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  1. Games Workshop is trying to entice our children! Bunch of pedophiles, if you ask me.
  2. Added some more items, including 45 OOP metal bloodletters with Axes, and 40 OOP metal Daemonettes (the pretty ones). Any questions, please ask.
  3. I combine ship, just don't pay for the items before I send an invoice. If you do, I'll put a personal check in the box, with the difference in shipping cost.
  4. I'll do my best to give an updated list this week
  5. Selling off all my unpainted models. Here is a link to my store. Currently have only some of my unopened items on there. Will be updating items as I get time, and lowering prices if they don't sell in a timely manner. (Got to love 30 day buyouts) They really give you a feel for the market. I live in the Salem area, and can meet up in Salem for local pickup to save you shipping costs. If I forgot to add that option on the auction you are interested in, message me before bidding and I'll change that auction to reflect the option. Thanks, and have a great day! http://www.ebay.com/sch/jbugman9/m.html?item=121876636287&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  6. Iraf


    I love the last sentence.
  7. I've read around 2/3 of the Star Wars Novels. And although I enjoyed most of them, I found most of the writing to be subpar. I was hoping though, that they would have a bit more carry over. Like when Han yells "Ben!" At his son. I was really hoping for "Jacen!"
  8. At the rate that Starkiller base was able to take out star systems, I don't think there would be any planets left by episode 9! I loved the movie. I especially liked Daisy Ridley's portrayal of Rey, and Adam Driver's portrayal of Kylo Ren. I think Driver is an exceptional actor, and I think he pulled off the pent up rage of a young apprentice Sith perfectly. And the scene with Han was wonderful. Sad, but wonderfully written and executed.
  9. Iraf

    Well, Crap

    Do you keep your iMac plugged into a surge protector. If so, most surge protectors have some kind of warranty if they don't protect the devices. If not, I recommend using a surge protector on all expensive and important electrical devices in the future. Make sure you get something with around 3000 joules of protection.
  10. I would never settle for a 50% discount on something I didn't buy. It's either a full refund, or send me the correct item. That goes double for a damaged item I didn't order.
  11. If you buy goods or services on your credit or debit card, you have extra protection if things go wrong compared with paying by cash or cheque. You can make a claim against your card provider under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. I don't know if this is valid in the US, but I'd check up on it.
  12. Do you know the artist?
  13. Iraf

    The Infinity Run

    Our gaming group has a few that are thinking about Infinity also. I haven't decided on a faction just yet.
  14. I'm tired of your 'reverse' negativity. Go make an Age of Sigmar forum if you don't like the Warhammer players commenting on your AoS threads.
  15. Yep. And Kislev still exists, therefore Bear Cavalry.
  16. Since all of the Warhammer World has been destroyed, pointing out 'had' could get redundant.
  17. Well Sony Online Entertainment did something similar with Star Wars Galaxies when they created the NGE (New Gaming Experience) and scrapped their existing game platform. They had a rabid fanbase with SWG, but it wasn't the numbers they wanted. Especially in comparison to WoW. They lost 90% of their fanbase, and the game died some years later. Not saying it will play out that way here, but I think it's definitely a gamble.
  18. Possibly. I like his point that they are free to make models in very dynamic stances. Not having to worry about ranking up should make for some interesting possibilities. Although if they really have gone to the larger scale, like they did with the Sigmarites, it's a moot point for me. If they do keep with the original scale, and the models are pretty nice, I could see myself buying some slick Vampire Count or Skaven models for my Fantasy army.
  19. I liked this article. Even if it is from BoLS. http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2015/07/warhammer-developer-breaks-silence-on-age-of-sigmar.html
  20. If that is part of a beast, I'm really thinking it would be a cool conversion kit for a WoC Warshrine conversion.
  21. They bog down a lot of devices, so I think it's more of a courtesy than anything else. Sorry, no pic from me.
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