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  1. We're supplanting the official post game actions with a 'Campaign Cycle phase' at the end/start of each cycle. Full details still to come...
  2. Was hoping to come down and Necromunda, but I'm fending off a bit of a cold. Since no one wants to be in a room with a sniffler, I'll likely stay home 😞 Next Tuesday and Thursday, though - I'm gonna aim to tear up the underhive
  3. Planning to be there to work on or play Necromunda. Probably going to be at the club by 5.
  4. Flight got delayed, not back into portland until after 6, so I’m likely not making it down.
  5. Looks pretty correct to me. I have not set it up yet, but will do over the next week.
  6. Good catch. Yeah, Josiah has the right track - another way of thinking about it is you're recruiting a leader, and can make any decisions you would normally make, but you're not revealing their cost, stats, etc to the other gangs at large. Buy a leader, make them cost 200 credits with equipment '????', and include them, and your gang is a normal 1000 credit gang otherwise.
  7. For sure - scotty or I should be able to give you some games, if you don’t catch anyone else. ive also got tons of extra Necromunda models, (though not fully painted), so let me know where your interest lies and I’ll be happy to throw some together as a loaner for as long as needed.
  8. I’m flying back into town after an overnight work trip, so I may or may not make it in, depending on how much sleep I catch. if I can make it, I’d love to run some refresher games of Necromunda with anybody that’s interested.
  9. My guess is that you’d want 2 champions, to be able to play a couple games in a cycle, or if one of them ends up in recovery. Not sure how well that plays out in a high cost gang, though. Feel free to try out whatever you think is best, and if it seems like it’s not working, we’ll let you refund somebody and make changes. Generally, yes. Enforcers, Helot Cults, Corpse Grinder Cults, Genestealer Cults and Venator Gangs haven’t had the shift the House gangs have to add the Gang Hierarchy and Gang Fighter rules. Instead they typically have hard limits on the number of Champion type models they can field. For building a gang, follow the Gang Composition rules pertinent to your gang, excluding the requirement to have a leader - we’ll be adding them in another chapter. For fielding models according to the Gang Raid rules, whichever model in your ‘Book of …’ has (champion) listed in the parentheses, you will only be able to field one in a game.
  10. ***reserved for future posts***
  11. *****Cogitator Encryption Begins ***** ******Pict Capture Incoming**** **** Error: Continuity Malfunction **** ****Syntax Publication not Found **** What is a Gang Raid? Some time in the last year or two (or maybe 20, its been a pretty confusing bit of time) a pamphlet was included with a purchase of the White Dwarf titled Gang Raids. It outlines a model for 3-6 models per side, for missions that are 'below a gang leader's notice'. Crews are made up of 1 champion, and a selection of other gang members, sometimes custom and sometimes random. There are 4 different missions outlined in the book, all taking place on anywhere from 2 to 7 1'x1' tiles, with humble challenges and humble rewards... usually. There are a handful of missions in the other books, that utilize a similar crew size, and would seem to be easily adaptable to this style of mission. There is a copy in the library at the clubhouse, and if you’re familiar with the seedier parts of the internet Underhive, dataslates can be found for digital reference. However, the basics rules are easy to outline Why to Gang Raid? So we've made references, for the upcoming campaign, to using the rules from the Gang Raids pamphlet. Why would we do this? One of the big bits of feedback after running a handful of successful campaigns, is that for a skirmish game, Necromunda games are often really lengthy, due to the complexity and potential number of models each turn. Occasionally, games are hyper fast, when someone bottles early or gets ambushed in a bad way, or gets a lucky draw on objectives. Trying to get more than one game in during a night is a risky proposition, when you're not sure if it'll take 30 minutes or 3 hours. Being the odd one out, and waiting for an opponent to free up is also a bit of a bummer, with that range of potential downtimes. The smaller size, both in space and number of models, should allow for quicker and more consistent playtimes, as well as eliminating the sometimes lengthy setup times for a full table. Fewer models will also let us get a tighter focus on the rules, for both novice and veteran players, as the complexity can be overwhelming, particularly for an extended period of time. How to Gang Raid? Feel free to give me feedback, as we start moving forward, and we can certainly make adjustments. Part of this is being baked into how we’ve presented the campaign. My recommendation when you build your gang is to include 2 champion models - this is a legacy limit, from the early 2017 rules, but is no longer a stringent requirement for House gangs, where you can theoretically field any number of champions, as long as you have the requisite number of other gang fighters. The campaign limit of 2 games per cycle would allow for each Champion to lead one ‘raid’. Mission selection has also been somewhat troublesome, as there are many, with a variety of rewards. A deck of cards, the Open Hive War cards was released for a short time, and has been duplicated via the website: https://openhivewar.com/ . I’d like for us to try using these cards, and if adjustments need to be made to the rewards, that can be an option. In order to keep these in the spirit of a Gang Raid, instead a crew size of custom (8) or custom (12), we will use custom (4) or custom (6) respectively, with only one champion included in the selection. Peril Cards will be used, but not in every game. Loot cards are claimable, but please alert the Arbitrator if rewards seem particularly high. We will be using the following tables for mission selection. (Note these have been created by your Arbitrator, and wheedling, cajolery or bribes could be effective means of getting them modified.) Roll a D6, 1-3 Use the Open War Cards but do not use a Peril card. 4-5 Use the Open War Cards and do use a Peril card. 6 Roll again on the following table for a mission from one of the books: D6 table for Gang Raids missions Shootout (Necromunda Rulebook pg 166) Bar brawl (GR) Daylight robbery (GR) Clandestine Rendezvous (GR) Propaganda (Book of Ruin pg 64) Mercator Storehouse Heist (GR) Your arbitrator will also have physical mission briefs available at Game Nights. Gang Raid Rules Players may not include a Leader as part of their crew. When using Random Crew selection, do not include their fighter cards in the fighter deck Players may only include one champion as part of their crew. For Random Crew Selection, players may choose a Champion card which is shuffled into their fighter deck. Players may not include any Hangers-on, Brutes or Hired Guns as part of their crew. Territories or Rackets are not staked over Gang Raid Missions When Deploying, the Infiltrate skill may not be used - deploy any fighters with that skill as normal. Bottle Checks use a d3 instead of a d6.
  12. definitely post your interest there. There isn't a formal 'sign-up' necessarily, we'll just aim to show up and play, and stay connected by reporting matches. I'll work on getting yaktribe organized, so check out their gang builder if you haven't already - its a really great tool.
  13. Greetings Ordo We'll be holding a Senate Meeting this weekend, and as always, any club members are welcome to attend. Main order of business will be holding Senate and Officer elections for the upcoming year. We have been holding the majority of our meetings over the last year via Zoom or other teleconferencing, but we are going to attempt to hold an outdoor, socially distanced, in-person meeting for this one. @ninefinger has offered his backyard in the Parkrose neighborhood as a venue, and we will attempt to also broadcast via a zoom meeting. To avoid bots that scrape forums for data, i'm going to avoid publicly posting my address or the zoom link, but if you're interested in either - send me or any of our current senators a private message and we'll gladly get you that information. for the good of the order -jeffrey
  14. jay, will you craft me a Make Tuesdays 'Munda Again hat?
  15. your call. I've got all the books and can bring them around for perusing. I'm sure we can find a way to get you any relevant info you need.
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