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  1. I am in. Been too long.
  2. Not going to be able to make this one, friend's birthday dinner. I should be available for the next weekend.
  3. I am in. I need to get back in before I forget how to play.
  4. Hey Eric, Could you add me to the wait list, I am able to make it.
  5. Sorry guys, I am still preparing for meetings tomorrow. We had another person quit and a new hire never showed up! I will see you all some day soon.
  6. Sorry, I was unable to make tonite, but I plan on joining in next week.
  7. 1) Do people like the venue? Yes, AC and access to beer do it for me. 2) Is the multi game system tournament event a good thing or does it detract from the Infinity Event? I like seeing the other games being played and all of the cool displays people build and paint. 3) Do you like narrative event or ITS events? Either works for me. 4) Is the painting requirement a barrier? Not my finest work but putting three colors on whilst drinking was quick and easy. 5) Is the price point a barrier? No. 6) How many points do you want to play? 200, 300, 400
  8. Sorry guys, I was dry heaving all morning.
  9. I will be there, Frazier may drop by to play as well.
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