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  1. Division 2 - Game #1 for the Rats - managed a crazy tie against the nurgle beat sticks who managed to KO 5 players in a row, injure 3, and cause the rats to start the second half with only 6 players on the pitch and then to quickly lose one more on the opening drive. Although the rats were unable to score on their own kick-off receiver because of the consistent ko's and some poorly failed re-rolled dodge rolls, the rats were able to stop the nurgle beat sticks from scoring in their own half with just 4 players (and almost scored with 3) through the judicious use of hail mary plays, passes, an
  2. I've got work meetings tomorrow, but Saturday night should work for me after 7 or 8.
  3. Rhuell, coming in hot with not the undead this time. Team: Warplock Ravagers Race: Skaven BB Name: Rhuell
  4. I’m in, but it won’t be with the same undead team. I’ll get something together.
  5. yeah, I can do tonight - aim for 7 ish?
  6. @Keith Amberg are you ready to beat up the already heavily beat up undead? I can generally play most nights after 7/7:30m pm
  7. Yeah I know, it's been a rough run the last week. I just sent you a message. Today (Friday) and Saturday work for me for later afternoon
  8. this weekend looks pretty good so far - I have some work meetings tomorrow that might cause me to do some extra hours over the weekend, but should be able to find time regardless. evening works better, but might be able to do late afternoon. i'll check in on friday
  9. @Bosco I can probably get on closer to 7 or so, so its not as late of a game, if that works
  10. I can definitely make Sunday work. Same time 8?
  11. Hey @Bosco, sorry to do this day of after I already said okay earlier. Kid is sick and it’s going to be a long time putting them down. Let me know the rest of your availability and I’ll make sure to make myself available.
  12. Yeah, that should work for me. Looking forward to getting the undead's lack of butts kicked again.
  13. I’m good most nights after 7:30. Not tonight, obviously. Can maybe get a daytime game in depending on the day
  14. Yeah that should work for me, give or take a few minutes depending on getting the kids down.
  15. Let’s shoot for Sunday evening. Work today has been nuts today and I’m expecting calls into the evening. Sunday I’m definitely free.
  16. @Zorcon when do you want to add to the ongoing death and destruction of the undead? I'm generally free most nights after 7:30/8:00 pm and can occasionally do a random lunch time around noon or so except for Mondays. Weekend evenings work as well.
  17. Division 2 - Game 3 The undead continue to evaporate before their opponents sustaining a number of injuries and deaths. What started the league with 4 ghouls has now dropped to a single ghoul do to deaths and injuries. The mummies, who never want to be on the pitch at the same time, managed to put aside their differences for a whole four turns before succumbing to knockouts. Meanwhile, the nurgle warriors and zombies continued their onslaught of running through things. Beware other coaches, as @SigurdBC got about 20 spp last games spread throughout his already indominable
  18. I can probably do a lunch time game around noon either Thursday or Friday.
  19. For Division 2 - the mighty undead ran into the wall of chaos iron and spiked themselves upon it. a solid thrashing thanks to a few helpful kick off results @dylanator warriors punched and smashed there way to a 1-0 victory causing chaos along the way. And with a perfect 100% for 10 out of 10 injury rolls against the undead even more body parts are falling off the poor lads who can't seem to keep more than 1 mummy on the pitch at any give time. watch out fellow coaches, for the beastmen's might has grown considerably after sharpening their horns on bone
  20. @dylanator, hey man, what does your next week look like for a game? I'm relatively open most nights after 7:30 pm.
  21. to be fair, they were already dead - you just made them extra dead. pretty sure the chain saw and fanatic ball bashed and cut them to pulp that game was a blast - gobbos are pretty nuts. i just sat back and thought each turn what can i do to keep the game from a massacre Game #1 down - the undead win 1-0 against the gobbos with the help of the crowd, but the undead suffer severe casualties and are looking for replacement players for the next game
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