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  1. Soooo....My OFCC army for next year is Orks, counts-as Marines. Doing all Dreads though. Scratches three itches. Dread Mob, Orks as Marines and all Dreads. Words words words, I challenge your Blakk Templorks with my Adeptorks Killstartes!
  2. That's bananas! What did they send on round two? Never needed it but I've always heard good things about GW customer service. Sorry to hear that you've had a rough go.
  3. I've had zero interest in Sigmar so far, I love 40k and already don't have enough time to build and play. That said...I'm super interested in this. Would bellying up to the table with a full giant force be a douche move? Playable and enjoyable from both sides of the table?
  4. What?!? Gripes on the interwebz? Shocked;) Haven't got a 9th in yet but the rules look pretty good and general reviews are favorable. Most of the complaints I've heard are in the "quibble" realm, not a gross condemnation of the whole. Take with salt as an educated guess though. Good luck!
  5. Looking ace so far! Can't wait to see more.
  6. I probably have all the grot stuff, you can borrow if you'd like to try the list out. On vacation right now, can double check when I get home.
  7. Seriously. So side tangent here. My job is mainly putting the right resources on the right job. I know a good portion of electrical, plumbing, HVAC etc but I do use specialists from time to time. When I outline a job to them I end the conversation with, "Does that sound right? I don't tell my mechanic how to fix my car." Usually I get a "yep" but occasionally I'll be off. Almost like these people do this exact thing, all day, every day.
  8. For a hot second, I was gonna comment on how much I like the colors you used on the ground at the base of the bridge... Side note, if I ever do anything post-apocalypse I'll be painting my ground cover just like that. A million little dabs of different colors. Monet meets Mad Max.
  9. Not had either company's IG replacement arms in my hands so take with salt. Going from pics and reviews it looks like Victoria tends to run a little smaller/slimmer and Mad Robot a bit more chunky/heroic.
  10. Magic sculpt is a good alternative for Green Stuff. The 5 pound bucket is like $45, that's as close to a lifetime supply as you can get. Doesn't dry much faster than GS though. Great for press molds. Edit, link below. https://www.amazon.com/Magic-Sculpt-Lb-Epoxy-Clay/dp/B003ALAZS8
  11. Ooh, I might wait for the X. If the price is comparable, I'll go with the bigger one. I need to get a laptop anyways in order to use either one. No desktop and my laptop pooped out a bit back. Been dragging my feet on getting a replacement because I never need one.
  12. Any opinions on this guy? Not shooting for anything big, mostly heads/guns/bits. I think I'm locked into resin vs filament but not 100%. More interested in adding things to existing things than making whole things...if that makes sense;) https://www.amazon.com/ANYCUBIC-Assembled-Innovation-Off-line-Printing/dp/B07TVW9HGH/ref=aw_pd_cart_vw_crc_3_2/131-2231581-3186567?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07TVW9HGH&pd_rd_r=f7418202-128b-40bc-bcb8-563ffe4969b4&pd_rd_w=sUhI9&pd_rd_wg=9JROz&pf_rd_p=1d4b8457-b5e1-40c5-929e-bfdeb5d7826e&pf_rd_r=ZZDW9ADTKET934PF08FD&psc=1&r
  13. 1) Make a stickman, about the size of a GI Joe. 2) Take all your vehicle bits, spare guns and mechanical looking parts. Put in a small box. 3) Cover stickman in glue, drop in box and shake. Now you have a Mekka Dread!
  14. I'll second that! Thank you for what you do and having us over. Also, to everyone who missed out on the mystery table.. ya missed out;)
  15. Im bringing three Killa Kans. Standing on each other's shoulders, wearing an oversized trenchcoat.
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