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  1. I see this sentiment posted a lot on Facebook, and I understand what people are saying, but to me it's not a handicap, it's just a *different* advantage. If a Battalion is the "basic" FOC, then you are paying CPs to break this restriction. Yes, I might more CPs, but you have X more HQ, heavy support choices, fast attack, etc. Plus we don't know how much the other detachments cost. If I have 1 or 2 more CPs than you because you took a patrol detachment, I think "hamstrung" and "suffering" might be a bit disingenuous.
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/04/taking-command-of-your-pointsgw-homepage-post-1/ Detachments COST Command Points, rather than giving them, with the exception of the detachment that our Warlord is in, as long as it's a Patrol, Battalion, or Brigade. Love it. If you take a more old-school "mixed arms" Battalion type list, you get max command points. If you want to take that all Terminators / Carnifex' / whatever army, or add some allies, you can, but at a cost.
  3. Probably just for Stratagems that require you use them in the command phase. The rules indicate that your have stratagems that work in other phases of the game as well.
  4. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/01/new-40k-the-game-you-love-but-bettergw-homepage-post-1/ Nothing really of note in this preview, other than there will now be a "Command Phase:" "The Command phase is a quick new addition to the turn sequence. In this phase, Battle-forged armies will acquire new Command points and spend the ones they have on certain Stratagems." Sounds pretty much like the Hero phase in AoS.
  5. Preview on Warhammer Community, showing off the "Skorpekh Destroyer." https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/01/rise-of-the-skorpekh-destroyer/ Have to say, I quite like the look of this model. If you look at the supposed new starer box, it appears that these guys are on 60mm bases, AND you get 3 of them. Kinda makes me wonder if this is actually the starter box, since it seems you get a LOT of stuff in it.
  6. Yeah, I'm putting my money on $180 like the previous boxes. Still, if this drops in July it will be MUCH sooner that I would have initially thought.
  7. From the Q&A: Stu - Yes. What you're doing is if you want to take some cool stuff from Codex 1 and Codex 2 you have to pay CP to requisition assets. So one player might be spending CP to add an Imperial Knight, another will pay to outflank units. Lots more decisions to make, provides a benefit towards staying in one force. You can do whatever you want, but there's a price.
  8. Did the sweepstakes they are running reveal the price of the new starter box and the release date? 🤔 Can't seem to post pica, but the legal print notes: -The value of the contents of each prize is GBP £120 (one hundred and twenty) / AUD $290 (two hundred and ninety) Australian Dollars. -The prize will be dispatched by Games Workshop in July 2020. Additionally, entrants will not be informed of the contents of the prize until those products have been officially announced to the public by Games Workshop. Entrants must therefore be aware that should they win, there will be a delay between the notification that they are a prize-winner and receipt of the prize. By participating, entrants confirm their acknowledgement of, and agreement to, this clause
  9. I would be 1000% behind this.
  10. Apparently there was some sort of Q&A today about the new edition (was at work so missed it), but Blood of Kittens put up this summary: -1 cap for modifiers6s always hitNova (Mike Brandt) missions look to be for match play. Forge world rules taken over by GW main!!!!😍😍 Deathwatch will be one of the first new codexes, they get the new marines. CP based on game size. Detachments still a thing but sound kinda pointless now. Overwatch reworked and units leaving combat can take damage. Monsters get blast rules and can shoot into combat when stuck. You have to play with terrain for competitive games. Obscured back! Block LoS “Combat attrition” in moral phase sounds like stat reductions will happen. “Terror units” will now do different things than minus to ld “Blast” is a keyword and is based on weapons not the unit will be added in appendix with new rules for all weapons that have it. “Psychic Awakening” will be folded into new codexes as they happen and some stuff may be trimmed from them as they go.
  11. I totally agree. I get the appeal, but it seemed to me yet another thing that you had to manage, especially if you had to manage them from across multiple books. Plus you had to keep track of your opponent's as well. Without them, you wouldn't probably see less people spamming minimum Battalions for the Command Points. Would love to see something like "If your army has a Battalion, you get X Command Points. If not, you get Y" and have that be the end of it.
  12. I initially decided this was something that I wasn't actually going to work on, given that A.) Who has the time?, and B.) Who really cares? However, despite continuing to tell myself this, the idea seems like it won't get out of my head. SO, I've started to write stuff down, even if it's just for my own satisfaction. Daemons seemed (to me) like a relatively straight-forward fix, probably because it was one of the books I actively played in 5th ed (along with CSM). Although it might be that the units that were released after 5th edition could be written into the book as well, but that seems to be a more intensive task that I might revisit at some point. Link to what I currently have done and what I'm working on, for those interested: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ow9ehhl7zxflALFGx1mNOfdE3iiwZpau
  13. I updated my thread with pics, so you need to do the same. Those are the rules, son.
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