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  1. Sadly I've got an 8-9 hour job that day. I'll try to stop by after if things are still rolling!
  2. Eh? The original Godzilla movies are a commentary about the danger to nature and humanity caused by radiation and nuclear technology. The American ones are clearly for an American audience, but not necessarily just for children. Granted some of the old movies get a little weird and are more about monster fights, but so does everything else in Japan 😄
  3. I can get back to you by tomorrow, gotta see what work looks like. Either way I plan to hang out (when I'm not working!)
  4. Heading to Seattle for Dad business, hope to see you guys next weekend.
  5. Luckily one day every block in downtown will be a hotel, and then there will be no reason for anyone to ever visit. Once people realize this and stop coming, the buildings will be demolished and left as empty lots where new food carts can flourish. Thus, the great cycle of creation continues.
  6. Heading down for Infinity.
  7. I have some time off this week, so I'm planning to come down tomorrow!
  8. Working a long job tomorrow 😞
  9. Movie was great, had the typical issues that seem to hit the MCU but I really enjoyed it. Rocket was by far the most successful at his job, made the rest of the cast look sloppy in comparison. Stark hugging Parker got me right in the feels.
  10. I'll play you if you come down, it's been awhile.
  11. Dart, AKA Miranda Ashcroft all done!
  12. Couple more in the works, just base layers so far.
  13. Painting for the first time in awhile, decided to work on some random projects. I have about 4-5 models in the pipeline, but got this one pretty much done. All she needs is a few touch-ups and she's good to go. Anaconda Operator/Authorized Bounty Hunter codename: Bubblegum. It was fun to switch it up and finish a model I've had laying around for so long. Sorry as always for the low-quality pictures, I refuse to upgrade from my crappy phone 😄 More to come, hopefully sooner than later.
  14. Sounds like a good time! Thanks go out to you guys for organizing this year, a lot of work goes into these events. I'm planning to participate all weekend, but if you need help with anything just let me know.
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