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  1. Unable to commit to any kind of regular RPG group, but I have been wanting to check out these rules for a while. Thank you for linking them!
  2. If that's a short joke, I'll remind you that hobbits saved Middle Earth during the 3rd Age, fool. Don't come knocking on this round hobbit door unless it's for official party business, sucka.
  3. I've got Sunday relatively open, if you're free and have a set I can use. I watched a "how to play" video, so pretty sure I understand the basics at least.
  4. My mom and her family are from the Deep South (South Carolina), and let me tell you they don't mess around with their sweet tea (more sugar than tea, it's un-dia-beatable).
  5. My contract leaves very little wiggle room, but maybe I'll say off the record that that movie was less than great...
  6. I mean, I like Harry Potter. But I'm contractually obligated to like any film / film series that Gary Oldman has appeared in.
  7. Looks really cool! I'll definitely check this out, maybe we can find a weekend to play 🙂
  8. Don't @ me bro, I'm only playing this game so I can drink without having to re-base my army.
  9. Awesome! I got you on the list! Also @valourunbound, @SkavenInAZ requested the 13th spot (missed it at first)... and since he did sign up and pay first..............😶
  10. I'll take a look when I get home, don't think so though
  11. If that doesn't work, I'll flip-flop and rejoin. Have been busy, but I think I can manage 1 game a week / 2 weeks 🙂
  12. After running into yet more errors with Battlescribe yesterday, I'm partial to New Recruit currently. It's not armybuilder, but it seems to work well. https://www.newrecruit.eu/
  13. So I know almost nothing about Asklanders, but someone won the event that @valourunbound, @TheBeninator, and I went to down to in CA with them. Here's the list: Asklander Chief (385) -Jarl -Shield -Shield Breaker -Dusk Forged -Gunagr's Armor -Harp of Bragi -War Dais Asklander Chief (580) -BSB -Eyratoki -Wasteland Behemoth Seidhkennar (370) -Wizard Master (Shamanism) -Potion of Strength Marauding Giant (345) -Big Brother -Monstrous Familiar 49 Asklanders (689) -Great Weapons -Full Command -Raven banner 20 Asklanders (190) -Paired Weapons 10 Asklander Horsemen (265) -Light Lance -Standard 24 Huskarls (384) -Full Command 8 Common Trolls (530) 5 Wargs (395) 5 Flayers (190) -Light Lance -Skinning Lash -Shield 5 Flayers (175) -Light Lance -Throwing Weapons -Shields
  14. I'm allowing challenges, but if you challenge someone you have to play them all 5 rounds. Not really. Glad to have you back this year @SkavenInAZ! I'll get you and @valourunbound on the list 🙂
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