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  1. Before 7th ed the Vindicare was one of the most fear model. Myself thinks it was second only to a death company blender bot. Now those were scary and god for bid he had a chaplain around nxt to him. Back then he could target ANY model he wanted Medic gone, Sgt gone, oh the guy with the melt-gun gone.
  2. They really have toned them down. 6th on back they could one shot a landraider if they were lucky.
  3. I have always been a fan of Rifts has every setting.
  4. I like to take my 110s yo old raids and collect badges and armor so i can transmog. To custom looks.
  5. Sad part their already worth over a 1000 on their own. Can’t even think how much they would go for now.
  6. Portland players are kind of spoiled almost all our stores sell beer. Lol
  7. I have problems with sportsmanship score because most of the time it becomes the “Who I like best ” not the “ Who was the best sportsman “ score there’s a big difference between who is the most entertaining and charming, and someone being a good sportsman.
  8. Well question is “ Is it an ITC Event or not” If it is then your asking folks to dismiss their ranking playing sub-par list ,and some folks care about those. Which does not make them a-halls for caring about them. If it’s not then there is no excuse for players to go in hardcore cause it does not effect their rankings. So they can bring more laid back list. just my 2.5 cents (raised because of inflation)
  9. Hmm so the Betrayer betrayed. Some irony there I think.
  10. Ah gotcha. On a side note a lot of folks rag on the Spice Girls, but if they read up on them. They would fined mad respect for the girls. what they accomplished on their own was huge.
  11. Like Ginger spice said “ Your only as old as the last girl you felt “ real quote.
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