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  1. is this still a potlock? i wanted to bring something for everyone to enjoy.
  2. im down for 12/3! what about you guys? @Ish @Salty Monkey @Casiarius
  3. and one for @Brick Bungalow who might be able to talk about RGT
  4. we talked to @Burntheemokids a few weeks ago about getting games going at Rainy Day and other west side venues like Retro Game Trader. drop him a PM
  5. maybe post up what game store or location to help any interested?
  6. So glad i wasnt too over the top for you guys. i had so much fun. Fluffypants will live on in infamy. "Everyone enjoys a little slap and tickle!"
  7. great shots, @Salty Monkey! thanks for posting.
  8. im at work with no ETA on when this will be done. consider me out for tonight.
  9. @Ish @Salty Monkey I had a fantastic time. thanks for hosting and rules explaining. will definitely race again!
  10. Great time tonight. We had a member drop in late to the club and express interest in joining every now and then @Huffnpuff
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