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  1. Awesome! Been looking for a BB2020 roster builder
  2. Definitely wanting to see 9th Age games happening again, but unfortunately I don't think there are many / any gaming spaces open for play right now. Hopefully things will start opening up once vaccine distribution catches up with the demand.
  3. To each their own! I hate it, but then again I sold all of my MTG cards when "The Walking Dead" cards were released, so I don't really have a dog in this fight anymore. But if people want to play MTG 40K, I hope you enjoy!
  4. Howdy all! I was hoping to get some clarification on the books needed to play, Core Book vs Gaming Book vs General's Handbook 2020 vs Malign Sorcery. My understanding is that the Gaming Book folded in the rules content from the Core Book along with info from Malign Sorcery and the GHB2019, but that GHB2020 invalidated the main rules (realm artifacts) from Malign Sorcery and replaced GHB2019. Am I correct in thinking that, for Matched Play, I need the Core Book + GHB2020 + my Battletome? Or am I missing something? Thanks!
  5. I'll disagree, respectfully. I think multi-wound models coming back on a 5+ (or a 4+ potentially) is too powerful. EDIT: Maybe if the unit "healed" wounds for passing RP? Bringing back multi-wound models with only partial wounds seems like a better middle ground. I'll agree that the new rule seems wordy at first glance, but seems like it will be pretty straight-forward in practice.
  6. I *just* built this model recently for my Sylvan Elves. Love the model, but what a pain to build!
  7. I would never play with these rules, but I certainly don't disparage anyone for wanting to. Just seems like a weird release, not really sure who this is for? Was anyone telling GW that they wanted to lug around a bunch of terrain in addition to their army?
  8. Not pining over anything; They are cool models that are currently "alive-alive-alive" in the CoS battletome. I think Cities of Sigmar is really interesting, I just wish the Elves / Aelfs had representation in the Warcry roster.
  9. Seems a real shame not to include Corsairs, or any of the HE stuff. Shadow Warriors look perfect (astetics wise) for a skirmish style game.
  10. Hello! So as for game size, the standard game size is 4,500 points. Now that sounds like a lot, but points in 9th are roughly double what they were for 8th edition, so it's about the equivalent of playing a 2250 point game in 8th edition. As far as what army to play, it really comes down to what you want to play; The power levels of armies don't vary as wildly as they did in 8th; army books are a lot closer together in how well they can preform on the tabletop.
  11. Just rearranging my core. 30 Dryads and 22 Archers turns into 27 Dryads, 15 Forest Guard, and 2x5 Heath Hunters.
  12. Appreciate the heads up! I'm very much still on the hunt, but mostly looking for stuff that will match units that I currently already have. I will keep these in mind though!
  13. Well, it's been a while! Between OFCC being canceled and the release of 40K 9th Ed, I pretty much let this army flounder. I've recently recaptured the spark though and am slowing plugging away of the Sylvan Elves. Don't worry, evil snail dwarves will be back on the menu soon! Recently magnetized the entire army (that is, until I re-wrote my list and added in 15 Forest Guard which need to get done). Always satisfying to do the flip test, especially with metal models. Blade Dancer BSB made out of extra sorceress (?) model! ...and currently working on putting togethe
  14. Thanks for the Mordheim everyone, was great to meet you formally @Damunky, @Ish!
  15. Woo, thank you! Looks like I'm all set 🙂
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