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    check the Game Night forum for a new thread for that day. it isnt created yet but will be soon.
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    DisruptiveConduct reacted to Bosco in Ordo Fanaticus Senate Election Meeting   
    Turns out I cannot make it today, sick kid. If there is an available seat I'm interested in being a senator.
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    DisruptiveConduct reacted to splinx in April Terrain Day   
    I'll be there in May for the may one and i"ll bring my airbrush and compressor along to get some work in. :)
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    DisruptiveConduct reacted to Raindog in April Terrain Day   
    I am out. It is my youngest's birthday.
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    DisruptiveConduct reacted to KIRBY in Ordo Terrain Day   
    I am not sure where to post this, but if the club needs more terrain for the OFCC, PM me and I can hook the event poobah with a lot of stuff.
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    DisruptiveConduct got a reaction from zcaust83 in Ordo Game Night at WoW   
    I'll be there with my Genestealer Cult to do some more 8th edition.
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