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  1. I just haven't found my 10th core. I can build my kiln and then break down for my foundry but I wanted one of each for a little more realism. As much realism as can be found when you need 10 mystical orbs to progress to the bronze age i guess.
  2. I am 1 surtling core away from my foundry then the fine wood bow will be mine. so far the trolls have not been considerate enough to smash any of the birch trees I have tried to lead them to.
  3. Oh, I'm plugging along in the dark forest well enough. But between the small inventory and the running away, it's slow process.
  4. Hello all its been a few years so I figured I would say hi and reintroduce myself. I'm Adam. I played 8th edition fantasy till almost the end. I have finished nursing school and wanted to start gaming with some more gusto again. I have been converting my brets over to kings of war and for the first time in forever I have been playing video games. I know that KOW doesn't have the biggest followers here but as things start opening up I would love to get some games in. Cheers all and glad to be back.
  5. I second this. I have been having a lot of fun this past week but am feeling the pinch playing solo. If there are others out there who would want to team up I'd be down.
  6. Yeah because it's not like Brets deserve a book on their own merit what with them being the oldest book and all.
  7. Besides we are still paying an extra 5 points for it. so that should help.
  8. Is the hall opening up tommorow or are we all watching the game.
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