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  1. Are you bringing Blood Bowl? That's what we're into now. Violently into it. Knives are out for people who arrive in these city limits not carrying blood bowl teams. We are stacking pass-through Canadians like cordwood and it's becoming somewhat of an industry. Remote mountain towns' speakeasies and a few governmental structures are starting to be built out of the remains of cross-border dairy buyers who do not present a properly assembled blood bowl team as a mark of passage. Thus far paint is optional because a lot of us are lazy as well.
  2. Bellingham Circus Guild is always a good time.
  3. This is the grapevine, shouted to me through a car window as I returned from a circus performance. I hear that the streak has finally been broken and that we, for once, have taken a trophy from them. Infinity Andy brought the glory home, completely undefeated. Line up to buy beer here. DETAILS!
  4. I actually don't know where I fit into the losing triumvirate structure now. Dismissed as a contender, probably. I accept your congratulations.
  5. *bloodbowling intensifies* yasssss
  6. You're wrong. That is a cat driven insane by being locked up in a small apartment and being forced to live out its hunter instinct on a pair of shoes. Dogs get to go for walks, at least. A well balanced cat should be out annihilating the local wildlife, rending their flesh from their bones and delivering skulls as trophies to their masters. And with that we are back on track in the metal thread. Nice derail, Kevin.
  7. Shockingly prescient. Shockingly.
  8. Thanks for posting that. There isn't legal action being taken here. Multiple parties are not asking to "take this private." I just said we should get a beer and talk, like a bunch of us do weekly. I'm trying to work out where [big bad swear word] broke down amongst us, because I have been clearly absent-minded about it.
  9. Kevin, I gotta say, you kinda had me, but this is all a bit overwrought. I don't particularly care whether there becomes a new club structure to facilitate the direction of those funds. I'm perfectly fine just being a group of people who plays games, same as you said. I'm not "voting" on what you do now. I'm just saying I'm sad you didn't feel comfortable coming to us to say you had a good idea of what to do with it in the first place and overpaid on what is, IMO, a wreck of a logo. I get that Corey didn't get answers to his queries, but I didn't see a thread here looking for the ass
  10. I'll see what Brendan wants to do when we get there, but if you've got two seats open then we could probably put off TS to another week if he's game.
  11. I am of mixed minds on this because of course the method this was done in was completely inappropriate and, yes, tantamount to theft even the bank won't see it as so. Communication should have been the easy part. None of us are particularly hard to get ahold of, and the idea could have been brought up at any time in the time since this idea was conceived. That said, I don't really disapprove of the use of club funds for something like making new banners and swag. In the past we haven't funded that sort of stuff out of that account, but I'm generally all right with the idea. I am expre
  12. UHHHH Let's play Root Tuesday.
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