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  1. New to 40k with this group. Only played WFB and Infinity before with Ordo/WoW, so this league will motivate me to build and paint up my 40k forces and meet new people.
  2. Muskrat and I were just talking about how we need to find an escalation league that will motivate us to paint and play more. Question: for the doubles games, do the factions have to be allies or whatever? Or can it just be whatever each player brings?
  3. Sorry, that's a no-go from me. I'll be in Vegas celebrating Aaron's 40th!
  4. @Muskrat and I got a game in and it was pretty fun, his Dark Angels against my Necrons. We drew Meatgrinder (played without the reinforcements because we forgot). Setting up, deployment, and going over the rules took about a little over an hour. The game lasted through 4 turns and took about two hours. All in all, just under 4 hours. The gameplay took a little bit to get used to, but started going smoothly about round 2. It was a lot of looking at datasheet cards (or printed datasheets, as Dark Angels don't have their own cards for deathwing and ravenwing). Damage and morale went super smooth.
  5. Getting in a game of Apocalypse with Muskrat tomorrow morning at GG; my Necrons facing off against his Dark Angels, 144 PL which equates to just a little over 2k points in 40k. Will update you after.
  6. Is there something wrong with just having a GSC detachment and a IG detachment? Brood Brothers don't get Cult rules anyway.
  7. I bought it on release day and read the rules. It actually seems like a well thought out ruleset to me. It has taken the best elements from Kill Team and 40k, streamlined the rules, and balanced the units a little better, so that there aren't as many auto-shelf/auto-field units. In other words, it seems like units that you normally would leave home (because they just suck sooo bad) in a game of 40k you could bring in an apocalypse game and be useful, and in some cases really useful. The alternating activations of detachments seems like a good balance between UgoIgo and alternating units.
  8. Any feedback on Apocalypse? I've read quite a bit on dakka and various batreps, and for the most part people seem to shine a favorable light on the ruleset and the gameplay. I haven't gotten a game in yet, but was wondering what your experience has been. Thanks.
  9. Will there be enough room for reserve players? I’m officially a go.
  10. Anyone going to give Runewars Miniatures a try? Looks interesting. The rules are fairly simple, especially if you're already used to FFG's other games (SW:X-Wing and SW:Armada). I've been itching for something different, fantasy-wise, with rank-and-file units. 9th Age and KoW just isn't doing it for me these days. But I like the idea of the movement trays, established unit sizes (like KoW), unit upgrades (like X-Wing/Armada), and simple movement schemes and use of command dials (also like X-Wing/Armada). I didn't even consider Runewars until news of Latari Elves dropped. And the
  11. Is it possible to get 6 players together for a Star Wars: Armada - Corellian Conflict campaign?
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