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  1. I am alive and kicking. Not sure how my box filled up. I blame the squirrels. Pesky nasty fellows always filling up every crevice with chewed up what nots. No way could it be me being lazy.
  2. I got my British Fow d day book today from Geeks and Games. I love it.
  3. I gave this a try. Brits got attacker in breakthru. Soviet Bmp2 co sat and awaited the brits. The cheeky brits bypassed the Soviets by flying over them on to the object, just waiting to dismount on round 2. The soviet rolled reserves rnd 1 called in 6 frogfoots, and then proceeded to maul the Brit troops in choppers, AAA reduced them further to 3 teams per squad. An ominous start. Air turned out to be utterly decisive. I need to rethink my Brits, the soviets were amazing. Air with planes and attack helicopters is devastating, do not underestimate it. Nelson
  4. How many are we talking about and how old? Is it only blisters or is there box sets? I am interested yet I have many questions.
  5. I set up my ping pong table with a full size battlefield. I am going to run Soviet BMP2 formation with T64s again a british Air mobile with 2 formations of scouts, with some armor support. About 120 points per side. Will be toms of air on both sides. I am hypothesizing that whichever gains control of the sky will dominate. I will roll for a mission on the chart. Both sides will be highly aggressive. Nelson
  6. I have finished (mostly painting my Brits for Team yankee and really want to play them. Next up to paint more of my soviets for TY. I may try a solo game Brits VS Soviets. Hobby time is good, but I also have my kids at home to keep me busy. Stay safe Nelson
  7. 5 March 2020 I will be bring Team yankee British, and Soviets.
  8. I will be at Guardian on 13 Feb. Bringing British and Soviets.
  9. I will be late tonight 6 Feb 2020. Who is coming tonight?
  10. 23 Jan 2020 I will be attending. Will bring my Germans plus some allies.
  11. I will be not be in town for 9 Jan 2020. I will be in Arizona.
  12. I will be there thursday. Bringing Germans, Russians. British.
  13. We had a good game Chris brought a Tiger/ Beach landing force that we shared and we played against Steve. Tigers for the win.
  14. OK Zeke. I need to see if my ideals will work. It is sound in theory, but the game is more than math. I am curious how it will work.
  15. For the 19 December I would like to play against Germans beach defense ( same force Chris used last week) against Zeke and his Stuarts. Chris wants to try out his brand new German Fallsmyajers (spelling is way off) against Barcas Americans.
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