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  1. You might try asking in the main Ordo Blood Bowl forum, there may be some guys down there that have the set from the 2016 box unassembled. I have the remnants of my second set still on the sprue, but they're kinda picked over as I did some converting.
  2. I have one you can borrow while you track one down Sherbert, but I'm not looking to get rid of it. It's assembled and primed, with numbers marked.
  3. Hah, thanks guys! I had a pretty great weekend of Infinity, and managed to bring home a sweet viking ale horn trophy for first place.
  4. Dudes, Dark Tower now allows alcohol in the general gaming area, as of this week! Rejoice, and cheers!
  5. Christian - you and I should play a game! I'll be around and don't have anything else scheduled. Tranining game or league match? Other games that are currently set up: Brendan/Joey (as previously mentioned) Danny/Nathan Jim/Brad
  6. What do you guys want to play tonight? Power Pack and Transmission Matrix are both on my agenda to practice for Rose City. Since I'm playing Nomads I guess I'll be nice and not push for TransMatrix... so how about Power Pack? I'm back to playing with my warm fuzzy space anarchist conglomerate.
  7. Looks like this is the spot: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/milestone-award-tiles-for-terraforming-mars
  8. Bummer! I remembered you usually had an early wake up call so I figured I'd make sure. Another time man!
  9. Probably just Prelude - it is by far my favorite. The alternate maps are also good but we'll stick to the main one with a new player. I own colonies but haven't tried it yet. Venus just seem to bog the game way down.
  10. Sounds like Nathan is in as well, so if Bobby is good, that fills us up with 5. @Kalahanarama 6:30PM start time work for you tonight? Nathan hasn't played before, so it'll probably be a longer game.
  11. Timeline work out OK for you Bobby? We probably won't start until 6:30 or so tonight. If so, sounds good!
  12. Sounds good Jim! Worst case if we can't find anyone else, 3 plays comfortably. I am also terrible at the game, but it's fun.
  13. Would love to get a game of Terraforming Mars going tonight if we can get 4-5 people. Sounds like Joey and I are onboard so far - Brendan/Brad/Jim?
  14. Khail

    Sit Rep

    Standard game size is 300 points/6 SWC. The official Army Builder for Infinity is actually really good these days (like, other game companies need to take a serious look at how well it's executed and kept updated). Link: https://army.infinitythegame.com/. There's an official Android app as well, but nothing on IOS yet (though the mobile site is quite good). The rules wiki is also a fantastic resource and is kept up to date with each new rules update. Link: http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Main_Page *note that clicking on skills and stuff in the Army Builder links you directly to the
  15. Hey guys - I'm bringing by Aristeia! tonight if you want to check it out - happy to run demos or teaching games. I know Joey was interested. I'll also have my Infinity with me. If you don't know what Aristeia! is, it's Corvus Belli's sci-fi arena combat game. Set in the Infinity universe pre-EI Invasion. It's played on a hex board and is a bit difficult to describe - it shares more in common with Blood Bow or Guild Ball than Infinity. The rules and mechanics are very tight, which is a nice change from Infinity's somewhat fuzzy and layered rules. Anyway, if you're interested in c
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