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  1. I have ordered this book and am expecting it soon. Not planning on building any of the new forces, but I want to keep up to date.
  2. May 23. I will not be GG tonight it is my anniversary. Good luck all at the tournament this weekend!
  3. Barca utterly and completely slaughtered my Russian hordes last night. His defensive fire was 100% needing 8 hits out of 8 shoots on 3+, 4 times in a row. My dice were horrible. 4 Germans panzergrenadiers wiped out my entire army wiping 42 teams of russian infantry out with a little help. It was Nuts. Russians are very hard to play in V4 mid war. I have some new ideals but the Russian infantry hordes have zero chance of winning. They have no real support, the numbers cause them to always be in the open and block friendly shooting. Russian skill is horrible so ranging in mortars and artillery is always on 6'S. Rant over.
  4. I will be at GG very early 4/18. I have a VA appointment early in the afternoon, and not headed back home thru the traffic to come right back into the city. I will bring FOW and TY.
  5. I will be there this Thursday 4/11. See you soon.
  6. Guardian games has changed ownership. I am not sure what changes this may bring. I hope for the better.
  7. I am not going to make it tonight. An event came up with my children. Spring break.
  8. Ok hopefully Zeke will be there. And we can have 2 games running...
  9. What are we playing tomorrow night? Mid war eastern front again would be great.
  10. I have been going over the 4th edition rulebook. Especially assaults we need to go over it more carefully for a while. Cannot use movement orders and then assault ( except follow me) cant move more than 10 inches at tactical and assault. falling back from an assault is the shortest tactical distance to get more then 6 inches. we need to sharpen our skills.
  11. It was good to see a new to me face of a returning player. Thanks for joining us Dave.
  12. Ughh i see it now. My browser did not update it.
  13. What are we playing tonight? Mid war eastern or TY sound great to me.
  14. Have a good game 21 March, my dice will be for different games on this weekend.See you next week.
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