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  1. The date has been changed to the 27th. There is an Apocalypse game on the 20th. @Raindog Can you change the title of the post for me??
  2. Hey everyone, With OFCC right around the corner, we're going to be running a prep tournament on July 27th. Dice drop at 11am. I'll post more details after I confirm a few things with Joe. I just wanted to get the date out there.
  3. Speaking of drops, I was not informed that I had a previous engagement by my wife so I will not be able to attend. Sorry!
  4. Question about the coin missions, how will they be deployed on the table? Random? Middle line of the board?
  5. If there is an open spot, I’ll go
  6. Hey Everyone! We will be running a 300 point Limited Insertion Emerald City Insertion prep tournament this weekend. Oct 27th at 11am at Fate & Fury Games 11017 NE Burton Rd Vancouver, WA 98682 Missions: Unmasking, Supplies and Firefight$15 entry with a Season 9 tournament pack up for grabs (Season 10 boxes haven't arrived for us yet)
  7. Thanks! He's 7 months tomorrow. This is where my extra time goes now.
  8. Sorry, no can do. I'll have my grandson for the day. Have fun!
  9. One of my favorite MO fireteams is DeFersen, Hosp Knight Doc, Magister with missile launcher and two Magisters with AP CCW. You have two built in specialists, 10 wounds, 5 burst spitfire with the missile launcher for long range fights. Filling out the rest of the list with Order Sgt's, Engineer and probably a Peacemaker dronebot with spitfire and ODD so you can use a hacker to give it Marksmanship lvl 2 to ignore cover and have shock ammo. In suppression fire, it's -12 to be hit before range mods in cover.
  10. Hi Walker! Personally, and you will hear this a lot, go with the faction you like the look of. Then you get to know those rules and learn to play with them. With Onyx, it's ok to not have smoke. You have things like TO Camo and such to help you get around. I personally started with the Morat Aggression Force. Space monkeys for the win! They are a great starting army as they have the Morat rule which includes Veteran level 1 and religious troop. They ignore Retreat, Loss of Lieutenant. and isolation. This means they just keep pushing forward and remain regular in the face of ultimate doom. There are some troops in the MAF that do not have the Morat rule like Dr Worm, the doctor/engineer. He would still be subject to those negative effects. Vanilla is a good option if you want to try out many different flavors of CA. Speculo Killer and Charontid are some very effective killing machines. The Avatar is always fun to run and turn enemy troops into your mindless zombies. Onyx can be very versatile in the way they are used. They have a few fireteam options like Rodoks with a Umbra Samaritan or a team of Unidrons that your hacker can give Marksmanship level 2. That gives them shock ammo and they ignore cover mods when determining their FTF rolls and that gives them a great advantage. Haris teams with a Samaritan and two Xenodrons can be very scary and highly mobile. Also this sectorial has a large access to Plasma ammo weapons that can be deadly to most troops. I don't know very much about Shasvasti other than they are plant people-ish... LOL! Let me know if I can answer any other questions or be of help of any kind! George
  11. Sorry everyone. This one has been canceled. We’ll try again in May! Hi Everyone! We are back on track with monthly ITS tournaments at Fate & Fury. THE DATE HAS CHANGED TO APRIL 14th DUE TO MAGIC PRE-RELEASE BEING THE SAME WEEKEND! 300 points, no extras 2 lists from the same sectrorial or vanilla faction $15 buy in with raffled prizing Sign in at 11:30am Dice roll at Noon. Missions: Unmasking, Transmission Matrix, Looting and Sabotaging Let me know if you want in and I'll put you on the list.
  12. With the Nexus as part of the fireteam, if he spends the order, it would leave them open to a free shot if anything can see them. My first thought in having the Malignos as the hacker is 1. I can hide it until the last round, and 2, I can use it to isolate or immobilize units. Like I was saying yesterday after the game, I should have been more cautious with him. I should have revealed him and kept him back. I had him almost in your deployment zone trying to Rambo your Brigada's. It was poor play on my part. Hunting party is a unique mission in that you don't want to kill everything, you want to imm-1, imm-2, isolate or glue models. Just playing it yesterday against you gave me the experience that I need to play it better in the future.
  13. Thanks for running it Eric! I really appreciate having the opportunity to play and get to know my lists better before I head off to the Rumble. I was going over my lists and realized that since I'm running Unidrons, I have no choice but to have a hacker in the list so i'll have to keep him hidden until the last turn most likely and make better choices of how I'm going to keep him from being glued down.
  14. Just a couple of us are prepping for a tournament but feel free to come down and play. Our main purpose is to get used to our lists and the missions being played but we'll still be friendly people and don't mind helping others along!
  15. Hey Everyone! So we're having a tournament to help get the guys going to Rumble figure out they aren't going to win! Dice roll at 12 noon. Registration at 11:30am. Strict 2 hour rounds! If you don't finish your game, you're stuck with the score you have at the 2 hour mark. Be courteous to your opponent and the TO please! 300 points, 2 lists, No Spec Ops Missions are Power Pack (We're actually playing it this time Raindog!), Rescue and Hunting Party $15 buy in with raffled prizing You can see the event on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/events/401783040244942/ and the official sign up is here https://otm.corvusbelli.com/private/event/info/7246
  16. Just a reminder that this is happening this Saturday!
  17. I have you signed up as I'm using the same code as the last tournament we had since it didn't report last time
  18. Hey Everyone! We're going to kick off the new year with an ITS prep tournament for the Rumble that is coming up quickly in March! 300 points, 2 lists, no spec ops. Missions: Power Pack, Acquisition, Hunting Party $15 buy in Time: Noon until finished. Please sign up using the official Online Tournament Manager: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/q9cdpxas-undefined
  19. I see you're planning on running this on Sundays starting the 10th. What time will the league be? I'm actually thinking of coming down to play.
  20. Just a bump as this is happening this Saturday.
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