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  1. Because both are tied to the same holiday.
  2. In my opinion, every edition so far has been an improvement. That has earned my trust and a willingness to wait and see.
  3. When everything is currently a multiple of five, it's really a 300-point system. Shifting to the card system allows them to tweak the values to make up more granularity. For example, separate numbers for assault/skill/remount as they do in Team Yankee rather than have everything tied into a single stat. You don't need a half-point cost if you can tweak the value of the unit to make it a round number value instead of just rounding.
  4. As usual, it works best for discussion if folks quote the rules they are referring to. As to deployment, units can either deploy via their special rules (if they have them) or via standard deployment (which may or may not include reserves). Establishing that point first clears up many special rule interactions.
  5. Not quite...it makes Sportsmanship not matter unless you also dominate two other categories. This is similar to the typical scoring, though there is nothing inherently wrong with staying with the typical. If you want to encourage fun games, you have prizes for the funnest opponents. If you want to encourage winning games, you have prizes for the top scorers. If you want to encourage presentation, you have prizes for the best looking forces. In short, you reward behaviors that you want to encourage.
  6. That's what the secondary code for the team is...set enough aside to even it out (half the difference in team sizes), then do the main pairings, then do the remainder blue-on-blue using the secondary code to prevent the usual opponents. For team win record, we only counted team-vs-team games. For individual win record, we counted all of them. I would recommend against doing full places...naming only the top of each team helps keep the focus on the team aspect, while still allowing for the highly competitive to have a shot at something.
  7. Whoever is using the name Northwest Invasion for this go-around is free to run it how they like. If I wanted to restrict the name/format, I wouldn't have recommended we use it for Flames a few years back. The design document for the original Northwest Invasion was based on a few basic principles. Have fun games. Play different opponents. Encourage a feeling of community. If part of the structure didn't work towards those things, it wasn't included. One core that remained unchanged for all iterations was the job of the Captain, which worked into all three principles. For execution, I
  8. For the earlier Invasions, I had the two captains get together to decide what would be the most enjoyable matchups. It minimized mismatching for lists/missions, and let players go for more fun list building. What y'all do...that's up to y'all.
  9. Facebook event updated, I corrected the timeline to add an additional hour to the first round and pushed everything else to the right.
  10. Talked to Jordan at OCC, the Facebook event is added to their page. Jordan will contact Bill for further details, I recommend at least a start time and tentative schedule be provided. https://www.facebook.com/events/101841723621332/
  11. While I can't compete with the awesomeness of the preceeding Link, here's another: http://topdownterrain.com/products/horizon-grid-mk-i Was this the new building you were referring to, Panic?
  12. Play for Oregon, so you are playing against new opponents.
  13. Message the OCC facebook page. They redirect messages from there.
  14. You might want to talk to Jordan at OCC and have him add it to the Events list on Facebook.
  15. How many are coming up from Portland/Vancouver? I'd like to make sure food options are covered...
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