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  1. Any chance I could mooch the print and play? I want to test it out, but waffled too long and then forgot to back it. I don't mind waiting until next year for the physical copy, but I wanted to give it a test in the meantime.
  2. Are there any Dresden Files fans backing this game? It looks fun, I'm intrigued: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evilhat/the-dresden-files-cooperative-card-game
  3. Price is slashed on the base Armada box. Also some minor savings on the old X-wing core set, and the tie punisher.
  4. Sorry, to clarify - the suggestion on laminating foam core to the wood base, I'm just saying "cut out the slots all the way through that sheet with a razor blade, glue that down to the wood, flock the surface to taste".
  5. If you're set on using wood and I assume the slots you want are rounds, you need either a forstner bit or a hole bit for a drill. Preferably you'd use a drill press to plunge the bit into the wood and you could control depth while maintaining a perfect 90 degree angle. You can also use a hand drill with either, but you need to be careful about keeping it straight. Make sure the wood piece you're drilling is clamped securely, or your bit may snag and drag it. Forstner bits are much better, they create less tear away and cut more flush to the wood. They're more like router bits that cut vertically down. Hole bits are just used to drill...holes, but they basically just punch through whatever you're drilling through and aren't designed for a great deal of precision depth. Either comes in a variety of sizes. Alternatively if you don't want to acquire any specialized tools or bits, you could probably use a good dimensionally stable wood as a base (to prevent warping), and cut out your slots in a piece of foam core sheet, then laminate that on top. Once it's flocked, you probably wont be able to really tell it's foam core. If you're laminating a metal sheet in there, then you can't use wood glue to adhere it to wood (metal is non-porous); you would need some other type of epoxy. You could also just cut out circles from a metal sheet and glue them into your slots. This would be easier with a soft metal sheet you can cut with scissors with that degree of small precision like...maybe thin brass. Alternatively you could just countersink individual rare earth magnets into each slot, or even iron nail heads or tacks, but I would check that the hold is good enough for your purposes first. I would also consider weight. Even with just the display board, the pounds are going to add up fast with the wood, metal, etc. Plus the mountain of minis you'll be putting on it. Find some handles in the hardware section that you like and secure them to your board for easy handling.
  6. Yeah, I remove all chairs except a few or a bench in a clear location, so I can find unassigned workers more easily. I played around with traps, but found they were too hard to get raiders to prof them reliably. Also they keep bugging out and trigger as soon as I build them or repair them.
  7. If you take the power cores out of your PA frames then NPCs can't use them. That interesting about the synths, I haven't encountered that yet.
  8. This was discussed earlier, no true campaign, just some horde modes with bots. The game is a pretty fun immersive experience, but I feel like a lot of reviewers and players are giving it a lot of slack because it's a AAA Star Wars FPS that doesn't completely blow, and Disney is launching their 20+ hype train for the franchise next month. I got my smiles and nostalgia from the open beta, I don't think I'll jump in unless I see something really special. It sounds like there's plenty of support planned for the game, if you're willing to pay for DLC.
  9. If you take the local leader perk under Charisma, you can assign a settler from any of your settlements to create a supply line from point A to point B. Then, the connected settlements will allow you access to anything stored in those linked workshops. You can view your supply lines in the pipboy map once you have the perk, there should be a command option at the bottom of the screen to toggle off all other icons and just show the linked routes. As far as I can tell, there is no difference between which settler you assign from which settlement (directionality), just that the settlements have to be linked.
  10. Download the pipboy app and use the menu screen from your phone?
  11. So if there's no story single player campaign, I'm going to pass. Battlefield isn't really my thing, and the pew pew laser guns are fun for awhile, but ultimately I wish there were more options. I mean, there probably will be, this is only Beta. The game is real pretty though and I had a blast playing it this weekend. They also need to really balance that Hoth map, I hope they collected useful data to fix that thing.
  12. Looks good! As a bonus, it also helps keep out dust, and dusting miniatures is awful.
  13. There's a single player campaign? I thought the only offline solo option was going to be deathwatch with bots.
  14. Vinyl cut stencils might not work as well for the figures, but the 28mm vehicles would be great.
  15. Looks like it is, I just applied. Screen name is octopusprime
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