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  1. Perfect, happy painting. Just a warning my weekends are pretty busy so any additional lead time is appreciated. Talk soon, Kevin
  2. Been awhile, and maybe I am necroing but. . . Did someone say Dropzone? I just finished up a big professional test which has consumed all of my freetime for the last 3 months and would love to start getting some games in again. I played a few games with Shmitty and they were great, other than getting my face kicked in :), and would love to help build up the community here in Portland. Anyways send me a PM, or something and lets see if we can get some games in.
  3. Not sure if it matters to anyone but I won't be able to attend tonight. Thanks for the invite and look forward to next week's fly casual.
  4. Good to know, and while it won't be a tourney list or anything, slapping on upgrades seems to a pretty good way to get the points up fairly quickly. Especially for the imperials. Thanks for all the advice and help if anyone is headed to Portland gaming store tonight say hey, I will be the new guy.. ☺
  5. You have any suggestion for points? 300 standard, or can I bring any and people can mix down? I don't mind picking up another ship and some more squadrons for the night, will need them eventually anyways. Thanks, Kevin
  6. Outstanding, no better way to smite an opponent than getting them tipsy on beer, or put out the flames of a crushing defeat with a beer of my own. I will have to check it out tomorrow.
  7. Hello all, I just got my Armada start set, may pick up another ship or two soon, and was wondering if anyone wanted to get a game in with a new player? I live down in Milwaukie, but don't mind driving nearly anywhere, I play at WoW, and Guardian the most. I prefer to play in the early afternoon, either Saturday or Sunday, but am open to another time if it is more convenient for you. If anyone is interested or knows of a new player friendly weekly store games, just let me know. Thanks and see you at a gaming table soon, Kevin
  8. Bump for this Sunday October 15th? Anyone interested?
  9. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone wanted to play some Dropzone this Sunday? I live down south in Milwaukie, but can drive anywhere. Supposedly there is a group of people that play up in Dice Age, but I haven't met them yet. Guardian Games, or WOW is a great location as well. I have a 2000 points of UCM, but typically play 1500. I can also supply a starter scourge army if someone wants a smaller learning game, 750 points would be a decent size for my two armies I check this forum once a day or everyother day so if I don't respond right away don't worry. 2 pm or a bit ear
  10. Great write up Shmitty, I have been working on my own, but this nailed it. Thanks for the great game, and I can't wait for the next. Anyone out there wants a game let me know, Dropzone is currently my go to game and I am loving playing it. The games can be small and fast, or relatively large and a bit slower, the game above took just at 2 hours, but that is only because I have to stop and think about every move and talk it over with Shmitty. The game is really all about the maneuver, the mission, and some subtlety complex decision points to really maximize your forces strengt
  11. Just moving this post up top again, and seeing if anyone wants a Dropzone game this Sunday (August 9th) around 2pm? Let me know, Kevin
  12. Hello all, I think this is the correct place to ask this, but anyone want a dropzone game this weekend? I can play 2ish either Saturday, or Sunday at Guardian Games. I have UCM and Scourge armies, so can supply an army if you don't have one and want learn. I am not an expert, but feel confident we can get through a game with 95% correct rules. :) When I played with Shmitty we played a learning game of 750 points in just under 2 hours, and I would assume the same here. Let me know, Trog
  13. I am also getting into the game, played a little bit a year ago, and just got in a good start game with Scmitty. Let me know if you want a game, I live in Milwaukie and can get to nearly any where, but find Guardian Games is a good central location. Schmitty is a great person to learn from and it was a super fun game, highly recommend taking him up on the offer of a learning game. To answer your question they only updated 4 of the 40 cards, and it is typically a pretty small change, wording wise, that could easily be sharpied on the v1.0 cards. Like Shmitty said, that is what I am do
  14. Jay, Great to hear from you, I had a great time with Shmitty, and am pretty pumped on the game right now. Just send me a PM when you want to get a game in, I feel fairly confident I could lead us through a small, starter army plus style game or two. I have all the miniatures needed for a UCM - Scourge fight of that size. Anyways just let me know,and we can set up a time and place. Trog16
  15. Thanks for that, I just sent him a PM. If anyone else wants to play drop me PM.
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