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  1. I played my first game of Malifaux 3E on Vassal last night and it was amazing. I highly recommend. If you know the rules of the game you are playing, vassal merely just takes time to learn how to move the icons and set information on them. Other than that its pretty basic bare bones stuff. If anyone is looking to play a game of M3E via Vassal LMK, I'd be down!
  2. If anyone is looking to get into a new system I'd be happy to show you the ropes of Malifaux 3rd edition. Its totally awesome. I have everything needed to show you how to play and host in my garage. Doors open, fans blowing, masks, and plenty of sanitizer. IT'd be safe. Anyway, thought I'd put this out there if anyone in Vancouver is looking to play. I guess Portlanders too if they want to drive a bit. πŸ˜›
  3. Boy, I really do miss the End Times and the golden age of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. We had such an amazing meta going and the best tournament every year at OFCC. Too little too late IMO. As much as I'd love to see my WoC and Skaven back on the table again, I just cant see this being successful enough to take us back to where we were. I despise GW anymore and find their products to be $ grabs. They cant produce a balanced game, its basically beer and pretzel time for the exorbitant price of $1000+ for entry. Great models, horrible games. πŸ™‚ YAY. You all should be playing Malifaux. πŸ˜‰
  4. Come check it out. M3E has brought and influx of players. We had 12 players last Tuesday and seem to be getting more traffic. I'd like to invite anyone who is interested in the game to come out and try it out. Word!
  5. Its incredibly simple to start playing. With experience the variation opens up a bit more. I have the Season 2 set with 8 characters. You dont need to get anything, you can just pick whichever character you want to play. There are skill levels but I believe any gamer could handle any character. I could see giving brand new gamers the simpler characters to start with, but nothing is too crazy complex. Its just 5 dice and different conditions. I'll be in touch about Sunday for sure.
  6. Anyone play this game, Its fantastic. Its like Yahtzee meets Street Fighter, I am hooked. LF players who'd like to play on weekends. LMK.
  7. You're a great player in general, you'll be fine. I do have a painted Barbaros and card if you'd be interested in running him over the weekend. He is a versatile Outcast Henchman now, really solid with Bishop and the Viks as they both have challenge and can soak the hell out of the opponents crew while the Viks kill stuff. Either way, thats another option for ya too. And yes, stick with what you know and with what is painted. I dont have paint requirements, but I think its savvy of players to stick with painted models at official events. πŸ™‚
  8. @VonVilkee are you going to Solo the Viks all tournament or do you have any other masters?
  9. The tournament should be over around 8pm (ish).
  10. Here are the S&S, I just posted on FB. Game #1 Deployment: Corner Strategy: Turf War 3. Harness the Ley Line 6. Hold Up Their Forces 7. Take Prisoner 9. Outflank 12. Claim Jump Game#2 Deployment: Flank Strategy: Plant Explosives 1.Detonate Charges 2. Breakthrough 5. Dig Their Graves 10. Assassinate 11. Deliver a Message Game#3 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Corrupted Idols 4. Search the Ruins 5. Dig Their Graves 8. Power Ritual 12. Claim Jump 13. Vendetta
  11. You can absolutely crash on my couch/cot for this tournament dude. Friday and Saturday night, I have zero qualms with that. Would be safer to driver home early Sunday AM rather than drive that far after 3 games of Faux... but its up to you. For the record, I have 2 cats and a dog if you happen to have allergies of any kind. Just FYI.
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AACUSxdWhyaHQYaD1cGf0nzga?dl=0 All of the released cards and rules (main/core rule book) are available in PDF form on Wyrds website too. Kinkos or Fedex stores can print stuff for you if you dont have a printer... SO really zero excuses not to be playing! πŸ™‚
  13. Yes. If you declare Pride as your leader he gets an extra action, a free effigy (as totem), and can hire models with the same keywords regardless of faction. Outcasts being declared means only those generic faction upgrades would be available. The game has ridiculous variety now that henchmen can lead crews, especially CR7... glad to hear that you’re back and playing. Is there much of a crowd up there playing? We make Bellevue and Tacoma tournaments from time to time.
  14. The 2E mat is fine and still serviceable. Really sad you arent playing Faux though. πŸ˜‰
  15. Fixxer


    Bishop is still Bishop. Still getting an extra action, still choosing a suit before he activates, Still has a stat 6 melee attack with a trigger on every suit. He is a 10ss enforcer with the Mercenary Keyword meaning he's a Vik's model. This doesnt mean he cant be taken Out of keyword for an additional stone. I've seen him taken in a Hamelin crew as a model that can operate outside the token mechanic of Hamelin and just go cause problems/threaten models. He's basically a solo operator that can kill stuff in melee. The only real downside is that he's Mv4 with an engagement range of 0" which can be a real problem. Basically you need to utilize Mv tricks to get him into position. Use his bonus action, Chain Gang, to get him out of combat in order to charge or into B2B with who he wants to attack so he's not wasting actual actions. Minus the ability to use stones, he's like another Vik out there it feels like. His other bonus action is Challenge which can help the Viks stay out of the enemy crews sights. That discard for the challenge is undervalued and has served me really well with my Titania crew... Autumn Knights can challenge too. Him and Barbaros are the Outcast cage fighters and offer some good muscle to the faction. you'll be paying more for Bishop and he's not a henchman... BUT with adaptive and his extra action, its a toss up based on the S&S. All in all a great model to be focused on.
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