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  1. Just replaced a broken handle for a 15 year old Pampered Chef spatula. #functionalprints
  2. All of a sudden it hit me, where I roadblocked on this project back in the day... the limiting reagent of my experiment, and this kit? Hatch covers: The Fabricator General says 'If the Omnissiah didn't want us to have hatch covers, he wouldn't have given us 3d printers...'
  3. They might even finally get some paint!
  4. Zombie post, reply promised long ago... All of the magnets are polarized consistently so it's not complicate which parts go with which models. I'll post the opposite side as well.
  5. Tell me more about reducing fluid adhesion? Meaning the resin clinging to the model, that is usually has to be washed away? Also, where are you finding the models for this? Looking great!
  6. I love the faint UV glow reflecting from the distance...
  7. It's glorious in that GrimDark way! I get the sense that is about the right scale? Really cool prints. Are the undersides smooth, or is there a void when the pieces are assembled? Pics or it didn't happen! HAHA! No really, are we going to see some next gen Grot Tanks?
  8. What problem, I don't have a problem... 🙂
  9. I have yet to find a proper t-80 3d printed model, that being said, I'm really looking forward to this. I have T-55s and T-72s, and 3 Zvezda T-72s as well. I was buying 'Murica and wanted to have a home Soviet force to use for practice/player intro. I did buy my Hinds...
  10. From the reddits this morning:
  11. T-55AMs fresh off the assembly line:
  12. One Mean Idi Amin! (Raid on Entebbe) And Puppet Masters too!
  13. It's the creative output that is most helpful, what ever your medium or method, I think? I was good and saved(this one's still entry level). I set an achievable goal, and then did it. Little life check-points. I imagine you know a thing or two about that. I love the idea of the Gaming Mobile HQ. Have games, will travel, away.
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