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  1. Im after the gitz half if someone is splitting.
  2. Yeah its already been sold. Thanks for your interest.
  3. The total retail is given for trades. It says cash offer 🙂 The 2nd bit says not listed as primed. Its easier to tag them as primed as its mostly painted. Pictures will be sent via email to interested parties 🙂
  4. I have the following Astra Militarum: 95% of the models that aren't listed as primed are painted to a very high quality with basing done on all of them and even weather effects added to things like tank treads. I love this army, but I don't play enough 40k to justify having 3 armies on hand. 100x guardsmen with 10x coms and x 10 leader. $300 2x flamer, 7x grenade, 2x missile, 3x plasma, 1x melta $60 2x commisar prefectus primed $42 primed white Ccs built as 3 commanders primed $25 Creed $20 Regimental advisors $18 Nork deddog 8x ogryns with ripper gun $141 Heavy weapon teams 3x mortar, 8x las cannon, 8x auto cannons $200 3x valkryie $198 2x manticore $100 2x basilisk $100 2x chimera $74 3x leman russ magnetized primed white $150 Codex $40 Data cards $15 Total retail is: $1493 I'm looking for Skaven, Flesh Eater Courts, seraphon or a cash offer. I will not split.
  5. I will be in Seattle the weekend of the super bowl. So 2 weeks out. I can pick some stuff up.
  6. Would prefer to move it as a whole
  7. I have the following kharadron overlords: Admiral primed Khemist Navigator Start collecting Ironclad painted base snapped needs pinned Frigate assembled 2x gunhauler 2x endrinriggers 1x painted 1xnos 3x arknaught company 1x primed 2x thunderers Battle tome Warscroll cards Anything not specified is nos or nib. Total retail: $845 Looking for ironjaws, sylvaneth with alarielle or an archaon based chaos offer. Open to a few other armies too but they are lower priority
  8. Also looking to trade the necron half for ad mech.
  9. Dantex2 $40 Sanguinor $22 Jump Capt $20 Old lematres $20 Mephiston $20 New lemarties $20 Jump sang priest $30 Jump chaplain (high table, goes with squad above) $33 Astorath (excellent paint) $22 Term chaplain $21 Thammer capt (commission paint) $33 Term Libby (commission paint) $31 Libby staff book $30 Libby Dreadnaught $46 Brother Corbulo $19 DC Chaplain $33 DI Sergeant with Banner $8 DI Commander $12 Stormraven Missing back door $75 Drop Pod $37 Rhino $35 10x Sanguine Guard $66 5x Hellblasters $20 2x Space hulk complete terminator set (12 dudes) $120 2x Baal predator (can swap to normal predator or razorback) $116 10 assault/vanguard/dc (high table paint) $90 2x Death company dreadnought $92 5 termies with thunder hammer/ss $60 27x death company jump pack infantry $165 3x 10 man ba tactical team with flamer and heavy flamer $129 5x Scout Snipers $25 Furioso Dreadnaught $46 Regular Dreadnaught $46 19x Devastators (4x Missile, 5x Las, 6x Plasma, 4x chain sword) $178 Index: Imperium 1 $25 Total: $1785 Looking for Nids, Eldar or $1000 shipped.
  10. Looking for a baneblade nib or nos. Need go be able to assemble the variants.
  11. Looking for the di half can trade Khador, cygnar or $50.
  12. I have the following Circle: Casters Baldur the Stonecleaver-assembled unpainted 9.99 Baldur the Stonesoul-Painted 14.99 Bradigus thorle the Rune-painted 34.99 Cassius the Oathkeep & Tree-assembled unpainted 30.99 Kaya the moon & Laris-Kaya - primed black, Laris painted 24.99 Kromac the ravenous-unassembled 29.99 Krueger the Stormwrath-new in box 13.99 WarBeast Feral Warpwolf- painted 24.99 (I think his arm is a little goofy or backwards, may be fixable, reduced price) Gorax - unassembled 18.99 Gnarlhorn -painted 34.99 Pureblood warpwolf- painted 34.99 Warpwolf Stalker- painted 34.99 Unassembled Warpwolf-unassembled 34.99 wold guardian-painted 27.99 Wold Watcher-painted 14.99 Woldwyrd x2-one painted one not 19.98 woldwarden x2-one painted one primed black 55.98 Megalith- older model mostly there priced half off 29.995 Argus x2 -one painted one primed black 29.98 Extreme Warpwolf $50 Units Druid Overseer - assembeled primed 10.99 Druid Stoneward & woldstalkers- assembeled primed 24.99 Druids of Orboros - assembeled primed 34.99 Sentry Stone & mannikins-assembeled partially painted 16.99 Stone Keeperx2-one painted one not 19.98 Tharn Blood Pack- unassembled 54.99 shifting stones x4-two sets painted two sets not 47.96 Wolf rider (3) – painted 50 Solos Blackclad Wayfarer-painted, arm is not on 12.99 Druid Wilder- one painted one not 15.98 Gallows Grove x2-one painted one not 49.98 Lord of the Feast- unassembled12.99 12.99 Gargantuans Woldwrath- painted 129.99 Total retail $1056 Looking for $500 shipped. A Necron Offer Grymkin + cash Dark Eldar X $$$ 10x Wyches 6x Reavers 10x Helllions Druzar 2x Ravagers 1x Venom Voidraven Bomber and Cash.
  13. I have the following Khador looking for eldar, dark eldar or $200 shipped Sorscha 1Sorscha 2Zerkova 1KarchevDevastatorJuggernautMad DogTorchWinterguard Infantry & rocketeersBattle MechanicsAssault Kommandos min unit? 7 guysDoom ReaversMan of War Dragoon 2x Man HunterTotal Retail : $409
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