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  1. Repentia are pretty widely considered the best unit in the sisters codex, and full-payload manticores do a lot of work. One the other hand, the conscript + psychic barrier (+1 save) + power through knowledge (5++) + mental fortitude (ignore morale) combo is quite fringe and I'm proud to see it work consistently. The rest of the list is relatively straightforward. I will say one of the biggest mistakes I see people making is taking too few "do nothing" units that can score primary or secondary points. The scions and infantry squad fall into this category, and there's a lot of mission play
  2. I recently finished playing in a TTS tournament with a bunch of Art of War subscribers and went 5-1 (none of the 44 participants went 6-0), finishing in 3rd place with the below list. My one loss was to Sterling Arnet's Harlequin & Drukhari combo. My matchups, in order, were: Custodes, Nids, Aeldari (Harlequins & Drukhari), White Scars, White Scars, and Blood Angels. Was a lot of fun and I'm now thinking about ways to keep the same style of list but splash a patrol of Dark Angels, for access to the Watched warlord trait (once per game auto-deny from anywhere on the board), th
  3. Some more test games are proving that things like the knight or GMNDKs push me too far into an elite style of army, and I just need more bodies to compete against obsec spam. My latest list features a couple of mechanized guard units and Karamazov, whose leadership auras synergize really well with both guard (to prevent failed morale tests) and grey knights (to maximize damage via Purge Soul): he gives Ld11 to every imperial unit within 12", and gives -1 Ld to enemy infantry within 12". Crowe is also a nice cheap body for generating command points and/or completing psyker-related secondary obj
  4. Totally! I'm not an engineer (though I work with plenty) and the difficult process you're describing is what I was trying to allude to by saying "port over". Seeing all the negative reactions to the app, I'm shocked that they didn't just hire the team that makes Battlescribe; if they hadn't considered that, maybe they should now...
  5. October is a bit more than two months away though?
  6. Seems pretty clear cut that they would get hit with double fees then right? After all they're choosing to pursue a freemium pricing model. I think the delay has more to do with outsourced development and needing to port what were originally Android app design assets & architecture into Apple's framework. But who knows 🙂
  7. I've been playing a lot of TTS and iterating on my list. Some of the biggest changes have involved transitioning away from Sisters, since I don't need two different 4+ deny stratagems, and replacing them and Guilliman with Guard and a Knight, respectively. I've also gravitated toward a few scouting units, because in 9th starting the game already in the middle of the board is extremely valuable. While Ultramarines have access to a redeploy strat, my Templars have to rely on sheer resilience in the form of the Aurilian Shroud relic: once per battle round (almost always the first) I get a 4++ on
  8. Just can't open all the doors as easily anymore, which is a good thing imo. Also with that much terrain it'll be tough if not impossible to completely screen off sections of the board.
  9. Today I'm trying out a variation that solves a few of the problems we were discussing. My previous list suffered from some glaring issues: weakness to haywire spam (since every asset except the triumph was a vehicle), vulnerable (read: transport-less) troops, and character taxes; the latter has always been an issue with soup but matters more now because of the way cp work in 9th. I've replaced the GK patrol with a supreme command featuring Guilliman. He gives me bonus cp, removes the need for separate re-roll auras like the Canoness (he even gives re-rolls to the assassins!), and ma
  10. The GMNDK can fill that role well enough I think, but if it becomes an issue I'll revisit things. Really appreciate the ideas! That's a big part of why I like posting here, to get feedback/criticism. The issue here is that since I'm running soup and start with only 4cp, I'd be dropping to 2cp to do that. I'd really like to stay at 4 if I can, but like I mentioned to Inquisitor66, if this aspect of my build ends up being a liability I'll definitely revisit it.
  11. Chimera is 85 w/ multilaser and heavy bolter now. Immolator is 125 w/ the flamers. I'm trying to find a way to run an Immolator, but it's tough. I want the guard bodies for 1st/2nd turn move blocking or objective stealing, but they also die so quickly that it feels like a trap. I'll keep noodling on it... Yep, and this is fine with me -- Vindicare and Culexus are far and away the better assassins in this edition IMO.
  12. Played my first game of 9th ed yesterday over TTS using the above list; we played No Man's Land (Eternal War Strike Force Mission 4) and my opponent was running Armageddon guard (Emperor's Fist Vigilus battalion) with 50 guardsmen, 4 chimeras, 2 Tank Commanders, a Vulture with twin punishers, a Valkyrie with rocket pods, 2 Hellhounds, 2 Basilisks, 3 Bullgryns, and a Company Commander (maybe a couple odd things I'm forgetting but that's most of it). Some general lessons learned/confirmed: I was a little afraid that 9th's primary objectives would feel lopsided and give players a huge
  13. Yeah, sorry, I don't mean to make light of what's obviously a [big bad swear word]ty situation for horde players. Just pointing out that game duration is one small ray of sunshine in that regard.
  14. Oof. 10 Gretchen costing 50pts has to hurt, too.
  15. (Wasn't sure where to reply, in your thread or mine :P) The lower model count is a big deal for sure, but then again with only 5 turns you don't need to last quite as long.
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