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  1. I should be there around 3, to hopefully play some necromunda.
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/17/necromunda-who-really-winsfw-homepage-post-1/ and just in the nick of time, something we may want the arbitrator to institute in our upcoming campaign
  3. I'll be there, aiming to get my first blood bowl game of the season in early, and then jumping right into some necromunda!
  4. If you don't know, over at yaktribe.games/underhive there's a brilliant tool for building Gangs and tracking their campaign progress. I'm working on getting a campaign set up over here Reply in here with your gang's name and yaktribe forum handle, or shoot me a message over there, and I'll get you added.
  5. Hot takes by someone who 💕 Burk and bosco
  6. @Jay or @Threejacks, know anybody we can tap to make sure TamW can get his game in? im gonna aim to be there with some necromunda, Kill Team and warcry, but I may be running late due to podcast commitments.
  7. I’d be down for either of these, Scoty I could probably stand to do a test tv1000 game with my Slann before the season starts in a couple weeks, but @Inquisitor66 would probably give you a better time with 40k, since, you know, blood bowl... happy to fill you in on what our setup is around the clubhouse either way, I should be opening up at the club around 3:30 and staying all evening, and I’ll have some painting projects with me.
  8. Really, it’s just a question of are the Grey Knights using the DG or are the Death Guard using the GK. Is that cloud hanging over the battle field a psychic shroud, or the smog of corruption.
  9. Clearly, an inquisitor has gone rogue, and ordered the grey knights to support his suspicious allies. The threat posed by cult and tyranids is just too great and they must be stopped, even if it costs your very souls
  10. I’ll be there to talk about necromunda and maybe play some warcry
  11. Hey guys i just listened to the Lords and Heroes podcast’s most recent episode, breaking down the Meeting Engagement format, and it sounds super cool. if I were to look at running an event at the clubhouse on a Saturday, would folks be interested? 1000 pts, with 90 minute rounds. Either no cost or normal club dues ($5 or less). how many rounds would you be up for? Is 3 enough? would love to see some chatter, and tell me what you think. Probably looking for a weekend in September or October
  12. We’ll be wrapping this up tonight, but that’s by no means an end to the killing of your teams! thanks so much to everyone who took part this summer, I feel like this has been a huge success!! ill draw prizes after the final games tonight, and make the announcements of who has been the winners. I’ll also post up some stats and awards. Im definitely open to doing more leagues of Kill Team, in this or another format , running tournaments or Saturday narrative events, AND would be more than happy to help YOU get something off the ground if you’ve got a brilliant idea of something to do at the club or on the forum. id love any feedback you have, as well. Feel free to drop it in here or send me a PM.
  13. I’ll be there around 4, but will have to leave on the early end.
  14. https://www.goonhammer.com/necromunday-how-to-play-necromunda-we-promise-its-worth-it/ hey folks ran across this blog post and thought it makes a pretty good sum up of where necromunda is at. Hoping to get another league going around Ordo before too long, so maybe this will spark your interest 🙃
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