: remove facings? I know we never liked arguing about if X weapon could see Y target. Maybe 360 LOS, but just have a single AV? You could make it a little lower than the standard to make vehicles a bit less spamable problem (aka Parking Lot lists)? Anyway, who knows if this will actually be something that I really work on, but the idea is stuck in my head currently *shrug*
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