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  1. I’m quite late to this party, but I got about halfway through getting my paint/hobby space organized and prepped to be able to work on stuff this past week. (I’ve been on a work trip since late March, so no hobby ing has happened.). Maybe I’ll remember to toss a pic in here after I get home today. (Able to go to work still 🤞)
  2. Man. If I get a chance to hunker down at home, i could sort through my backlog and decide what to get rid of... wait a minute...
  3. Just to chime in from an organizer’s side: Khan and I can take the blame for this announcement coming on the ‘late’ end. Jarred has had plans in the works, and was ready to make this announcement when we originally planned to launch tickets. Unfortunately , that date in mid March came right as Oregon and Washington starting having official restrictions on gatherings. We held back from having our cohesive launch for all events and tickets as we scrambled to communicate with the hotel, and amongst the senate, and figure out what type of plan seemed to make the most sense. As @DisruptiveConduct has stated elsewhere. We are currently planning to move forward, 100% planning to have OFCC as scheduled. We’ll know better in the next couple months if that’s still realistic. I’m sorry that this post came ahead of more general info on what events will be happening, but I trust y’all can understand why that had been the case. There’s lots of uncertainty on all fronts right now. if you’re concerned about the format and changes, about the viability of your team, etc, you are certainly welcome to voice that here. If you feel like you’re not being heard, or have concerns that you don’t want to share publicly, please pm khan or I, and we’ll make sure to address anything that needs to be addressed. I don’t think anyone should feel like they should not attend if they’re not 100% in compliance with the restrictions that have been outlined. The format is coming from a place of attempting to address concerns that have been felt in past years. If you specifically have a team that won’t fit in, reach out and ask for an exception to be made. If you are short on players, reach out to any of the senate, and we will look to find ways to fill spots, recruit players, or adjust matchups. This is all for fun. None of it is set in stone. If you have really strong opinions on what the state of the game is, how the event should be run, and what suits the attendees of of OFCC, the best way to express that is to apply to be a Head of Gaming for an event. (This is me putting my grumpy hat on and coming out on my porch). A tremendous amount of effort goes into all of this, and none of it is presented carelessly or without forethought. Ordo relies on people volunteering to run these events. Please be mindful in how you voice your concerns. We all want this to be successful and a fun time. Thanks for your support. Thanks for caring enough about this game and hobby that you have opinions to express. And thanks for your trust that we’ll make this an event that we can all enjoy.
  4. I could be convinced to split a box...
  5. The hardback Necromunda rulebook and Gangs of the underhive will get you all the basics needed with the 6 house gangs. book of peril, book of judgement and book of ruin add a bunch of stuff (as well as rules for venator (bounty hunter) gangs, enforcer gangs, and cult (genestealer, Helot and corpse grinder) gangs, respectively. the softcover underhive book has outdated rules, and a limited set for the Goliath and esher gangs. The softcover Dark Uprising book has a unique campaign, current rules, and rules for enforcer and corpse grinder gangs. the house of chains book has fairly full rules for just Goliath gangs, and technically replaces the Goliath section of gangs of the underhive. its a little all over, its true... both of the box sets have great models and options for terrain. They’re a good value, but definitely on the pricy end. ill also say, that while obviously not offically endorses by anyone on this forum, it is possible to find some digital versions in the seedier parts of the internet... good luck! Enjoy the underhive!
  6. Hey folks just wanted to throw some of my thoughts down after having some time with the house of chains book, as well as the new stimmer and forge born kit. it looks like the’ House of...’ series will play out similar to a codex for necromunda. Definitely some good and some bad, depending on your point of view. off the bat, the book is gorgeous. There are full color art plates, lots of new art and photos, and a ton of fluff - like 30 pages of the history of house Goliath. Super evocative stuff. There’s also a bunch of stealth rules tweaks that definitely speak towards what necromunda 2.0 looks like. The language around Group Activations, having multiple equipment load outs and using leaders and Champs to pass tests related to bottling are all turned into special rules for specific models. They’ve added a specialist champion type, and a new type of juve analogue (prospects). Juves have a different progression tree than prospects, as well as stats and equipment options. It does look like they want primarily champs and leaders to be the ones taking rare weapons from the trading post or black market, which could be a bummer for some folks’ model ranges, (looking at you, delaque ganger with a lascannon) but personally, I think it’s probably a good move for the health of the game. There’s still ways to field the more esoteric models, etc. They also help balance down special weapon use. Only specialist gangers (along with leaders and champs) can take items from the special weapon category, instead of the somewhat nebulous ‘only buy one at the start.’ Each gang gets one ganger upgraded to specialist upon recruitment as well. there is also a shift in how you can recruit models, juves, prospects and gangers all have the ‘gang fighter’ rule - this means they collectively have to make up 50% or more of your gang. This does allow for easier recruitment of additional champions. (I wonder if this helps nerf corpse grinders and enforcers who have a hard cap on the number of champs) House of chains has specific equipment lists for leaders, the two champ types and the two juve types, as well as gangers. This effectively gives you a little more access to rare equipment starting out, and seems like it’ll really make gangs differentiate once additional books are out. And the Gangs of the Underhive list is always available if a campaign wants to cut way back on specialty equipment. Slave ogryn Gang looks awesome. i mean, in game, they’ll be fairly terrible, and get pinned a lot, but.... ogryns There’s a new list of muscle skills that are Goliath only. they seem decently balanced, and pretty flavorful. the rules for gene smithing is something I know I’ve heard concerns about. Being able to custom tailor starting stat lines could be brutal in the wrong hands (hopefully necromunda has few enough of ‘that guy’, but still, don’t be that guy). Any of your fighters can be vat-born, Nat-born (+20 creds) or unborn (+10 creds), representing the different castes in Goliath society. Each of the three have slight starting stat tweaks, and unique lists of gene smithing upgrades, almost half of which actually decrease stats and the ganger’s cost. there definitely could be room for abuse by min-max ing, by they’re also really evocative. Theoretically since they’re all costed, you run the classic risk of toys vs boys, if you really go all out. ( I may add some more when I hit my lunch break )
  7. I’ll be there with some kill team, some warcry and some hobby projects. I think I’m working late tonight, so might not arrive until 5 or so.
  8. I have been woefully unreliable on providing weekly updates, but it seems that in general the consuming of meat products as opposed to emperor blessed corpse starch has led to the inevitable. Lethargy and general brain disease seem to have spread amongst the population, and their riot seems to have burned itself out. The observance of the high holy days is expected to continue uncontested, and normalcy should be returning to the hive. **** we definitely lost some steam and had plenty of schedule conflicts come up the last couple weeks, but it’s been a really great time. I’m not going to remove any rosters or anything, so gangs should feel free to get in the occasional pickup game. I'm considering that for the next go around (which @scottshoemaker may arbitrate) we may try and use 2 week cycles with scheduled opponents. It would expand the length of the campaign overall, but might allow for people to not feel so strained to get to game night in general. Let me know if you have opinions on this. im planning to take a backseat for a little while, and let the 40k escalation league pull focus, but don’t worry, the gangs will be lurking in the shadows
  9. This is the closing night for the official last week of the dark uprising campaign. I’m unfortunately double booked, and won’t be able to do more than maybe pop in and say hi. id love to keep the story of our gangs going though, catch more games and hear anyone’s feedback on how the campaign has gone! cheers -jeffeey
  10. This is the final week of the uprising campaign, although I’m happy to catch additional games in the future. I’ll be there around 4, looking to throw down with my genestealer cult
  11. Necromunda week 5 is this week. I will unfortunately not be able to be there, but I suspect there will be enough folks to make some games happen. Don’t forget to use the rules for starvation and festering injuries.
  12. @Hodor has been able to do some teaching games lately, and I think had his finger on the pulse of which 40k players might make it out on Sundays. Any suggestions H?
  13. I’ll be there before 4:00 with some Necromunda to see how the Uprising continues to pan out.
  14. super cool looking models! I’m excited to see what all is in the House of Chains book when it comes out. Glad it’ll have more than just special stuff for goliaths.
  15. Its the first week of the Damnation phase for the Necromunda campaign. I’m going to be there for games and to walk folks through the changes to income, injuries, etc.
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