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    Justjokin reacted to ROGRE for a blog entry, What in the name of OGRE is happening here?   
    The idea is that I will play a game of Steve Jackson's OGRE against whoever I can find (typically some poor soul who is taking pity on me). I will play the OGRE and the opponent will come up with a name of their fictional country that will try to stop me from crushing their base. Then I write an epic batrep about what happened. I couldn't get anyone to buy into my vision of making this a forum topic(I know, its a generally crappy idea) so I am relegated to pouring my guts out here. You have been warned.
    Don't say I didn't warn you.
    OGRE vs The Occult Brethren of IX. The Occult Brethren of IX, an empire founded on jazzy haircuts, sharp wit, and the prolific use of tank tops, steeled themselves in preparation for the oncoming assault. The Mark III OGRE, Bristling guns, grinding treads, and stunning good looks, powered forward in unwavering determination. The OGRE's hellbore canon delivered its payload of destruction several times before being silenced by the enemy's constant bombardment of mixed fire and foul language. In a heroic display of conservativism, the OGRE spared the opposing infantrymen the grim destruction of their bodies by it's masterful weaponry and instead played them the lullaby of eternal slumber by traversing across entire platoons with its massive tread units. When the smoke cleared that day, their armor obliterated, their command post destroyed, one lone infantry unit managed to escape to tell the tale woe. And on that day, the Occult Brethren of IX became the Occult Brethren of one.

    OGRE vs The People's Republic of Altdorf. The People's Republic of Altdorf thought they could stop the OGRE. They thought that swarming it with their tanks and G.E.V.’s would stop it. They thought that destroying its hellbore canon and long range missiles would stop it. They thought their superior numbers and well practiced tactics would stop it. They were wrong.

    Batrep #3 incoming... currently no others oppose the OGRE but if you are planning to attend Game Night at WOW on a Tuesday and want to take a shot at it while you're there, send me a PM and I'll bring it along. Games take about a half hour.

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    Justjokin got a reaction from Raindog for a blog entry, Keeping with the skirmishes... Infinity's Haqqislam   
    Infinity resources, as I find them useful. Let me know if you have any of your own!
    http://studiogiraldez.blogspot.com/2012/06/muyib-lanzamisiles.html - Studio Painter for Haqqislam.
    General Infinity Resources:
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