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  1. All socks should have a hole in them, otherwise you couldn't get them on your feet.
  2. Have open spots for JBLM housing maintenance if anyone knows someone looking. Even just a kid with a good drivers license looking for summer work. 40hrs, steady. Spots for all skill levels, hit me up. Thanks!
  3. Haven't bought the box yet. Didn't want to be stuck with the Elves. Still interested?
  4. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/29/looncurse-unboxedgw-homepage-post- Gits vs Tree Aelfs, I'm not interested in the books or anything else. Just them sweet, homicidal gerblins.
  5. Wondering if anyone would be up for splitting a Looncurse box or two when they're out. I'm interested in the Gits side of things. Anyone out there looking for the other side?
  6. squIG tank company Rough list, 2k everything is a Grot on a Squig, a Grots on a Big Squig or Grots on a hooge Squig. Tank commander, Russ with Punisher and Lascannon. Tank commander, Russ with Punisher and Lascannon. Russ with Punisher and heavy bolter Russ with Punisher and heavy bolter Russ with Punisher and heavy bolter Hellhound with heavy flamer Hellhound with heavy flamer Hellhound with heavy flamer Stormtrooper x10 with hotshots Stormtrooper x10 with hotshots Stormtrooper x10 with hotshots Baneblade with Volcano Cannon All Grots and Squigs;)
  7. Not a sparky. Hit me with a PM and we can discuss your options though.
  8. Oooh, black gun casing would be sharp and tie them into the Deathwatch if you want to soup em up...
  9. A dry brush of white over the armor will clean up the wash marks nicely. Perhaps a dark blue for the gun and bring that accent into a couple other places to tie them all together, like the Aquilla on the helmet. Really dig the scheme so far!
  10. 1) DeffWotch = awesome We briefly discussed it in PMs, think I forgot to post pics, sorry about that B) OFCC is great not because it tells you how to have fun, it's great because it tells you "Hey, we all plan on going and having fun this way. If that sounds fun to you please join!" 1 the third) Damn the WDL, it's all about them sweet pins. Looking forward to seeing you there, hit me up and I'll buy you a beer.
  11. No, back to the attitude stuff. It's important. That's the key, the key I think you're missing. Not once in any post about OFCC have you mentioned a model looking cool, or being fun to play against. You've mentioned comparing power levels, you've mentioned generalship and list making. These are all great things to think about but they're not what OFCC is here for. It's a different beast. It's focused on the other side of the table. Is this fun to play against in a casual setting? Is this a cool model you don't offten see because it's not super optimised? I'm not calling you out and I don't want you to feel singled out. I'm just re-stating what this whole shebang is for. It's for fun, it's for inclusion. Are the choices you're making increasing that inclusion or decreasing it?
  12. The twins are actually pretty easy to tell apart once you get to know them a bit. Ed's a hell of a nice guy, fun to have a beer and game with, has a beautiful army. Greg is fun to have a beer and game with, is a hell of a nice guy and has a beautiful army. The easiest way is to remember: Greg has more "G's" in his name and Ed doesn't have any. Jokes aside...solid dudes , 5/5 would OFCC again with them in a heartbeat.
  13. Looks ace! I've always loved jade green accents for space elves.
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