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  1. Small update, mostly price drops. I'm also in the market for some MTG cards to use for Premodern, which is kinda my current obsession (detailed here: https://premodernmagic.com/). I've got a list of stuff I'm looking for actively, but willing to consider other stuff if you've got a stash of older cards you're looking to get rid of.
  2. Yep, Ben is talking English, aka Fancy English. I only speak American, aka Freedom English.
  3. Look at this guy, with his fancy English talkin'. Yep, 1v1.
  4. Put me down as a "yes" for the 6th. I'm down to play 2v2 or 1v1, although lean towards the former since multiplayer games have a tendency to take a while.
  5. I think @BenKerr was considering coming down that weekend to game? Put me down as a maybe, definitely interested, but I'm waiting to see if a friend is coming in from Bellingham that weekend.
  6. Posting this up for my brother (not Jiddyman, other one 😎), 40K Ork army for sale , possibly for trade: Ghasghkull Thraka (metal) Warboss w/ Big Choppa / Bosspole (metal) Warboss (AOBR) Mad Doc Grotsnik w/ Painboy (metal) Shokk Attack Gun (metal) Weirdboy (metal) 5 Kommandos (metal) 5 Tankbustas w/ 2 Bomb Squigs (metal) 4 Loots + Mekboy 1 Stormboy (metal/plastic) 12 Nobz 10 Gretchin + Runtherder (metal?) 56 Boyz (Choppa / Sluggs) 22 Boyz (Shootas) 6 Boyz (Big Shootas) 3 Boyz (Rokkit Lauchas) 3 Deffkopts (AOBR) 3 Bikers 1 Battlewagon 1 Trukk 1 Killa Kan (metal) Army is assembled, majority of it is primed, some paint scattered throughout. Pictures can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/vQuib0o Retail price for the army would be around $800, assuming separate boxes / current sculpts. Brother is looking for $400 OBO. Also looking to bolster his Ad Mech force, so possibility for army swap / partial trade. Not looking to split up at this time. LMK if you are interested and I'll pass on your info! He's in the Vancouver (WA) area as well.
  7. WHOA BRO, I totally paid! Slander and lies, man!
  8. But Crisis Suits are good now! I can vouch for this guy, as he is my brother 😎
  9. I'd be interested, but I really don't want to switch from square cards to round ones. 😎
  10. I've got 2 tables reserved for noon at Guardian Games for some 9th Age, hoping to have some more people come down and roll some dice! About 2 months until OFCC, come get some practice games in!
  11. Don't kink shame!!! Also, NAF data puts Vamps pretty high up for 7s. Tournament vs league and all that, but still...
  12. Yeah, NAF 7s uses rerolls at double cost, which you can squeeze in with 2 Vamps and 5 Thralls
  13. A friend of mine is running a 7s "league" for a few of us, and I'm thinking of bringing Vampires. So what's the right number of Vamps to bring? 2 with a re-roll seems like the "right" answer, but I'm also considering 3 with an Apo and a bench.
  14. Good game! Some lucky dodges in the first half for sure, but a close one throughout!
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