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    I wish Steve!! I am going to be out of town this weekend. Hopefully next year we can set up an event at OFCC. 3E dropping so recently made it difficult this year. Are you still playing Lucius mainly? Hopefully you have a good OFCC playing T9A. Waaagh!!!
  2. Ash always does such a great job promoting games. This is a fantastic video with an overview of Malifaux 3e. A great watch for anyone looking to get into or BACK into the world of Malifaux. Check it out and hit me up if you'd like to set up a demo game.
  3. Hey Ordos. Just wanted to give y'all a heads up about Third Floor Wars. Craig Shipman has been doing an incredible job of creating content for Malifaux 3e. He's got master deep dives, tournament winner interviews, master class round tables, and other discussions pertaining to the hobby. This guy is a blast to listen to if you have any interest in playing this game. There arent too many master deep dives completed yet (so many masters) but the ones that are posted are as thorough and thought provoking as Ive ever heard. They really give you a good breakdown of not only how to play these masters/crews but also how to combat them. Good content for all really... Anyway, just thought I'd pass it along. https://thirdfloorwars.com/
  4. I'll be stopping by to say hello, for sure. Been way too long. 🙂
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    Pax's 3e Crew

    cool man, right on.
  6. Summoners do not pay extra soulstones for their summons. They are limited by upgrades and the actions to summon models being typically "once per turn" or requiring a resource like a scrap or corpse marker. There are inbuilt restrictions that make summoning a reasonable tactical approach without being OP as one would assume.
  7. Yes. You need a Faux Grid. Plain and simple.
  8. https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux
  9. Wyrd's forum does a great job of this. I simply relay to the ordo community where and when game days are to see if anyone wants to come out and play the game. Im not much for starting conversations in forums that obviously have little interest. The way I think to best start conversations is to get people playing. Then, they should start asking questions, sharing experiences, and showing off their crews if they happen to like the game. Gotta play it first though, I definitely let this group know when and where they can do this. I really cannot understand how you think the game is "simple". Its one of the most complex and deep games I've ever played in terms of skill determining victory. This game requires a level of understanding beyond the games rules... you have to understand people and their intentions, motivations, and strategies to be consistent. Its essentially a martial art of reading people... like poker. Hence the card mechanic and emotional/tactical deception built into the game via Schemes and how your construct crews for each scenario. Opinions are alright to have, but when you're wrong its gotta be addressed so that others dont get the wrong impression. I simply need to challenge you on your assertion. 🙂 No offense. I suggest you test this by playing someone who is newer to the game, like yourself, and then playing a veteran who understands the game and their crew on a deep level, there will be a drastic difference in your experience. This game is one that skill is gained through actually playing it, theoryfaux cant hold weight given the myriad of variables that will arise, you'll have to constantly improvise on top of your constructed tactical approach. If thats a simple task Im not living on earth. Again, not to say that other games dont have this, I just havent found a game that values and awards skill quite like Malifaux does.
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    Pax's 3e Crew

    Ok, good luck. 👍
  11. Fixxer

    Pax's 3e Crew

    Pax, Most Malifaux models will require a GOOGLE search of their name, in the Images section, you'll find the instructions. Works for me every time. Get some cement, a really sharp blade, and dont drink coffee... these pieces are small and finicky. 🙂 A true challenge for us hobbyists. When it comes to crews that +1 ss tax is going to add up. Plus certain synergies with the shieldbearers arent necessarily needed in a very tough Yan Lo crew. My main advice for new players is to find a keyword and fill it out the best they can. The inbuilt synergies in the keywords should not be ignored. I only see hiring +1ss out of keyword models as a direct response to a master or faction declared before the crews are built. Malifaux is tricky in that you dont build standard, all comers, crews. You are able to cherry pick before the game starts based on your opponents declared faction, master, and what the schemes/strategies/deployment are. These variables can change a masters crew drastically from game to game. Not to say that you shouldnt consider the OOK(out of keyword) models but during the initial "learning" of the game, I highly recommend you play a crew as intended by the design. Yan Lo is a crew of undying ancestors. They play by being tanky, killy, and they come back to life under certain circumstances. His crews tend to be more on the elite side and rely on draining your opponent of their actions by pressing them. Yan lo is actually very squishy to start the game and ramps up over time. you'll be looking to win with a "long game approach". With that, you'll be vulnerable to crews that can alpha strike you, so you'll need to deploy and maneuver in a way where you can support eachother. Definitely a very cool and very competitive master. Look into grabbing retainers and ancestors from both 10T and Ressers. As he is a dual master, he has a lot of options which gives him longevity in his play. He can hire out of faction as long as the models share a keyword. As for crew size, you get 50ss and do NOT pay for your master (leader) or your Totem. So in the case of your list above, the soul porter would also be 0ss. Also, the remaining SS left over from the 50 go into a Cache which can be used in game for bonuses. I would not leave home without at least 3ss... you can keep up to 10ss in reserve. The shieldbearers are cool models, but really dont have much play with Yan Lo, unfortunately... I highly recommend looking into Komainu, Yin the panangalan, and the effigy next. Welcome to Malifaux!
  12. A lot of us were in the closed Beta and many more jumped on the open beta too, we have a few very dedicated players around here. The game is that good... Anyway, Sam Ross came down from Tacoma and smashed some face with his Arcanists. He brought a Collette/Ironsides crew and a Raspy crew into the different games and was able to amass 3 victories. We had a few players drop last minute but still ended up with 7 present at the tournament. Supposed to have upwards of 12 but I think the fresh rules and unfamiliarity discouraged a sizable group of players. Give them a few weeks with rules in hands and I bet we'll have twice as many people at the next.
  13. Thats great news Pax, welcome to the fold. Well, we have a discord and definitely try to play at peoples houses often. Its a game that doesnt require a full 6'x4' so its a bit easier to manage. We have a decently sized group all around the PDX area so there is no lack of players, just here in the Ordo community for some weird reason. 😝
  14. This will be a 50ss 3rd edition tournament held at The Portland Game Store. We will kick things off at noon. Hope to see you there, even just to check things out. Its a new edition after all. 🙂 Game 1: Strategy: Plant Explosives Deployment: Standard 1. Detonate 2. Breakthrough 3. Harness the Ley Line 4. Search the Ruins 5. Dig Their Graves Game 2: Strategy: Reckoning Deployment: Flank 6. Hold up Their Forces 7. Take Prisoner 8. Power Ritual 9. Out Flank 10. Assassinate Game 3: Strategy: Turf War Deployment: Corner 1. Detonate charges 6. Hold Up Their Forces 11. Deliver a Message 12. Claim Jump 13. Vendetta
  15. ITs here. https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases
  16. Absolutely. The edition plays wonderfully on the table. I think its a massive improvement from M2E which was a game I absolutely fell in love with after the demise of WHFB. With that, the new edition really capitalizes on the good of 2E while omitting the bad/troublesome. I think we are going to see some returning and new players getting into the game here upon release as the new rules are very inviting to newer/returning players. Its not the quagmire that M2E turned into in terms of model bloat and power creep. I think we have gotten to a point where all masters/keywords can be viable if played correctly and into the right encounters. I hope to have a tournament planned for the first weekend of July and will confirm once the FLGS confirms availability.
  17. Its here. https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/4/29/wyrd-retailer-newsletter-launch-plans
  18. Hey Canadians and fellow Bellinghamsters. This weekend there will be a Malifaux 3E tournament at the MoX Boarding House in Bellevue. Registration starts at 11, Round 1 starts at noon. Hope to see you all there! Round 1 Flank Deployment Strat: Corrupted Idols Schemes: Detonate Charges, Hold Up Their Forces, Assassinate, Claim Jump, Vendetta Round 2 Wedge Deployment Strat: Plant Explosives Schemes: Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, Outflank, Deliver A Message Round 3 Standard Deployment Strat: Reckoning Schemes: Harness The Ley line, Search The Ruins, Power Ritual, Assassinate, Claim Jump
  19. Really wish I could make this... prior commitments... 😭. ‘Hopefully we see Canada come back to M3E strong. We’re getting our scene established down here and will need to clash sooner than later. Maybe Ofcc 2020.
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    ... is right around the corner. https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/144276-waldos-weekly-were-gonna-need-a-bigger-bookshelf/ I really couldn’t be happier with where the game is currently at. After putting a lot of effort into the masters I play throughout the opened and closed Betas Im really pleased with their playability and balance on the table. The design team has made the game more accessible and streamlined in a way that doesn’t sacrifice depth but is more organized for new players coming in. Crews aren’t as complex, the new keyword system has really limited the amount of study required before. It won’t take as long to understand how a crew is supposed to function and or what models work best with which master. With Keywords thematic models are designed to work together, share abilities, and support their narrative master. Schemes and Strategies are what make this game shine though. This part of the game is where experience and access will make the difference. Understanding that Malifaux isn’t all about killing is key to scoring VP consistently to win. A lot of the time tabling an opponent doesn’t mean they can’t still win the game. It happens. The game comes down to solid tactical planning at speed. Determine the strat, schemes, and deployment. Reveal factions/leaders. At this point you have enough information to build a crew for the scenario and opponents leader. Once the crews are hired and revealed, schemes are secretly chosen and only revealed upon scoring the first point. The amount of decisions and the limitations within a 54 deck of cards really creates a game where the player who wins typically made less mistakes or better decisions throughout. Games are won through timing, cunning, resource management, and a little bit of luck. Games between two evenly skilled players tend to always come down to a vp or two. Meaning they’re really close and engaging games that require your total attention for each activation. It’s an extremely fun and fully engaging. I highly recommend that anyone that’s sitting on old models get back in. The rules and cards will be free for download and all models are still represented in 3E! New playes, it’s an inexpensive entry and fewer models to paint and collect in order to start. Obviously investments tend to balloon if you’re having fun. There is plenty to collect for each faction and a crap ton of different models. I know @pretre has some crews and models up in his store, hit him up. All of those models are still viable. Im a local henchmen and play Tuesday’s at The Portland Game Store. Send me a PM if you’d like a demo. I have plenty of crews to demo with. Thanks.
  21. We moved to Dice Age on Fridays. Typically start around 3pm and go until we are done. Please come check out this fantastic game, 3rd edition is friggin awesome!!!!
  22. About time they released a real Skaven army, not that it would ever bring me back to the game. Its nice to see them producing stuff for their classic IP. Bravo! I am amused by the picture with the Globadier sculpt from the 90s. That model is over 20 years old... For a unit that seems so iconic Im baffled they're still rocking that sculpt. Wow. Are they ever going to make plastic globadier models or do we need more stormcast eternal variants? FML. 🤣
  23. Im definitely down to give you a demo of the game. Let me know when you're looking to play.
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