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  1. Thank all of you for your support and interest in a 2v2 event. Unfortunately, we are only a month out and I have not devoted any time to developing fun and awesome missions. Therefore, I will not be running a 2v2 40k event this year. Please accept my sincerest apology and know that a 2v2 event will be returning again next year. Thanks for your understanding. Cannot wait to see you guys at OFCC this year. I will still be around and be sharing my confectionery skills again.
  2. looks fine to me! Pretty standard list these days. i like all the genestealers.
  3. ill be there to boardgame or maybe, Kill Team again!
  4. can anyone stop the dwarves??!
  5. Ya, i am super happy about last nights game night. Got my first game of Kill Team in with @Cedem. I actually got into assault! Super good stuff! Seeing all the new folks coming through playin all kinds of stuff is real exciting. See ya next week!
  6. We would love to see some FoW in the club!
  7. We'll be doing this just released mission as a preview of 2019 OFCC 40K Team Event. I'll bring printed copies. 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 3 - Maelstrom’s Fate Description: Your mission is unclear. Do you forge ahead with what you think is right, or let fate decide? Deployment: Hammer and Anvil Special Rules: At the start of each player turn, the active player will determine their current objective from the list below. Players can either choose from the list, or roll a d6 and let Fate decide. 1. Advance – None of your unit are in your deployment zone at the end of your turn 2. Behind Enemy Lines – At least one until completely in the enemy deployment zone at the end of your turn 3. Hold the Line – At least three units in your deployment zone and no enemy units in your deployment zone at the end of your turn, cannot be earned on the first turn. 4. Overwhelming Firepower – Destroyed an enemy unit in the shooting phase 5. Blood and Guts – Destroyed an enemy unit in the fight phase 6. Area Denial – No enemy models within 6” of the center of the battlefield at the end of your turn Once an objective has been earned, it is no longer an option. If your Fate roll lands on a completed objective, re-roll the die. If an objective has not be completed at the end of your turn, you have the option of keeping that current objective for your next turn. Primary Scoring: For each chosen objective completed, a player will earn 1 victory point. For each Fate chosen objective completed, a player will earn 2 victory points. Completed Fate chosen objectives carried over for more than one round still count as a Fate chosen objective. Bonus Scoring: Completing 3+ objectives – 1 Point Letting Fate decide every objective – 2 Point
  8. This is the last week for the 40K Rewind. I want to thank everyone who participated and hope that this format served as a good way to get familiar with the OFCC 40K Team Event format. For the Good of the Order!
  9. ill be there around 6 to throw down my tyranids.
  10. yes, im making you click *one more time* to see something other than ofcc threads. takes... half a second to click? the teams at the 40k team event spend way more time than that on their armies, painting, preparing, traveling and playing. so yes, for one month you get to make an extra click
  11. bumping this thread as the tourney is this weekend!
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