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  1. What are your thoughts on allies for the sisters that could give them something closer to what you value in battle company?
  2. I've been playing with ideas like the SCS you have here, but can't get around the fact that against non-psyker armies they're essentially dead weight. Instead I find myself gravitating more toward sprinkling condemnors across the army, on various Sister Superiors. This not only makes them harder for your opponent to remove if they are playing psykers, but also frees up points for things like Seraphim or an SCS with a different, more versatile purpose.
  3. I understand the Retributors now. Myself I would rather have the Immolators, but I realize it's a stylistic choice. I value being able to pop a target w/ an Immolator before its passengers disembark and shoot the inhabitants, for example, or simply having an additional heavy weapon that can fire at a separate target.
  4. Why not Immolators for the Dominions instead of Repressors? The added firepower seems more valuable than the extra front armor, especially if you're expecting to blow your load immediately after scouting/outflanking. Also why the ablative wounds on the Retributors if they're in the Bastion? If you swap for Immolators and drop the ablative wounds that's like 80 spare points.
  5. He always did that. The only things that can be in the same detachment as him are henchman squads.
  6. i look forward to using them as celestians
  7. Was it your intention to have almost zero long range firepower? Even with scout, I don't think the Dominions are going to make up for that...
  8. I'm behind on the latest arguments surrounding 40K, so forgive me for asking but: Why is this an issue?
  9. The draft FAQ wording suggests that the answer to your question is a clear "Yes": Q: Do blast weapons, regardless of size or type, now hit all models at all height levels under the template? And if so, is intervening terrain (such as bridges or floors) ignored when determining how many hits are caused? A: A blast marker or template affects all models underneath it, including those on different levels of a piece of scenery. (Designer's note: Earlier versions of this rule restricted the effect of blast markers to 'a single level' of scenery. This created problems with scenery that didn't have strictly definable 'levels' and we decided on this change for simplicity. In addition, we feel the rules now better reflect the explosions being three-dimensional (i.e., spherical and not circular) as well as better representing the deadliness of weapons such as flamers when used in confined spaces.) Source: http://i.imgur.com/aFOc2ZT.jpg So, if you shoot a Demolisher cannon on the top floor of a ruin, everything on all levels of that ruin are now hit, provided that they are at least partially beneath the template. Furthermore, as per the BRB on how blast weapons hit and wound, ALL of the models hit in this way can be removed as casualties, regardless of line of sight. BOOM!
  10. I agree...the language suggests that blasts can in fact wound models that are out of line of sight.
  11. I know it's just speculation, but according to this SpikeyBits article we might not have to wait long for a Sisters update: http://www.spikeybits.com/2016/06/sisters-returning-adepta-sororitas-latest.html A Penitent Engine is even featured in the display...
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