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  1. Can you link me what the castle walls look like Nib
  2. I am looking for D&D and Pathfinder miniatures, painted or unpainted, per-painted sets such as the pathfinder rusty in or the D&D elemental evil work too. Anything Dwarven Forge as well. Thanks all.
  3. Thanks Fluger, 96.3% of that was Bill, he went from never editing a single thing to what you see there, I was behind him most of the time saying I want this and no,, no I want that, lol, so he would spend a day or two researching and sure enough he would pull a rabbit out of the hat and have something that would work. So yeah that was both a fun and frustrating time and we thank you for the props.
  4. Honestly didn't research that far. Mostly was just going for smack talk to get the ball rolling.
  5. Cool glad you liked it, I dared to hope at least one person would get it, Woot! :)
  6. So us folks at GFN, decided to release a piece we worked on a few years back, check it out and let us know what you think.. created with a graphic novel format. Duel at Dawn Hope you enjoy it.
  7. Has anyone here in Ordo been checking out the MMO/Space Sim/FPS Persistent World game?
  8. Ok, we posted the last picture today, if you didn't see yours or if you are interested in getting different versions of your pic, post here and I'll keep checking back, hope you all liked them.
  9. We have been posting the GFN photos taken at OFCC for the past week on our FaceBook page. GAME FACE NATION's FB page If people want to see the pictures without going to facebook, let me know here and I'll post it for you here as well. Thanks
  10. GFN's Facebook site : uploaded a bunch of new pictures from table shots when we did a walk around. So many great looking armies, so little time. Wish we could of gotten a pictures of them all.
  11. Video Pan of the warhamster team's display board is now up as well. Light was bad so I couldn't get the whole board in focus, but enough to get a taste. well done guys. HERE
  12. Another Face Book album link to a bunch of table shots. HERE
  13. If it works out sure, I am going to take it to Ordo tonight and see if I can work a deal there. Do you have anything for trade that I listed?
  14. I am looking for SM bikers, sniper scouts, SM/long fang Missile Launcher models or Thunder Wolf Cavalry to trade for the Orc side of the StormClaw box.
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