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  1. As I said, it's a unit ability that the strat turns into an aura. There's room for debate, hence the FAQ. Both sides should stop acting like their interpretation is a foregone conclusion.
  2. Acts of Faith are an ability though. Which are turned into an aura by the strat.
  3. Acts of Faith is an ability though, which has certain effects depending on the faith power manifested. And VotEW turns that effect into an aura. Hence, an ability aura.
  4. I was under the impression that auras include anything measured in a radius from a model's base. But good for you.
  5. Q: Does the Book of St. Lucius increase the range of Stratagems used on the bearer, such as Vessel of the Emperor’s Will? A: No. Aura abilities are considered to be persistent abilities; Vessels of the Emperor’s Will is an instantaneous ability. Wow, I don't think anybody expected that interpretation.
  6. because you suggested that people who play the way the video shows are unpleasant. not sure how that's something other than shaming...
  7. you were the one who started off by saying the vid is about "how to be an unpleasant player," which it's not...
  8. turn it around: if you don't care about the rules why not play open play? why play the game at all? there's nothing unpleasant about following rules. you are in control of whether you want to play the game, rules and all.
  9. lol shaming people for following the rules, classy FWIW, i agree w/ you about peter's thing though. but the vid isn't anything like that imo.
  10. Love the Celestian spam. Them with Bloody Rose are definitely the best all-rounders in the codex. As for Dominions vs Seraphim, I'm not sure whether your recent tourney games informed that decision, but I would stick with the Seraphim. Since you aren't running transports, I think it's pretty critical that you be able to respond quickly to an opponent's deep strike or punch a hole where you need it. Did Burning Descent do much work? IMO it's most useful for double-firing with bolt pistols, since you can't really hope to wound until subsequent turns when you can get close enough for Holy Trinity.
  11. It's FAQ territory, but I read it as once per turn.
  12. Don't get your hopes up...a squad of Seraphim is still $110.
  13. I already have quite a few Vostroyans, but this holiday I will definitely grab some snipers, the powerfist HQ, and a couple of vox casters - models that I haven't yet managed to get my hands on.
  14. I dig the latest list. Only thing I can see is that it might be useful to make the repentia unit 7 instead of 8 so that the dialogus, priest, and mistress can all ride along. I think getting your points back with the repentia will require The Passion, and if the dialogus is in the rhino she will also have an easier time keeping up with the doms/celestine/etc.
  15. Fair enough. But yeah then I would consider double battalion so you don't have to pay additional unit taxes.
  16. The rulebook says that detachments are fulfilled by units' battlefield roles. A unit not officially taking up a slot doesn't change its role.
  17. I like this iteration. The "frelites" still count toward your detachment requirements even though they don't take up slots, so I would consider dropping pious vorne and something else to turn that retributor squad into a third exorcist. I really don't think retributors pull their weight anymore, now that double-shoot is gone.
  18. thats why they live in a rhino! just advance to behind a ruin first turn, and then disembark charge the following. or counter-charge if someone gets in your face. 7" move easy peasy.
  19. I mean, those are nice, but let's be honest they're not arcos 😛
  20. Yeah that was going to be my main comment: getting a combi-flamer and simulacrum in the dom squads. Other than that it looks like a fun starting point. I would also consider for the seraphim running EITHER 1 pair hand flamer & 1 pair inferno pistol OR (and i prefer this one) 2 pairs hand flamer but with an inferno pistol on the sergeant. This would give your list some extra anti-horde punch, which you're a little light on, and also allow you to use holy trinity.
  21. It doesn't say you can make it fight. It says "can be chosen to fight with twice", but that doesn't say anything about eligibility. The rulebook says that "any unit that charged or has models within 1" of a enemy unit can be chosen to fight." IMO, RAW, nothing about the faith power supercedes the rulebook requirements.
  22. I disagree that the power does that for you. I guess that's why an FAQ is needed.
  23. I don't buy it. They can fight twice but the conditions for fighting in the first place are being within an inch of an enemy model or having charged, neither if which are met by the passion.
  24. Went well. I played against Imperial Knights on Saturday in a narrative vigilus mission, Necrons on Sunday in a chapter approved matched play eternal war mission and won both games. It was a lot of fun using Divine Guidance and Holy Trinity on the melta dominions, and the Exorcists pulled more than their weight. Both games I managed to charge with the arcos and use the extremis trigger word strat, too. In the first game those 81 attacks were enough to kill an Armiger, while in the second it killed the majority of a Wraith unit. Celestine and seraphim are still great friends, and The Passion on Celestine is just disgusting. Both games I managed to charge with at least one penitent engine as well, which was great but not for the reasons you'd expect: the large base and double activation means you get an extra 12" of movement during the fight phase with which you an orbit an enemy unit and tie up more stuff. So that was a huge help. I think the biggest misconception about the new dex is about the impact of the vessel strat. I see its value but had no efficient opportunities to use it because to play the missions I had to spread out across the board. The strat is only useful if the mission doesn't punish you for death-starring your army. And even then you need to have a pretty spammy list, so that everyone can make the most of the same faith power. Bloody Rose order is a clear winner. It amped up my canoness and even allowed regular sisters to kill a unit of necron scarabs after being charged. I got too aggressive with some sisters against necron warriors, but the potential is still there. Argent Shroud didn't proc once in either game, so I might replace that one with 6+ FNP for my Exorcists just to be annoying. The +1 to faith checks order is great for the Doms and Seraphim though.
  25. The Passion (fight twice) on Celestine was pretty cool - she put 14 wounds on a Knight lol. Had a Dialogus nearby to help get the power off.
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