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  1. Got you added. That is, strangely enough, how the system seems to work... I send an invite, and your response is to request an invite, and then I can accept it...🤷‍♀️
  2. (I did send you both an in invite, assuming @Painglove that you are the Steve with Precinct 13 built to 1250 credits. If not, let me know what you’re registered as and I’ll try and track you down. ill also have my laptop on hand at the club, so I can both edit gangs and show folks where the features are tonight)
  3. We’ll see you tonight. I do have a fair selection of gangs you’d be welcome to borrow, so I’ll chat you up during your blood bowl game.
  4. Working on answers for ya Tom. One sec. Steve, doors open around 3:30 or 4, depending on who with keys gets off work first. Yaktribe has gone a little bit screwy with some of their latest iterations. There should be a link at the top of one of these pinned posts, but the system seems to be that either I have to invite you to the guild, or you have to request it. Then I can add you to a roster and add your gang to the campaign page. It was a ton simpler a year ago, but there ya have it. I’ll try and add both of you, but the accept window is also tricky to track down. Once you’re added, I can also add credits, do, etc Tom, you should be able to hit the edit button at the bottom of the gang portion, and add your credits there, to allow for buying more guys, etc. if you click on a gangers card, there should be an ‘add xp’ button, but you can also edit it through the ‘function’ dealy.
  5. Final results are in, and Chaos will be in ascendency for week 2. Trading Post access will be fairly restricted, d3 items are available to each player, with normal rules for Post Battle Actions (which I’ll attempt to have laid out in a decent sheet this week). Scenarios will be random, rolled on either the Book of Judgement Table or on the Dark Uprising Table. (Which I do have some playsheets for). if you didn’t roll your week 2 income after your game last week, plan to roll it before your game, and make purchases as you like.
  6. I’ll be there around 3:30 to get set up for Necromunda. note for the players, if you didn’t seen it in the week 1 thread, Chaos is in Ascendancy this week.
  7. It does look like they are on their way in a gang box in the next couple weeks, for what it’s worth.
  8. Definitely feel free to add 250 in credits, and i'll come up with a plan to add some xp. I'm thinking a d3 for each member of the squad. For the most part, folks have only gotten one full game in, so you shouldnt be too far behind, to begin with. Some of us that got a little slaughtered (cough myself) you may even be ahead of.
  9. Planning to be there for some necromunda!!
  10. Terror has gripped Deathcap Junction as violence has once again broken out and feuding gangs have been terrorizing neighborhoods. Reports of citizens being slaughtered in the street, led some heroic squads to take up arms. Reports conflict however, as the myriad of locals lead to ‘safety’ have not yet returned to their homes. Possibly folks have simply fled for less dangerous environs. Local enforcers has issued warnings, urging citizens to only accompany gangers if they are able to recite the litany of the emperor’s wrath, as heretical ne’re-do-wells would be struck down if they attempt it. *************** great first night, everyone. Chaos and order are sitting at 2 and 2, so it’ll be up to the matches on Sunday to determine which side is ascendant for week two. if you’re not going to play games on Sunday, feel free to request that I roll for your income, or plan to do it and on Tuesday, so you can make your purchases before the next round begins. I don’t have a trading post list at the moment, but will try to get it together soon. feel free to post highlights of your game in this thread to earn Arbitrator Brownie Points(tm)
  11. Near the Delta-Chi-73 Drainage, in the region of the underhive known as Deathcap Junction, a small shrine, The Scrivener’s Repose sits in near obscurity. A nearby lift connects into one of the adminstratum sectors of the hive proper. People come and go, many with the sickly palor common to those who work long shifts indoors, monitoring cogitatiors, securing records, and filling out the myriad of tracking forms required to ensure a proper function in the busy hive. Illumination from inside the chapel shines though the plasglas windows, in a multicolored arrangement, giving passersby an eerie violet, blue and green cast, each in turn. Unbeknownst to the local enforcers, a family that calls themselves The Syndicate in Triplicate uses the Scrivener’s Repose for their center of operations. The Syndicate in Triplicate does little in the way of ‘illegal’ operations, seeming to find the necessary authorizations for all kinds of otherwise nefarious actions. Local gang actions always seem to be able to find warrants of execution, signed and stamped by one or another of the many authorities, when they are carried out by the syndicate’s muscle bound thugs. Shipments of rarely seek goods come and go in the area, but always with the appropriate paperwork, if they were to ever be searched. The industrial mining tools, toted by the gang’s heavies, have transportation documents and aren’t due back at the job sites until, would you believe it, tomorrow. Their Leader, known affectionately as the Godspeaker, presides over services and slaughter alike, but his administratum contacts make sure that none of the syndicate’s actions ever end up on the radar of the local enforcers. The ‘donations’ to the local precinct and ability to send armed support to the raids made by the underfunded Enforcers couldn’t possibly be the thing that keeps them on the right side of the law. As the rumors of cannibals, guild wars, and industrial accidents continue to swirl around Deathcap Junction, the members of The Syndicate in Triplicate stand ready, with paperwork in all three of their hands. An offer from the Godspeaker is typically one that you can’t refuse. If the weight of paperwork doesn’t prove that you’ve accepted and the weight of his religious arguments doesn’t sway you, there is still the weighty gaze from the Godspeaker’s eyes that forces agreement from those that would oppose him. Pay no attention to that nosebleed. The agreement was surely made of your own free will. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/the_syndicate_in_triplicate.91175/ Narrative Missions The Godspeaker and his thugs have plans within plans, and will stop at nothing to achieve them. They can always doctor the paperwork afterwards and make sure they were on the right side of the law. While opposing cultists and gangers that would break the peace at every turn, they still have a mission of their own to achieve. Possibilities - Law abiding, Order aligned, and obviously Xenos for their minor influence. Save the Hive Infiltrate or supplant the local enforcers and other officials. ‘Scape the Hive Transporting a holy relic out of the area. Definitely not a pure strain genestealer in a stasis pod. It’s a holy relic. It says so on all three of these forms. Slay the Hive Demolish the nearby foundations of the local uphive Imperial Shrine. Doing away with the priest and his congregation would allow for the Godspeaker to get that official promotion he’s been after.
  12. Oof. Yeah, yaktribe hasn’t been updated to adjust for these new territories yet. Probably just have to do the math is the easiest, unfortunately. You could use the custom equipment menu, to build identical items to the house list with their Cost adjusted, but that’s quite a bit of work... (you could also just plan to ruin that territory as soon as possible? 🤣)
  13. it is a little tricky/finicky. Editing after the fact is pretty common, but it does mean you should try and jot down how many credits you had beforehand, etc and make sure it all balances out. Free equipment still increases the ‘cost’ of a ganger and increases your gang rating, it just doesn’t require credits. The plus sign is to ‘add’ an item, for free. The dollar sign is to purchase an item with credits. The dollar bill is to sell an item, returning the full credits back, (note that if you sell things in game, you actually do so for a reduced value) the toolbox will send an item to the stash, and the trash can will remove items, without giving you any credits. my best advice is try and avoid cheating, And just set your credits where they need to be after your purchases. I still click the wrong buttons when buying equipment, as well.
  14. Thank you @Raindog for acting on behalf of the Deathcap Junction Weekly, as on the scene scribe and pictographer! And thank you everyone who took part! The day felt super successful and I'm looking forward to the campaign! As a reminder, let me know what territories your gang has, either here, in a pm or in your fluffy gang description post, and I'll get them recorded!
  15. I should be there around 4, and will aim to set up and/or play some Necromunda!!
  16. Hey Steve! Welcome! absolutley, there’s still time to join. Any faction you’d like to play is great! We’ve got folks on both our Sunday game nights (roughly 3-7) and Tuesday (4-9ish), and a few that can do both. Pop on in anytime that suits and I’ll get you squared away, and into a game! -jeffrey
  17. Here’s my plan for a schedule tomorrow: 1:00 - 1:30: Registration and Setup 1:30-2:30 - Pitfight Scenario 2:30-3:00 - Last call for Teriyaki; Tactics and Territory Drawing 3:00-4:00 - Rumble in the Fungal Scenario 4:00-4:30 - Challenge Priority Drawing Weeks 1-3 4:30-5:30 - First Open Play Game (Short Scenarios) 5:30-End - Extra Open Play Games (Short Scenarios - Optional) No worries if you need to leave early, or arrive late - just let me know and I’ll make adjustments as needed. if you’re unable to attend, I’ll be Pming you with your card draws and a quick explanation of what they mean. Hope you’re ready to rumble
  18. Unpainted is totally fine. My gang is likely to be in a similar state. But we’ll probably work in some bonuses/incentives for either completed gangs or visible progress from week to week.
  19. It doesn’t allow me to reinvite people, unfortunately try poking around in the guild interface and see if you can send a request. they did away with the past forum structure where I could browse individual gangs, so this guild thing is kind of like a friends structure, and the only way to add gangs into the campaign...
  20. I’ve sent you an invite in yaktribe to the Ordo Fanaticus guild. The UI is not intuitive, but if you’re able to accept, I’ll get them added into the campaign tracking
  21. I should be there around 4 and plan to be pushing the ‘munda
  22. Yeah, one of the awkward parts of yaktribe is the ability to either add or buy items, and to either sell or delete items generally the gang rating at the beginning is an accurate marker of the credits you’ve spent. anyone can go in and hit edit on their gang, and adjust the credits to more or less, etc. if the rating plus your credits is 1000 you’re good to go. If you’re short, just add credits. I definitely just rebuilt gangs the first couple of times I played with it. also, it’s super easy for me to add folks gangs into the campaign, but harder to connect to players- if I added a gang that was just a tester for you, I’ll add the appropriate one when we start.
  23. looking good. It shouldn't really change anything on your end, but makes it easier for me to find everybody.
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