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  1. Trying round 3 on making Thunder warriors. So far looking pretty good. Stormcast legs, marine torso with a large spacer between front and back halves for that barrel-chested look. Have a bit more "abs region" on both the legs and torso left on to give a bit more height and really sell the upsized chest. Problem is arms. Stormcast and Marine arms are too small, Ogryn are way too big. Catachans are about perfect sculptwise, but still too small. Nobs are my next try but they'll take a bit of work to de-Ork and these guys already have a ton of sculpting and modeling already. Would love to find some burly pipes for these beasts, real roided-up pythons. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Sorry I missed your question from a couple weeks ago. No examples on me at the moment but I could probably make some this weekend. The whole deal with changing the finish is changing how washes or contrast paint interacts with the base colors underneath. Smoother the finish, the less of the wash will sit on highpoints and more ends in recesses. Imagine a Space marine shoulder pads painted white and hit with a purple wash. On a matte finished one, everything will end up purple with a darker purple in the crevice between the trim and rounded edge. Light purple on the highest point of the shoulderpad. On a satin or semi-gloss, they're will be a slight purple at the highlights but much less. The crevice will have much more purple than the last as well. On a gloss, almost nothing will get any purple with the exception of the crevice between trim and pad. Takes some tinkering and practice but worth it in my book.
  3. Really dig the Frost Giant but I adore that Hill Giant! Please cover Hill Giant in tattoos. 100% unsure how that fits with your "historically accurate inaccuracies" but it fully fits my headcannon of an Arthurian giant to have a full body of crude tattoos. Plus, it would add interest and make him less plain without needing lots of bits and Greenstuff. Just a request;) Stunning work as usual!
  4. Love=Pinning? That's quite the conclusion to a hat related question.
  5. Whatever recipe you used on that guy, keep it. Looks great! Try to batch paint up a bunch of those before you decide if you'll go back and touch up the white. That may be the proverbial straw that takes this from fast + easy with awesome results to a slog that never gets finished. Looks good imho without the touch up.
  6. I'd love to try it out. Anything in the Tacoma area?
  7. Zenithal white over the green is aces, I think you found a winner there. I've been playing with the contrasts and they really need to go on a satin finish to do their job. Quick method I'd go with in your position: Zenithal white the green primed guys. Block in guns/trim/accessories in light colors. Satin seal Contrast paint the rest. Note, if you want to keep more of the original colors you can gloss seal instead of satin. Satin will tint the whole thing and dark in recesses. Gloss is mostly just recesses. For this scheme, gloss may be the better choice.
  8. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a box;( I'm still looking but don't have high hopes. If you find one, I'm happy to still do the split. Good luck and welcome back!
  9. Fully support all the stuff you mentioned in last post. All your cool convertions in one army? Check. The ability and drive to dial back if needed? Check. Passes my OFCC checklist so far.
  10. All socks should have a hole in them, otherwise you couldn't get them on your feet.
  11. Have open spots for JBLM housing maintenance if anyone knows someone looking. Even just a kid with a good drivers license looking for summer work. 40hrs, steady. Spots for all skill levels, hit me up. Thanks!
  12. Haven't bought the box yet. Didn't want to be stuck with the Elves. Still interested?
  13. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/29/looncurse-unboxedgw-homepage-post- Gits vs Tree Aelfs, I'm not interested in the books or anything else. Just them sweet, homicidal gerblins.
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