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  1. PGS is a long time supporter and sponsor of OFCC and Ordo events. definitely a sad time.
  2. https://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/213748-is-ofcc-2020-happening-yes-it-is/
  3. my hobby desk just got converted to a work from home desk. now i want to switch it back!
  4. Yes, the club is still 100% on having the event. We are in contact with the Hilton and keeping up to date with any policy changes. Ill ask for the HoGs to start posting their event threads and make a general announcement about the events currently planned. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  5. sometimes around 4PM; definitely open by 5PM. maybe a keyholder will chime in when they open the doors
  6. Pics of items inventoried at the club on 2/21/2017
  7. played a 2v2 game using the new rules and this ITC Battles app. i have to say it was super easy to figure out. had some help deciding on what secondaries to pick. otherwise, very straightforward compared to my previous experiences. made for a real close game and good times.
  8. maybe a good post to keep in mind before this year's Winter Warzone starts up
  9. either one will be awesome. start time?
  10. https://www.oregonlive.com/commuting/2020/01/morrison-bridge-closed-most-of-sunday.html
  11. A mix of yoga, crossfit, and high intesity interval training on the sawhorse usually get me prepped for stripping.
  12. You can rattlecan in your basement but make sure to: Turn off your heater so you dont blow the fumes throughout the house. Setup a box fan with an airfilter duct taped to the back next to the models you are priming. this will pull out a ton of aersoled paint floating around. Heat up your rattle can by filling a cup or bucket with warm water, not hot, and let the can hang out and get warm in it. Shake for 3 to 5 minutes straight. This will help keep an even flow of propellent and paint. I personally use Krylon and Duplicolor auto primer.
  13. they stay going for awhile. 9 or 10ish. depending on which keyholder is there. i can hang out if need be.
  14. Contrary to what the poll answers suggest, I am with this 100%. I love to see these kinds of ideas brought up for some Friday fun. I'll try to figure out how to change my poll answer and in the meantime, keep developing this event! =)
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