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  1. Sounds good! Maybe like 2250 points? About 1/2 of a normal game? New Recruit is a great free listbuilder for 9th Age: https://www.newrecruit.eu/
  2. Sounds good! I'm busy the next two weekends with Halloween stuff for the little one, but if you want to make tentative plans for maybe the 6th or the 7th? I'm happy to play whatever points level, we can certainly do a lower points game for an intro game 🙂
  3. Was able to get a game of 9th Age in yesterday, after about a 5 month gap. Had a blast, Infernal Dwarves vs Beast Herds. Those Minotaur blocks are scary for sure, but I was able to get a pretty solid win. I'm in Vancouver as well, would be down for some 9th Age in at Dice Age one of these weekends, or if you have a table I'm happy to travel. I'd offer to host, but my kid has a habit of stealing dice, lol.
  4. I was on board at launch, coming from being a previous subscriber to the Warhammer 40K app. I ended up having an issue with the app and went on to receive almost the worst customer experience dealing with their "App Team" via email (only Cool Mini or Not customer support has been worse in my experience). I received 3 replies from them over a 3 week period, 1 email reply a week. I ended up canceling my subscriptions and actually selling off a bunch of models, it's kinda killed by desire to do anything GW related at the moment. Glad to hear you are having a better time with it though, hopefully my experience in the exception and not the rule.
  5. Oathmark is very much not for me, but I've seen that people have been playing it at game night and I think thats awesome!
  6. For sure, I think everyone should play the rules that excite them the most. I loved 8th Ed. WHFB, and 9th Age (to me) seems like a better version of it. On the other side of the coin, I've looked over the 6th Ed. WHFB rules / army books and they just didn't spark anything in me, probably because I don't have any nostalgia tied to them (I started playing the beginning of 8th). Regardless of system played, would love to see more activity in this forum :)
  7. 100% this! I'm hopefully going to start pouring myself into my various Fantasy projects soon, will do my best to post updates. I'm also getting a game in on Saturday, I'll try to grab some pics :) I also have it on good authority that @TheBeninator attended a 30+ person 9th Age event in Davis, CA this last weekend. Rumors of Fantasy's demise are greatly exaggerated!
  8. Yeah, PayPal refunded me. I knew they would, but it was too bad I couldn't figure out some compromise with the seller, since he just chose to be obstinate. I thought about going with an army deal, but since I already have a bunch of Zombies / Skeletons, I decided to use them (for now at least, even if they aren't the best quality) and fill in the other gaps in my army.
  9. So my order from Russia was considered lost some time ago; Ordered in April, and after dealing with the post office and fighting with a very unaccommodating seller, I was able to get a refund. Discouraged, I decided to throw some paint the models I HAD received from a US seller (WIP here), only to have Instagram assure me that my prints were kinda bad. Discouraged, I did the only reasonable thing... placed a large order through Excellent Miniatures. I've heard good things, I'll report once I get them in.
  10. @scottshoemaker are you able / willing to do larger printing commissions? I have a bunch of STLs from One Page Rules and I'm looking at having ~50 minis printed out from it for starters, including 3 monsters. Thought I would check here before I went to Etsy :)
  11. So I may or may not have purchased One Page Rules' entire "Alien Hives" STL library since I had the 70% off code from being a Patron. Absolutely love the look of these, very much a "Not Tyranids" army that is close to the GW models while having it's own feel. Time to start looking at getting a Grimdark Future force together...
  12. Really like the rules I've read, it reminds me a bit of 5th edition 40K, but with alternating activations and better missions. I also like using a keyword based system, as it seems to make things a bit more streamlined .
  13. A bit of thread necromancy here, but after years of being a GW fan boy, their insistence of putting rules behind paywall after paywall is starting to get to me. I've been looking over the Grimdark Future rules and like what I see. I also joined the Patreon for the full rules and those awesome STLs, might look at putting a force together in the near future.
  14. I believe @Yarbicus was asking which Black Orcs are the 5th Edition models, while these are the plastic ones that came out in... 7th ed, based off the 6th ed aesthetic?
  15. Howdy all, I'm planning on making an order for some of these pro printed spell cards for 9th Age: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/the-ninth-age:-fantasy-battles-spell-cards-in-a-box Just deciding to upgrade my free ones I've been using for all these years, heh. If anyone is interested in a set, let me know and we can do a group order, save on some shipping 😎
  16. Oddly enough, I've had good look on Etsy finding older metal WHFB models for reasonable prices. I came into possession of a bunch of metal Wood Elf models a while ago and I ended up expanding almost every infantry choice that I had. Chaos Orc Superstore sometimes has good deals on older metal blisters too, I ended up with a bunch of the old metal/plastic Glade Riders new in Blister for like $5 or $6 a pop, much cheaper that what people list them for on Ebay.
  17. Long time no post! Anyone interested in a game on Saturday or Sunday evening, maybe around 5? I'm planning on going to Infernal Zoo in CA in October and could use more practice with my Infernal Dwarves (AKA Evil Snail Dwarves). I'm not sure what shops are currently allowing open play, but happy to travel wherever in the Portland / Vancouver area 🙂
  18. Well, if nothing else, I'm sure this will mean cool new models, even if I end up sticking with 9th Age when the dust settles (I imagine I will, I've become spoiled with free, balanced rules, lol). Hopefully this means will see revamped Brettonia and Tomb Kings range come out.
  19. Interested to see how this turns out, but I'm fairly disappointed to see they are sticking with 28mm, was hoping for something between WHFB and Warmaster.
  20. So I had mild success initially with my June challenge, though I ended up getting side tracked. So for July I'm looking: -Finish my 2nd and 3rd Obliterators for my Emperor's Children (which was one of June's distractions) -Finish my Anointed for my Infernal Dwarves (didn't finish from last month) -Finish my Frostlord on Stonehorn (another June distraction) I also have a pile of Sisters that I need to get assembled at some point, though it's a lower priority.
  21. Slime, In time you'll face your end line. Judge me not before yourself. Breed, Take my pride - that's all you can. Hatred surges burning me. Feed, For what atonement do you seek, Your dying grasp of loyalty breaks like brittle bones WELL, this is a post that is certainly long overdue. My dim, slimy army has been in hibernation for a while, due to the combination of the Infernal Dwarves army book going through a number of changes, as well as the world shutting down due to COVID. With the book now close to finished ("only minor changes" before it hits Gold status) and with me taking the army to it's first trial run, I thought it was time to start posting again. About 2 weeks a month ago, we had the "Vaccination Vanguard," a 3 round tournament that 6 of us locals competed in to celebrate having gotten our Covid vaccines. Rather than bring my Ogre Kingdoms or Sylvan Elves, I decided to bring my Infernal Dwarves to see how they would play. After about 2 weeks of putting lists together, I settled for this one: 520 - Prophet, Prophet of Ashuruk, Wizard Master, Alchemy, Shield, Alchemist's Alloy, Binding Scroll 435 - Taurukh Commissioner, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Basalt Infusion, Infernal Weapon (Onyx Core) 195 - Vassal Conjurer, Wizard Adept, Pyromancy 605 - 30 Infernal Warriors, Shield, Ziggurat Regulars, Standard Bearer (Flaming Standard), Musician 325 - 30 Vassal Levies, Spear and Shield, Bow, Musician, Standard Bearer (Legion Standard) 195 - 20 Vassal Levies, Paired Weapons, Bow, Musician 620 - 5 Taurukh Anointed, Infernal Weapon, Shield, Standard Bearer (Flaming Standard), Musician, Champion 280 - Infernal Artillery, Rocket Battery 190 - 5 Vassal Cavalry 190 - 5 Vassal Cavalry 475 - Kadim Titan, Walking Earthquake 470 - Infernal Engine, Rock Crusher 4500 I had most of this list ready to go, but there were a few things I needed to prep. First and simplest of these was the 20 Vassal Levies with bows. These were done again with the good ol' Oathmark Goblin Infantry set. Unlike the spear Vassals that I put together, I opted to not remove these from their "bases" that were molded onto the models, mostly because I was feeling lazy, but I'm also hopeful that after these are based these won't be noticeable. Next, I put together the Infernal Artillery Rocket Battery. This was a simple matter of using a "Snail Folk" mini from Rocket Pig Designs along with some 40K bits from the bits box. Simple, but effective (or so I think). The final and hardest thing that I needed to source was the Kadim Titan. I've searched the far corners of the internet trying to find something appropriately slimy in plastic or resin, and have had zero luck after about a year of searching. Until I stumbled across THIS beauty: This model was everything I was looking for and more. I had a lot of reservations though, as I was not sure he would come out the right size (I do not own a 3D printer). But a buddy of mine was willing to print him up, and he came out PERFECT. And his mace has LITTLE SLUGS IN IT!!! So the list preformed very well at our tournament; I went 3-0, with scores of 20-0, 20-0, and 18-2! Time will tell how much of that was luck and how much of that was the army being strong vs me being a semi-competent gamer, but I'm looking forward to getting some paint on the damp and dim legions! Lord Yeth’Shuul bless you, Children of Slish
  22. https://www.mindtaker.org/product/warhammer-armies-skaven-2002-46383/?mc_cid=00b908015a&mc_eid=9ac677b48c Just happened to see this pop up on my Mindtaker email this morning :)
  23. I bought a "Vampire Counts" army that consists of models that I saw on Excellent minis (believe they are all by Green Dragon designs), but I opted to go with Etsy because it seemed cheaper. Only after I ordered did I see the seller was from Russia, heh.
  24. So I played a game of Warmaster earlier this year and really enjoyed it. I ordered a Warmaster army back in April without realizing the seller was in Russia, and I've been waiting for it ever since. Supposedly it arrive in New York on the 6th of this month, but hasn't moved since . Assuming it actually does arrive, I would be interested in getting some games in, although I don't think I'd have the time to commit to a league. Warmaster Revolutions is the "living" ruleset, and I believe that's what most people play.
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