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  1. we you get everything static, ping me and i can help promote here on Ordo and we can ask @Weav for hwlp on Facebook.
  2. @Jason If you want to play the 2018 OFCC 40K Team Mission 1, the mission is printed out and should be on top of the fridge inside a manila folder and thanks to the industrious @evil_bryan the Grot Tokens to go along with the mission are magnetized to the front of the fridge. You only need 3. Happy gaming!
  3. At the request of some folks, I added some Sunday dates. For Sunday nights, I will be unavailable. Please find @Jay and @Raindog to help you get an idea of what the team event is all about, pick teams, nominate captains, and play the mission. Reach out to me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  4. I'll be there to kick off some OFCC 40K Rewind action!
  5. i really like how you incorporated desiccated roadways with yellow striping as part of the basing.
  6. amazing looking work! are the bases part of the sets now? i remember buggies and some other older versions that didnt have any.
  7. @VonVilkee any of you warhamsters wanna do the Rewind up there? i would trust you to give a good education on OFCC and captains duties.
  8. looking good! have some on the list i havent played.
  9. OFCC 40K Team Rewind What: Let’s play the 5 OFCC Missions from last year and do the full Team Experience Where: W.O.W. Tuesday Game Night When: Every other Tuesday and Sunday night; Starting May 14. Ending July 14. Captains’ Pairings begin at 6PM each night. May 14 May 19 May 28 June 2 June 11 June 16 June 25 June 30 July 9 July 14 Who: Any 40K players who want to attend, preferably 8 people for every mission Why: To see what OFCC is all about and get prepared for OFCC 2019 How: Each week, we will play a new mission from last year’s OFCC. We will do assisted Captain’s Pairings with all participants. This means that all participants will form into teams of 2, 3, or 4. All players must have a list printed out and available for the team captain to review. One participant from each team will be designated as Team Captain. Team Captains will pair off and do list rating and choose who will battle. Once matches are set, we play the missions! We really need a good number of people to have the best experience. The 6PM start time is to give everyone a chance to get to the clubhouse and have a printed list available for their captain. If you do not have access to a printer, I will make available a laptop and a black and white printer at the club. OFCC has always played at 2000 points so everyone can bring their favorite toys. The Rule of Cool will be in full effect. REQUIRED READING: Please see evil_bryan’s post for full details about List Building Guidelines, details on Captain’s responsibilities etc. for OFCC. We want to conduct ourselves as if we were at OFCC playing these games against total strangers in a relaxed and casual setting.
  10. nice paint job on the coat of that solo dude with the gun and static grass
  11. love to see someone bringing maulerfiends and the earthshaker!
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