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  1. I am excited to play a few late war games. I would like to play 100 points. See you tonight.
  2. I think 2.5 hours will be a reasonable amount of game time. On Thursdays we get in a game from 6:30 to 10. In that time we set up, and then clean up, and have many interruptions, and take our time. I think late war is better balanced and oriented towards events then any other edition. But, we will have to see, but I do not think we should be concerned currently.
  3. I really enjoy this time period. I would like to get in some games. I am not sure how battlefront is going to support the efforts due to the extended book/army drops. I am commited to building and upgrading my terrain this year, so a bridge and some beaches sounds good to build. I have an extensive German army for beach and inland defense. I have a large canadain beach landing army (british). I have a US army still new on sprew yet.
  4. This looks good. I will be in there 20 June for MW stalingradness.
  5. I would like to try city fighting. I will bring my buildings. So we can see how it goes for the event later this month.
  6. I will be Early on June 13. Due to a Va appointment.
  7. Overall I am excited to try out all the changes. I believe we will be seeing more armor. I believe that is a good thing, it makes it easier to play games, quicker, and a faster starting point for new players.
  8. I have noticed several changes in Late war. 1) Tigers are better then panthers. 2) Germans will be using AAA 88;s more, 12 points for 4 is great. 3) a new rule limited 1 for germans any one model can use a panzerfaust each round, not the whole unit. 4) British 17pdrs are cheap AT 14 range 36inches. Fireflies are amazing. 5) Churchhills are very good for points. 6) Tank companies are more playable now then ever. What are your thoughts/ ideals?
  9. I can run Iranians, or Iraqs with models i have now.
  10. James for tonight I have a Soviet MW list I want to try at 100 points. Could you run Germans?
  11. Looking like a good turn out. I am working on some large buildings for the city fights.
  12. OIl war is an expansion for team yankee. I can field Iran or Iraq. The units and combinations are radically different then standard team yankee. I am wondering how this will effect the game. It will be fun to see.
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