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  1. Another OFCC on the books! A huge thank you to @TheBeninator for running another great event! I had a blast, thank you for so much for all of your hard work you put in to making this event happen! A huge thank you to all of my opponents, @BenKerr, @Sherbert, @Yarbicus, @Diap2012, and @Pecksata! I spent almost an hour deciding who to give my pin to, you all deserved one. Thank you all for 5 great games! And thank you to Ordo for having us square-basers! OFCC will continue to be the gold standard of gaming events for me! Looking forward to OFCC 2020!
  2. I use Army Builder, but it's not a free program, costs like $40. A bit expensive, but I did buy it in 2012, and have definitely gotten my money's worth. For anyone considering playing 9th Age for the long term, I recommend it, as it often has the quickest updates and the least instances of errors. Battlescribe is also another option, and is free! I would suggest checking it against New Recruit or your army book though, as I have run into more errors using it on my phone.
  3. 24 hours (well, 23 hours and 46 minutes) until we are rolling some dice and pushing around some blocks of troops! The hype is real! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
  4. I'll have to add this to all the 3rd ed WHFRP books I bought from Humble Bundle and never used, heh.
  5. I was planning on being around Friday for open gaming / hang outs, but had some unfortunate circumstances that ate up my PTO. I might try and swing by Friday evening though after my kid falls asleep. ALSO, I plan on heading over to Tap Union Freehouse after the last round on Saturday for some beers! It's about 5 blocks north from the Hilton. Hope some of my fellow square basers will join me!
  6. Tap Union Freehouse is always a great place to grab beers. It's a bit of a walk, about 5 blocks, but always worth it IMO. I plan on heading there Saturday evening after games are played 😎
  7. Yeah, I don't care for any of the newer metallics that I've tried. I've been using Vallejo Gun Metal as a replacement for Boltgun Metal. Not the same, but much better than Leadbelcher.
  8. Working on getting these Mammoth Hunters up to snuff. Vulture boi is actually completely base-coated now, but I don't have an updated picture. Washes / highlights / basing to follow hopefully, although if push comes to shove he'll be at a 3 color minimum once his base is done. REAAAAALY unhappy about the bronze on the spear dude's ironfist; looked a lot darker in the pot. My Tin Bitz is all dried up, otherwise I would have used that. Hopeful a ton of wash will dull it down enough. Left to do besides these guys: -Swap out hands on 6 Tribesmen (have Ironfirsts, need paired weapons) -Continue work on Rock Aurochs: paint the grey plastic parts I swapped it, clean up paint, highlight, drybrush... we'll see how much actually gets done before OFCC.
  9. Hello Joel! Glad to have you for OFCC, glad to see Empire represented! Tacoma is a bit of a drive, a little more than 2 hours each way... if you don't hit traffic that is. I would think getting a room Saturday night would be the way to go, but I guess that just depends on your situation 🙂
  10. Thunderbolts were bad "guys" though, right? Kinda like Marvel's answer to the Suicide Squad? Was always interested in checking out those comics, but like with all things comics, it's kinda hard for me to wrap my brain around where to start.
  11. Ben! Since I'm not playing Warriors, let's battle round 1! Looking forward to killing some Warriors and some beers!
  12. Cool, let's go for that then. Looking forward to it!
  13. I can do tomorrow, but like I said since it's a weekday I wouldn't be available until around 8pm. I could do a Sunday morning as well, it would just have to be waaaay early, like 7am or 8am.
  14. Hey Burk, had a little time to recover, if we want to see about getting our game in 🙂 During the week anything before 8 wont work, due to my work schedule. I can try for an earlier start during the kid's nap time (maybe around 2?) on Sunday (have stuff going on Saturday), just depends on when he actually goes down and what we have going on that day 🙂
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