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  1. WHOA BRO, I totally paid! Slander and lies, man!
  2. But Crisis Suits are good now! I can vouch for this guy, as he is my brother 😎
  3. I'd be interested, but I really don't want to switch from square cards to round ones. 😎
  4. I've got 2 tables reserved for noon at Guardian Games for some 9th Age, hoping to have some more people come down and roll some dice! About 2 months until OFCC, come get some practice games in!
  5. Don't kink shame!!! Also, NAF data puts Vamps pretty high up for 7s. Tournament vs league and all that, but still...
  6. Yeah, NAF 7s uses rerolls at double cost, which you can squeeze in with 2 Vamps and 5 Thralls
  7. A friend of mine is running a 7s "league" for a few of us, and I'm thinking of bringing Vampires. So what's the right number of Vamps to bring? 2 with a re-roll seems like the "right" answer, but I'm also considering 3 with an Apo and a bench.
  8. Good game! Some lucky dodges in the first half for sure, but a close one throughout!
  9. Wednesday works great!
  10. Cool, Guardian sounds good! You'll need either the "Magic Flux" cards, or there is a table that shows the different values, either one of those will work. The spell cards aren't required, but they are nice to have for reference. I can bring the Flux cards if you don't have access to a printer, no worries! Smaller game is fine! We can do 2500, (4500 is the "standard" size), I'll probably bring out my Ogres 🙂
  11. Hey Jason, looks like Saturday is good to go for me, if it still works for you 🙂 How does around 1 sound? Either Guardian or Dice Age?
  12. I've like all of them so far, all of them seem very unique, so glad this game isn't going to be "Red Skulls Chaos Guys vs Green Fat Chaos Guys." Looking forward to the Untamed Beasts myself, but I'll have to see what else in coming for WarCry.
  13. Hey Jason! I'm not 100% on what my next weekend is going to look like, but if I'm available I would definitely be down for a game; if any of the other guys can commit more solidly than I can though, I'll defer to them, @Pecksata @valourunbound @TheBeninator. Where are you located? We often play in Vancouver at Dice Age on Saturdays, but I've been known to cross the bridge to play at Guardian too 🙂
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