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  1. I finally have one! Also, I may have been the 2nd panel just a few months ago...
  2. Not quite a success, I scaled 2 of the walls wrong and broke another figuring that out, but... I drew it, cut it, and assembled it in about 2 hours. So that's kind of cool. Back to the drawing program... Lightburn in this case. 1/16th inch MDF cut on a 5 Watt diode laser.
  3. "three six O three O Five..." My brain kept trying to sing this...
  4. Much love to the WarHamsters! Great crafting content abounds from that direction too! You know what they say... "Drive north 'til you get past Chuckanut.. then keep going!"
  5. Thanks for putting this up, Jay! For the good of the order indeed. Now, if only someone I knew had dozens of tanks, infinity, spaceships(ABS), and even lingering 40K models that could really use paint... whoever that is, I hope they might also have a collection of various terrain for said games... Sounds like a really good way for such a person to get stuff done! I'll tell them when I see them! 🙂
  6. Follow me to the Lab... I just had to share that. I work in a dog friendly environment. But I haven't been there in 15 months. That means I have newer team members who've never met my dog! It's a quality of life enhancement. And not just my dog... 10-20 dogs in the building on a given day. Healthy, well behaved. Awesome. Stressed? There's a dog within about 30 feet, who: Has a ball/toy ready for you! Has owner approved treats ready for you to give! Couldn't be happier than the moment you showed up! Speaking of Labs, The best Guinness at work, ever... didn't have a drop of alcohol. I still think about him all the time, Ando! Also, here's Emmi, just trying to blend in with the old carpet at work:
  7. What's cool about this picture, is it captures 2 different phases of a potential painting process, it also shows two different levels of success printing the same slt 3d file on the same printer, with different settings, and quality/age of resin. Paint: Vallejo 70-894 Cam Olive Green, dry brush Iraqi Sand, darker model has a full wash of p3 armor wash, but I think most black washes will work. Probably overdone. Printer: Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Resin: Elegoo Grey Lighter tank was expired resin by 2 or 3 months. Likely printed in the garage with ambient temp below 72f. Probably my first try at ChituBox settings for this printer. Darker tank, fresh resin. Dialed in printer settings. Moved the printer to my hobby space, from my garage. Appropriate ventilation available. The quality difference is most noticeable on the reactive armor bricks on the turrets.
  8. Sh*t, it's probably a trap...
  9. Ok, same guy, West German, Winter. Not sure, probably still going for the summers. Still a nice result from a reasonable set of steps. How To Paint A Marder: Flames of War Painting Tutorial - YouTube
  10. Anyone else ever hope that putting an idea down in Ordo might help keep you on track, or at least someday remember your previous "good" ideas? Anyway... The West German Plan (or... "Wait, you mean Panzer doesn't mean "Panther"?") On the left, a youtube video. On the right, the TY HD patterns from the official site. More TY sample tanks... Get the TY WG Camo Patterns here: Team Yankee (team-yankee.com) YouTube video with an interesting take on how to do the brown and black in this camo pattern, starting at about the 90 second point, but the who video is worth your time. The thing that this video did different than others was the use of thinned paints for the black and browns... I'll adjust for some issues I think I see in the video, but I am working up a set of steps that I can reproduce in stages. This is what will eventually be my American + West German force. More soon? #FutureProgress (EDIT: Removed duplicate image, spelling)
  11. I've been building an American force for years as more of a hobby, than having the real gumption to go out and game. But I knew I'd eventually want an OpFor at home for skirmishes and intro games. So I started printing T-72s, then T-55AMs, then Gaskins... So anyways, it was time to figure out how I wanted to paint them. @Nick!'s beautiful work, and detail/decal work isn't something I think I have the time or energy to invest, or talent, for that matter. But I am looking for something that catches my eye on my table, and that I can reproduce fairly quickly. Base coat explorations: Started with a rattle can of Soviet Green from the TY line. This worked good, but i've got less than a half can left and I'm not finding anymore online, so I wanted something I can mix myself and can shoot through an airbrush. (too much)Vallejo Black armor wash applied, needed to be more selective rather than the full washdown: Then I started playing around with adding sepia ink to US Dark Olive, then gave a dry brush of heavy yellow brown: This one 'popped' off of the table in a way that I knew wouldn't be to realistic, but I thought it looked cool. The dark brown green of the color was really interesting, but didn't match any photos I could find. I discover Vallejo 70-894 Cam Olive Green and start playing around with that and highlights of Iraqi sand and Yellow Sand. So I'm getting close, but I think I need an armor wash before the highlight. Or maybe armor wash, clean up with base color drybrush, then lighter drybrush with the sand highlight. I'll probably go with Iraqi sand, as the Yellow sand is a little too electric. Having fun with this, and really thinking about what I will want to do with my Americans and West Germans in the long run... Thoughts?
  12. Edit: Adding an @andozane makes the rest of this make more sense! That dog free loads everywhere! She even goes to work and free loads there... once upon a time... and soon, again. Baloo's been gone almost 9 years to the day, but he still get's to freeload in my heart! Tell your cats I said Meow. I miss Guinness way more than I miss the pub...
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