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  1. I purchased the Skaven set for the models and won’t be using any of the cards or tokens it came with if your interested?
  2. Lowe’s has some 2x2 sheets when I went in there last week!
  3. Hey Don! I’m interested in the black orcs and the night goblins minus the fanatics. Shoot me a PM with a price and I’ll sort you out some PayPal! 😉
  4. I have the two blood bowl type ones put aside for you buddy!
  5. Absolutely wonderful! Shoot me a PM with what your after and I’ll see what I have for a trade! 🙂 appreciate it!
  6. Let me know what you got! I’m after about 50 of them in total so if anyone local has any shoot me a PM! cheers Sam
  7. No worries! I managed to pick up some golgfags Ogres and a couple from Mike so far but please no rush with looking for any of the older sculpt stuff! 🙂 appreciate you looking buddy! Sam
  8. Hi guys! recently grabbed these off of Eben @ mindtaker and wondered if anyone knew who painted them? Need to ask paints etc that was used? cheers sam
  9. Hey Dude! Really appreciate you looking for me! I would love to take the two you found from that page if possible! I actually managed to find a complete golgfags armored ogres old school command which started all this off. Let me know when, where and what your looking for for them man!
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