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  1. I feel the same way, 5th edition was the best base rule set. They just kept adding unnecessary details after that. What I wouldn't give for a 5th ed. rules set with the current GW codex release and desire to tweek the game. Gods of Chaos that would be amazing!
  2. Well it was a little easier without Devlan Studs defending their bucket. But after lugging that thing around I understand why, I'm just glad I don't have to store it :)
  3. I think it was mostly achievements. One of the best years yet guys. Keep it up.
  4. Thanks again for putting on a great event Ordo. This was a great reminder of the things I enjoy about this community.
  5. Photo Spread and Army List for Josh Berry Some sort of admech nonsense with a bunch of infantry and Belisarius Cawl. OFCC 2017 Josh Berry - DMB RIders of Brohan.pdf
  6. Photo Spread and Army List for Tony Peterson He is playing a mob of orks in Trukks lead by 15 meganobz. Super fun to play against, not very good. OFCC 2017 Tony Peterson - DMB Riders of Brohan (Plain Text).txt
  7. Photo Spread and Army list for Fernando VIlanea He is playing Magnus the Red (but in blue body paint) and a small Thousand Son force allied with some Daemons (pink horrors DUH) OFCC 2017 Fernando Villanea - DMB Riders of Brohan.pdf
  8. Photo Spread and Army List for Alexander Cragg Playing my Black Legion as Death Guard using the rules from Traitors Legions. Basic Warband with a Renegade Knight ally. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dpPThNIadLkeodcHtkO9-HmRMJD0G124pQJCFr-2Lc4/edit?usp=sharing
  9. I only half facetiously say that it would be easier then for you to pick up 8th at this point
  10. Well Fernando has been doing cross-fit but his capoeira is a little rusty. Still I think he'll give as good as he gets, too bad our standard is made of PVC it's not the best weapon.
  11. All you need to know is we are having a pit fight with standard bearers while the captains watch from a balcony with whiskey and cigars.
  12. This is pretty much my hope and why I started this thread, I know some people will pretty much have to stick with 7th but I was curious if 80% of the games will be in 8th and I can reliably stop trying to preserve the portions of my brain that remember 7e rules.
  13. Since I have to plan on how many toys I can fly with I figured I would gauge the waters to see who was thinking of playing 8th this year during the 40k event?
  14. This is true, but what I want to get out of Power Level is the ability to pick some random schmoo at the shop say "hey lets play the ambush mission" and throw together some cool armies for that scenario in less than 5 minutes. It's not about balance (for me) but doing some cool [big bad swear word] on the table, and not having to dick around with figuring out how to fit my tanks and tac squads in there and how many melta bombs can i afford??!!!?? while trying to get in a fun game on my 40k night.
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