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  1. Joel will be there for Infinity.
  2. Transmission Matrix 300pts Or @Exile's TAG-stravaganza! I ( @PaladinX) will be doing my best to take care of you blaster happy ruffians 😎
  3. I'll bring you one next week.
  4. Oh gods no @Raindog! Way to people-y!
  5. That sounds like a mission. I'm not going to be there
  6. @WiseKensai, you run nice chill events as well, and I like reading your after action battle reports 😆
  7. I can't make it to this one, but I will encourage others to attend. I have played in three or four of these tournaments, and have enjoyed them. I, like many others, have the social anxietys, but the way @thediceabide runs the tournament has made my time there fun. I also believe I've always been in last place and still received a shiny bauble from the prize pool.
  8. I think I'm gonna sit this one out. Thanks tho.
  9. I have an appointment at 2pm on Sunday, so I may be late. I just don't know gow late. Just a heads up.
  10. I bring 10-15 friends every week. I think they are my friends? They do have a tendency to die. A lot. WOW! I'm a bad friend 😓
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