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  1. so since i dont use facebook, i have no way to participate in the auction. that sucks.
  2. until
  3. FYI: Booking shoulder nights has come to our attention as a potential issue with getting a reservation. Shoulder nights are the Thursday before the event (August 15) and the Sunday night after the event (August 18). We have a limited number of shoulder nights and if you attempt to book your stay including one of these days, it may say your reservation is not possible or "nothing found for these dates". We can fix this! Please PM myself, @evil_bryan, or @ninefinger and we can contact the hotel and add more days. Please include which days you need to book in your PM. Thanks and cannot wait to see all of you there!
  4. i think Team Ad-Hoc @Frowbakk is recruiting for more people
  5. i need to get practice with the list im taking to the Fluger tourney at the end of the month. Anyone wanna throw down 2000 pts of 40k? @CryptekCrezlyn is it time for yer Xenos communist scum to face my Xenos biomorph scum?
  6. 40K Rewind is doing Mission 3. Copies are on the shelf by the drinks. Cheers!
  7. Can I email you my list instead of using the app?
  8. please let us know if bear hugs are still appropriate greetings at the time of the tourney.
  9. again, there is no option to scroll down therefore no other details are presented. the pic below is the only thing i can see.
  10. So without logging into facebook, you can only see the date and time and the logo. all other info and posts are not displaying.
  11. Thanks so much Lord H. If you have time to update here maybe two weeks out for tourney, that would be awesome for us non facebook users.
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