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  1. Cool. I’d still love to give it a try
  2. I should be there around 4 to open up with Kill Team and hobby projects.
  3. I should be there by 4 (have to grab a couple things between work and the club), and occasionally @Blustorm or I are able to open by 3:30-ish ill have some kill team with me, and be updating the campaign
  4. I’ll be there for Tuesday, with the prize pack for June. I think I’ll be drawing or rolling for 3 people, and be PMing our winners shortly. Im also hoping to have some AM and/or Orks to throw down with for Kill Team
  5. i''ll be there shortly with some Kill Team!!
  6. Only two more game nights to stake a claim on Psi Delta-X and be in the running for June's prize draw!! So either come on out, or shoot me your match reports if you’re playing elsewhere ill be there with Kill teams to spare
  7. Only three more nights to stake a claim on Psi Delta-X and be in the running for June's prize draw!! ill be there with Kill teams to spare.
  8. I’ll be there for Kill Team. Ive got some freshly base painted death guard and thousand sons that I need to build lists for. Wouldn’t mind trying out my scions or deathwatch some more as well.
  9. Thanks to everyone who braved the heat last night! It was great seeing such a full clubhouse during the summer!! hope to see y’all next week.
  10. Hawt!! Sorry I didnt make contact sooner! My weekend had been tied up this week, but let me know what you can do next one?! I can probably be a little more flexible then.
  11. I should be there by 4 at the latest. Looking forward to some games of kill team, happy to try and get in a quick game before the rewind game starts. I should also have a new fridge with me!!
  12. It’s pretty quick to pick up, honestly. Shouldn’t be a problem. If youre able to make it on a game night night Tuesday or Sunday, I’m sure we could get a demo game in, as well.
  13. Yep! You’re right on track. I will be at most all of the game nights at wow, in the near future, so I’ll be able to double check and walk folks through. If if anyone is interested in counting their games while playing elsewhere, just shoot me a pm with the basics, and I’ll ask questions to fill in any gaps, and make sure you eat everything you qualify for. One teensy note on your above examples - on troop choices you can only count each type once in a night, so winning all your games would only net you 1 troop, while a win and a loss gets you two. If you won last week and are adding to that score sheet, you can count a win this week as an additional troops choice. Hopefully this is an incentive to try different lists, or play unbalanced narrative missions, etc, rather than just plan on beating face each time you play.
  14. I’m gonna double post, because also: Here’s the campaign board in all its glory at WoW
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