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  1. I have the two blood bowl type ones put aside for you buddy!
  2. Shoot me a PM with what your after!
  3. Absolutely wonderful! Shoot me a PM with what your after and I’ll see what I have for a trade! 🙂 appreciate it!
  4. Let me know what you got! I’m after about 50 of them in total so if anyone local has any shoot me a PM! cheers Sam
  5. No worries! I managed to pick up some golgfags Ogres and a couple from Mike so far but please no rush with looking for any of the older sculpt stuff! 🙂 appreciate you looking buddy! Sam
  6. Hi guys! recently grabbed these off of Eben @ mindtaker and wondered if anyone knew who painted them? Need to ask paints etc that was used? cheers sam
  7. Hey Dude! Really appreciate you looking for me! I would love to take the two you found from that page if possible! I actually managed to find a complete golgfags armored ogres old school command which started all this off. Let me know when, where and what your looking for for them man!
  8. Yes these are the ogres I’m after Mike! Let me know when you are back! I have some old hammer imperial guards still for you as well. Let me know how many dupes you have and I’ll start sorting some cash!
  9. Hey guys! looking to get hold of some old bob olley or jes Goodwin! Willing to pay $20+ per if anyone has any hanging around. cheers San
  10. I have at least 6! 3 new on sprue and 3 made. If your interested shoot me a PM!
  11. I’m actually smashed busy with commissions currently dude! Appreciate the shout tho!
  12. I’m still knocking out stuff although I’m trying to mix it up with different projects and taking lots of random hikes! Scotch drinking has become a bit crazy tho with all the spare time!
  13. Managed to finish off some more Night Goblin Artillery to piss Ben off alongside my Doom Diver! 🙂
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