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  1. Not about winning or losing broski. All about the fun. My guys want to enjoy OFCC and play games with their crappy armies against other themed crappy armies. I am not worried about beating you or losing to you. It is purely for their benefit and sanity. It will be good to be home for a bit.
  2. Team Fanger Zone will respectfully not rise to this challenge. Looking at your lists; I see no good matchups for my Team. I have 2 players that literally play once a year at OFCC and none of us will be able to tangle with your players. All respect intended, but we will decline.
  3. My Google fu finally came to my aid. Nevermind. Found what I was lookin' fer.
  4. Hey all. I am trying to name a Savage Orc warband and I remember coming across a ridiculous sounding name for a lost wandering tribe of Savage Orcs. It was Zakaloog or something thereof. Here is what I need: Can somebody find the little story blurb in the 7th or 8th ed army book about a tribe of S.O. that followed a weirdboy around until he died. His last words were "Zakaloooooog". I think. Anyway, if you could screen capture it and send it my way, that would be awesome. Google has been less than helpful. Cheers!
  5. Team Fanger Zone will be returning and I shall Captain it. Airline tickets already bought.
  6. One Sister's of Battle army for sale 1 Metal Celestine 2 Cannoness' with varying loadouts 3 Imagifier Sisters 46 Sisters with Bolters 11 Sisters Superior with varying loadouts 5 Sisters with Meltas 9 Sisters with Flamers 1 Sister with a Storm Bolter 4 Sisters with Heavy Flamers 4 Sisters with Heavy Bolters 4 Sisters with Multi-Meltas 2 Seraphim Superior 4 Seraphim with Hand Flamers 2 Seraphim with Inferno 14 Seraphim with Bolt 9 Repentia with Eviscerators 1 Mistress of Repentance 4 old school Rhinos 2 old school Immolators 2 old custom Exorcists 1 Dialogus 1 Hospitaler And a big ol
  7. I will be there! Owl at 3:30 and then games!
  8. I was happy that I was able to compete for, and ultimately win, Best Painted. Flying in from Ohio to get that sweet Purity Seal has been worth it. Thanks to Bronson and all of the people I met and played. It was great to be back in Portland again, if only for a little while.
  9. I have no idea what you're talking about. ;)
  10. Hey gang. Anyone who doesn't know, but does care; I have moved to Ohio to spread the good word of the Ordo faith by curb stomping my opponents. Politely. I hope to make it to OFCC in the coming years and if any of you come through Dayton give me a call. I will show you the best beer spots. Until then; play well, lose gracefully, and win mercilessly. Chappy
  11. They doubled the points of Razorwing flocks since some chuckle head brought 540 wounds worth of Razorwing flocks at the ATC. I love community feedback.
  12. We do not tarry with Psyker Mind Witches. That way lies heresy. Our purity and faith in Him on Earth will bring the zealous fury to the foes of mankind. No pity. No remorse. No fear. *Yes. No Librarians for Black Templars made it into the index.
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