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  1. Results have been posted to Warscore! http://warscore.net/event/879/view.html
  2. Apologies, I've been swamped with work on home stuff these last 2 weeks (yay "Essential Employee!). I'll get something posted this weekend, although I can make no promises about having the scores entered into Warscore
  3. Thank you! Very excited to do some more reveals for model; This was a project that sort of "burrowed" (pun intended?) itself into my brain, and it was supper thrilling to find models that actually matched up with my ideas.
  4. Cursed words, scribed in slimeSpoken in reverse when the stars are alignedOnly under the black sun, may these mortals partake in his conjurationTrapped in a spell of the Gastronomicon. Actually completed my hobby goals for this weekend!... mostly. Still, I'm as surprised as anyone. Remaining Anoited riders were cleaned and assembled, and all of them where staged for priming and painting (they will all have shields, except for the Subjegator, but those will be painted last). Next up is the infantry. Plan is to run 3 units of 10 Citadel Guard with shields and Flintlock Axes. Got some more beautiful minis from Scibor to use. I originally anticipated this part to be pretty easy, however I didn't realize that the weapon shafts would be split in half. I ended up pinning all of them in place for stability, which took forever! So 18 more to go (I managed to finish 2 more, not pictured)! Hope to have them done in the next few days, and then I can move on to something LARGER (Bwa ha ha ha!), Until then! Lord Yeth’Shuul bless you, children of Slish
  5. Rhaexorog, the lord of all, protector of what lies beyond The greatest of the chosen ones, anointed of the netherslugs For us to see his glistening skin is to know true pain within the flames Ejected from his pneumastome, defender of the Mucus Throne Some time ago (2ish years? 3 years?), I started up a blog for an Infernal Dwarf army, titled "The Greatest Power For Evil." The title was a play on this video, which has remained a favorite of mine over the years (*language warning*): The project didn't last super long; Anyone who knows me knows that I'm notorious for starting army projects, only to abandon them halfway through and sell the army and move on to some other project. I was about that point into the ID army and I hit that same wall: I wasn't happy with the models, I wasn't happy with the basing, I wasn't happy with the army I had (I wanted to play pretty much the other half of the army book that I didn't own). So i sold the army and moved on. Some time later, I came across these awesome models from Scibor miniatures: Awesome models, but what would someone use them for? They were big, seemingly overflowing on their 50mm base. They look like they would fit comfortably on a 50x75 base though... Maybe they could be used as Taurukh Anointed (Bull Centaurs in Old World speak)? If I'm being honest, the whole "Fire and Bulls" theme that Chaos / Infernal Dwarves are traditional depicted doesn't do a ton for me. But degenerate evil dwarves riding giant snails... hmmm... I poured over the Scibor range, poured over the internet, and this idea of having an entire army of Infernal Dwarves that was centered around gastropods and other gross creepy crawlies took hold, and refused to leave my brain. Fast forward several years later, and here we are. While the goal of my previous army was to do things as cheaply as possible, this army was going to be a hobby army, and I don't want to compromise on my vision for it. To that end, I've forked over waaaaaay to much money to Scibor for their minis, which are not cheap; But they do go on sale from time to time. The first part of the army: 5 Taurukh Anointed with Infernal Weapons, shields, full command, and Banner of Shamut. In the unit goes a Taurukh Subjugator (BSB) with a Great Weapon and Death Cheater. I got the snails all cleaned, which was fairly easy (these things are pretty hefty chunks of resin, almost no mold lines to clean) and got them on bases. I had to finagle them a bit so they would rank up, but was fairly painless. Next up was the Subjegator. Since I wanted him holding a great weapon, I decided to mount the Battle Standard to the snail.Nothing too crazy, added a pin in the handle and drilled a hole into the shell. Flag is from the GW Ogre Mournfang box, and topper is from... either Blight Kings or Plague Drones kit. The rider was a bit trickier. I've never been great at pinning weapons into place, but I used a weapon from the previous Chaos Knights kit as a great weapon, and added some different horns (from the Chaos Knights banner topper) to make him more distinct from the rest of the models. Also got through the unit's command. One of the biggest challenge is trying to make these models differentiate from each other, since there are really only 2 sculpts for both the riders and the snails. Banner Bearer got his helmet's horns hacked off and was given a banner from the Bloodletter kit and a piece of metal rod (yes, I will clean up that mold line). Musician and Champion were more straight forward; The normal models, but the sword and the instrument came from the good ol' Chaos Knights kit. And that's it for tonight! Very stoked for this project, hopeful to get the other 2 riders assembled and get everything staged for sub-assembly painting tomorrow so I can put together the infantry over the weekend. Until next time! Lord Yeth’Shuul bless you, children of Slish
  6. Kings of War make a number of Bolt Thorwers for various factions, including for their Elf faction, most of them look like they could probably work with the "Dread Elf" aesthetic if you swap out their crew to more elf-y models. If you go on ebay and type in "Bolt Thrower 28mm," it comes up with a number of them, as well as a Gamezone Bolt Thrower and some more "historic" options, if that's the direction you want to go 🙂 If you don't mind second hand, you can also get the old Warhammer Dark Elf Reaper Bolt Thrower, there seems to be a number of them on ebay for fairly reasonable prices, considering they are out of print models.
  7. Thank you sir! And a big thank you to everyone who made it with all the Coronavirus scariness going around! This event couldn't happen without all of your support! -Huge thanks to @DisruptiveConduct all the help he did with terrain preparation, getting stuff packed, sorted, loaded and unloaded! No way this could have been done without his support, and the support of Ordo! -Huge thanks to @TheBeninator for taking a bullet and acting as the ringer, it was truly a life saver! And also for all of his hard work with the terrain, set-up, tear-down, all of his co-admin help, and for kicking my ass in Axis and Allies! -Huge thanks to @valourunbound and his parents for facilitating the pizza for the event (and braving Costco)! -And a thanks as well to all the above, @Pecksata, and anyone else I am forgetting who helped set up the mats / terrain before the event, and who packed everything up while I was hunched over papers trying to compute scores. So happy to see such a great gaming community that supports each other and makes events like this possible! Looking forward to next year's March to War!
  8. Howdy all! So I'm looking for some 3rd party heads for something like an "insect warrior," like fly heads or ant heads I can put on a 28mm figure (like a Mantic goblin, for example). Anyone have any suggestions? I've kinda scoured google, but it seems like a rather oddly specific request, so I'm not having a ton of luck.
  9. I'm dreaming of a white MARCH TO WAR! According to the news it will be warm to stick in the metro areas.
  10. Hello and welcome! So I'll echo a lot of what Ish has said, regarding movement trays and models. I'll also say that if you looking for MDF movement trays, I really like Warbases. They are a UK company, but their prices and shipping times are very good, and I've always been satisfied with their stuff! A good resource for models is the 9th Age forums: https://www.the-ninth-age.com/community/index.php?board-list/ Each army has their own section, and there is a subsection for suitable models. Here's the section for Undying Dynasties (Tomb Kings): https://www.the-ninth-age.com/community/lexicon/index.php?lexicon/476-undying-dynasties-ud/
  11. Review show for March To War, tonight on SkavenInAZ' channel! 7:30 MST: https://www.youtube.com/user/SkavenInAZ Lists can be found here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1G_1RooII7nBPZEkg9QtUAjX4bZ9hPZGr
  12. I am dumb; Lists are due TOMORROW before midnight... So sorry for any confusion, guess I should ready by own posts...
  13. March to War lists are due tonight (Friday 2/28) by midnight! Get them in people!
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