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  1. Hello! I find myself in possession of quite a few duplicates from this series and am looking to either sell them or trade a couple for Brother Darrago (terminator with banner) I'm far more interested in trading for Brother Darrago as he is the only one I'm missing. If no trade is available, I'm looking to sell each for $10 with the exception of the Brother-Captain. The Brother-Captain is only available as part of a trade for Brother Darrago. Here's a list of the duplicates I have. They are all still in box with cards, and new on sprue. I only opened them to see which they were.
  2. Hello! @evil_bryan and @DisruptiveConduct are both correct. I use to run a YouTube channel for tutorials back in the day. Nowadays, I stream painting minis on Twitch. I'd be happy to chat if you're looking for some input @splinx
  3. I have a bunch of the Malifaux metals both in starter boxes and blisters if you're interested.
  4. WestRiser is correct, those are not the contents of the Deathguard half, they are additional kits on top of the Deathguard half. Deathguard half of the Dark Imperium starter ~$50 Quick build Poxwalkers ~$15 Quick build Plague Marines ~$15 Quick build Malphetic Blighthauler ~$25 Quick build Lord Felthius and Tainted Cohort ~$40 Total 'retail' is ~$145
  5. Hey all, I have a copy of the Shadespire box that i'd like to sell. It's still in the shrink wrap and I'm looking for $50. I live in Sherwood, OR and I can meet just about anywhere. SOLD I also have 1x Set - Deathguard half of the Dark Imperium starter in addition to the starter set, 1x Set - Quick build Poxwalkers, 1x Set - Quick build Plague Marines 1x Box - Quick build Malphetic Blighthauler 1x Box - Quick build Lord Felthius and Tainted Cohort They're all NOS or NIB. These minis aren't going to see any love for the next few
  6. I might be able to grab this in the coming weeks. I'll let you know. In the meantime, don't hesitate to sell them if someone else offers.
  7. Thanks! Are you looking for anything in particular this year? That goes for everyone else. I'd love to have some themes to prioritize when I'm packing.
  8. I'll be bringing my stuff Friday night and I'll probably be camping out in a corner with my extra stuff all day on Saturday and Sunday as well. If you can't make it Friday night, there'll still be plenty of stuff Saturday and Sunday. :-D
  9. If the previewed rules are any indication of what the rest of the rules are going to be like, it's going to get me back into 40k.
  10. Man, I'm really excited to see what they do with the next edition of 40k. Those Nurgle models are amazing!
  11. They look fantastic! Kenny takes a bit to get use to and is way over the top sometimes, but his techniques are solid.
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