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  1. I will be at Guardian on 13 Feb. Bringing British and Soviets.
  2. I will be late tonight 6 Feb 2020. Who is coming tonight?
  3. 23 Jan 2020 I will be attending. Will bring my Germans plus some allies.
  4. I will be not be in town for 9 Jan 2020. I will be in Arizona.
  5. I will be there thursday. Bringing Germans, Russians. British.
  6. We had a good game Chris brought a Tiger/ Beach landing force that we shared and we played against Steve. Tigers for the win.
  7. OK Zeke. I need to see if my ideals will work. It is sound in theory, but the game is more than math. I am curious how it will work.
  8. For the 19 December I would like to play against Germans beach defense ( same force Chris used last week) against Zeke and his Stuarts. Chris wants to try out his brand new German Fallsmyajers (spelling is way off) against Barcas Americans.
  9. 12 Dec 2019 4 players 2 great games tonight. Cannot wait until next week! Thanks Chris James and Steve!
  10. 5 December 2019 Could be a big turn out. Chris Green has cleared up Thursdays and will joining us. We have 2 new players that have shown the last two active weeks. we may need a third table! Good hunting all!
  11. 21 November we had a new player arrive at Guardian Games. Welcome Jake! He arrived for his first game with an assembled and base painted British army! Wow! way to set a high standard. Had a great first game and I look forward to playing with or against him in the future.
  12. There are only supposed to be a few changes, to make it more compatable with 4th edition.
  13. The responses are on flames of war (official) He uses his name Phil Yates.
  14. I will at Guaurdian games on 21 Nov. Bring my now assembled US armoured rifle co.
  15. Phil Yates made the official response today. Any team that is pinned fires at the moving rate of fire with any associated penalties. The example talked about bazookas.
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