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  1. maybe post up what game store or location to help any interested?
  2. So glad i wasnt too over the top for you guys. i had so much fun. Fluffypants will live on in infamy. "Everyone enjoys a little slap and tickle!"
  3. great shots, @Salty Monkey! thanks for posting.
  4. im at work with no ETA on when this will be done. consider me out for tonight.
  5. @Ish @Salty Monkey I had a fantastic time. thanks for hosting and rules explaining. will definitely race again!
  6. Great time tonight. We had a member drop in late to the club and express interest in joining every now and then @Huffnpuff
  7. yer team totally did win and it was total bullshit. amazingly total bullshit, but amazing nonetheless.
  8. sweet! ill be there. i have a few playthroughs already with 2 and 3 players.
  9. looking for 3 more ppl to play this boardgame. i should be there around 5.30 or 6 https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/253087/shadowrun-sprawl-ops
  10. i dont know the differences in editions and would be happy to give this a shot!
  11. we had some stuff in lost and found but i do not remember seeing this. ill check again when im at the club this weekend.
  12. I have it on good word that this is 2 people away from becoming a GT!!
  13. Portland: Quarterworld has Tesla shows on Sundays. Kachka, Lardo or Hawthorne Asylum for foods. Walk across Tillikum Bridge (my fav bridge). Cannon Beach area: Indian Beach Hug Point, read the wiki on this, crazy stuff Short Sand Beach at Oswald West
  14. oh souls will be spent on the battlefield.
  15. awesome! get ready for a crazy mission.
  16. Gonna try this again. I need 3 people to particapte in a 2v2 game of 40K. I think 750 pts per person would be good, total 1500 per side. I will have my tyranids and a very unorthodoxed mission to play. Lets throw down!
  17. dont you mean METAL AM (Astra Militarum)?
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