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  1. I'm looking for a couple more Skaven, preferably Plague Monks, or at least models that are not holding spears. Plus twelve 25mm round bases, slotta preffered, not slotta ok. And one 40mm terminator base. Will pay $ for items and for shipping. thx
  2. When no PCs are around... the monsters don’t just turn off. They must still eat. An ankheg goes hunting for kobolds...
  3. @kb10r awesome, thanks! Your supply may be my demand.
  4. Hoping someone has some leftover Skaven floating around your bitz box for me to buy. I'm looking for a 6 or 12 of these for a non-AOS project. The more varied the better...a couple of each: Clanrats, Plague Monks, Gutter Runners, Warcry skaven, Mantic brand 'Ratkin', kobolds that look like ratmen or even weird 3D rattish printed stuff. Metal or plastic doesn't matter. I do need as many 25mm round bases as figures, please. Have $$$, Bitcoin or tacos for you. 😀
  5. Reaper Black miniatures for Sigmar, DnD, Swampkin whatever, or no reason at all. Bargain bin paints up nicely with Strong Tone wash.
  6. As a tangent ... I’m wondering if GW models were more expensive compared to their competitive counterparts (i.e Ral Partha, Grenadier) in 1997? Or even scale historical models such as Tamiya?
  7. FirestormArmada.com has the beta now - released last week. I am a little confused why they changed so many aspects of the game, even the bases are now hexes.
  8. Some 28mm medieval/fantasy. From Frostgrave, Deus Vult and Wargames Atlantic
  9. Green Stuffed Commisar (see above) finished. Cape turned out better than planned. Chainmail jacket not as much but, hey. Commisar “Bloody” Bazinsky is feared even by his colleagues. He misses no opportunity to use his cane as a “motivator” and passes judgement with his Power Axe.
  10. I just love to imagine this, rattle can of spray paint, 'hold still there' on a crazy-a$$ marine frothing at the mouth, then pat him on the back and send him on his merry rageful way.
  11. Yessir! Here he be. He’s metal and well painted. I’d be looking for some bits to replace him and maybe make a plasma gunner and whatever else. Let’s work out a trade. You can see my modest bits box here.
  12. Thanks for your summaries and news, guys! I've been a casual, occasional player since 5th - so much so that I just found out today there's going to be a 9th. 🤣 There's always going ways to optimize your list based on the current rules/codex. That process excites some people, but I find that overwhelming and perhaps most relevant I'm not buying/converting to optimize. Either way is fine and it's personal choice. Some rules don't make sense in any game, and that is unavoidable, but 9th may be trying to mitigate some of that. If so, I think that's good. What's exhausted me
  13. Looking for plastic IG Armored Sentinels, up to 3, prefer unpainted/primed/NOS but painted ok. I could also maybe use an IG torso of any kind and a Plasma Gun and Plasma Pistol. For you I have $ but also you can raid my bitz box for other IG schtuff. Items of note: Catachan metal sniper Missile launcher Lots of vehicle weapons: flamers, stubber, multi-melta, Heavy-bolter Some neato dragon wings and tail (metal) Regimental standard/flag Some IG legs? Combi-melta Combi-flamer (shapeways) A bunch of 1/8" magnets We can ship or m
  14. Deals done. Thanks guys! I think I'm squared away for now, enjoy the models for the Emprah!
  15. Hey gang, quarantine has given me time to consider cleaning house on the massive amounts of Imperial Guard that I seldom if ever want to play... and perhaps my Space Wolves as well. I don't play 40k much anymore and when I do I have no need for this amount of Guardsmen! Just some history here, I bought the core of this army from Chappy in 2011. I played in 3 OFCC, the last time in 2015. During this time I expanded the army threefold. Ideally would like to: 1. sell local to keep "in the family" of OFCC and friends. I'm in no rush. I would prefer not to eBay. 2. sell most t
  16. Bringing Kill Team (IG) and hope to get a game in thanks
  17. Stoobert

    Ordo Game Night at WoW


    I'll be there around 6:30 with some IG kill team
  18. Bobo has two new friends, Dinky and Charles. Thank you give-a-penny-take-a-penny Ordo bitz box!
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