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  1. I don't mind spending time with the family for a few days... however somewhere around day 4 I start wanting to get away for a bit :)
  2. Is there anyone around the Seaside area Christmas week, or know of any games stores or anything around Seaside? I'll be down there for the Christmas week and it would be nice to pick up a game.
  3. Name: Nick Location: Yakima, WA Forces Owned: Cygnar, Trolls, Skorne, Circle Available: Contact be PM, can setup time whenever Where I play: My house or Tri-cities area or Ellensburg. Preferred Contact Method: PM
  4. A sunday tournament, preferably in tri-cities or yakima washington works best for me.. . Just move your gaming group up north a bit.
  5. Interesting. I just started playing and after playing everything else I would agree that the rules for warmahordes are a bit bloated and could use some streamlining. I also am trying to go to lock n load this year and I noticed this as one of their descriptions for events: WARMACHINE/HORDES Hardcore: The Last Dance Hardcore has been a mainstay of Privateer Press gaming events for years, and this will be our final farewell to this tournament. Throw down in this awesome event one last time before welcoming Champions to the fold. Fully painted armies and fast, furious gameplay fill Hardcore with edge-of-your-seat action. I thought the description seemed interesting, why is it going away and what is replacing it? So potentially they unveil mk3 at lock and load?
  6. My goblin mega force actually arrived not too long ago. Mantic goblins are a bit eh but the cost is great. Anyways for goblins you can kind of do what you want, they are an efficient costed army. I like putting the +1 to hit item on a horde of spitters and making another horde of spitters elite. This makes them much harder to ignore, and means that the opponent has to come try and deal with them, which generally holds up whatever is charging and allows my flanking stuff like trolls to wipe it out. You want to get something to deter fliers from hopping over overything. Mawbeasts or war trombones work good. As well as other war machines if you make sure the angles are right. Wiz's are also a great source for lightningbolt, very cheap for lb3. I usually get a couple to lb stuff and slow chargers (yes they can "overrun" d6 inches but you can still get them in the way if you position correctly.
  7. It's more popular on universal battle. Although the group is kind of taking a break because of spring and all that. Vassel i think would be better but it sounds like nobody ever completed the module for it. 9th is also super popular on universal battle. If you ever want to play a game let me know.
  8. Just because I play a decent amount of KoW online and speak to people over in Europe, my understanding is that 8th was already losing ground to KoW there so it wasn't as big of a shock when it died out. The group plays KoW for the nice well balanced rank and file game with simple rules and depth and plays AoS (with those models) for a completely different style of game. They don't look for AoS to replace 8th, that is what KoW is for. If you look at it this way from GW perspective their plan made sense, regardless if we all hate it.
  9. High Elves 1 x Alarielle The Radiant --- NiB 1 x Alith Anar --- NiB 1 x Eltharion on Stormwing --- Well painted and based 1 x Handmaiden of the Everqueen --- NiB 1 x Lion Chariot --- Built 1 x Prince on horse 1 x Prince/Noble 1 x Teclis 1 x Tyrion --- (both mounted and unmounted versions) 10 x Dragon Princes --- 5 NiB 15 x Ellyrian Reavers --- 5x painted 15 x Phoenix Guard --- No shields, Dark elf heads 2 x Dragon --- With riders, 1 NOS 2 x Loremaster of Hoeth --- NiB 2.5 x Prince on griffon --- Missing wing from one 20 x Sisters of Avelorn/Shadow Warriors --- 2x 10 NiB 25 x Seaguard --- IoB models ( i think) 3 x Bolt Throwers --- One unsure of crew 3 x Mage --- 1 IoB model, others may be older Teclis version 3 x Tironic Chariot --- Metal, chariot built, horses not attached, not sure of riders 40 x Silver helms --- 70 horses, unknown rider count, about 60% of riders are metal 50 x Archers --- 40 plastic, 10 metal 50 x White Lions --- All NoS 62 x Swordmasters --- Captains, Banners, Musicians, 50% metal, 50% newest model 67 x Spearmen --- Some missing shields, some painted 8th edition book. I think I have the 7th edition book as well. Sell it all for $350. Trade value is MSRP ($1200 ish) to MSRP, will trade in favor for Cygnar. Interested in all Warmahordes though. Retribution of Scyrah Banshee painted Griffin painted Houseguard halbs + painted Arcanist x2 - 1 painted Phoenix/hydra kit NiB Houseguard riflemen NiB Houseguard thane NiB Issyria sibyl NiB W: $115 shipped, Cygnar Convergence of Cyriss Most of the stuff is primed silver unless noted. Prime Axiom Forge master syntherion Unbuilt bare plastic Corollary Diffuser Mitigator Mitigator Unbuilt bare plastic Cipher Inverter Monitor Optifex Directive Bare metal/ built Algorithm Dispersion Optifex Bare metal/unbuilt Attunement Servitor Unit CoC Token Set W: $185 shipped, Cygnar
  10. The more I play KoW the deeper the gameplay gets. The rules are not that difficult but the game itself is well designed imo.
  11. I'm in Yakima which has a KoW scene of just me but a few people in the Tri-cities area play. If you ever want to play something on universal battle let me know.
  12. I can think of a few others that I could convince to come, regardless if it was a 2 day or 1 day event. Just not that many spend any time on forums.
  13. I probably can't make this one. Saturday's are usually bad for me and since its close to our anniversary i'm not sure if I could convince the wife to be okay with me leaving. Well i probably could but i wouldn't be allowed to come back ;).
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