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  1. Which side of the river are you located?
  2. I have a huge pointy hat army as well that Iā€™m gonna sell to fund this one! lol
  3. I can meet up anywhere around SE Portland. I'll be at Guardian Sun/Mon in the mornings

  4. Then I would love to take the space marine one please. šŸ™‚
  5. Here is an update of the hobby side! I have three wizards made up and 10 troops ready to go! I forgot how fun ranking them up and making sure I model them correctly was! šŸ˜‰ https://imgur.com/gallery/8axYey1
  6. Is the space marine battalion the newer apoc one? If it is I will take it.
  7. Negative! These are my FW chaos dwarves that I have had for a while but never really had an incentive to get them painted up. I do have Andrews hobgoblins tho I believe.
  8. I would greatly appreciate it as I have never even stepped near a stunty before.
  9. I dunno why you are already giving the beef! You are gonna be helping me make the army! Lol
  10. Just read the unit descriptions and it looks like i can take multiples of the units just have a max unit size. šŸ™‚ Sweet!
  11. Can you take multiple units of citadel guard? or just purely max of 30/20 per army?
  12. I think i may actually have a ton of movement trays i grabbed from Eben last year to make some but if you wanna make me custom ones please feel free. šŸ™‚
  13. OK awesome! Thanks for the heads up! So pure unit of 20 flintlocks and i'll be good to go! Is there any max for the sword and board versions?
  14. So this will be my thread to keep me motivated with a newly born child and try and get some hobby time in building my Infernal Dwarves. Im currently looking over unit composition and army stats and probably gonna start off with two 30 man units of the core troops. 1 x unit of HW and Shield and 1 x unit of the flintlock axe things. I'll be posting update pictures of assembly and my progress here as much as possible. It may be sporadic with the baby but fingers crossed with this amount of time i can paint it up to a pretty high level as well. Cheers to all you square base lovers who have inspired me to get on with it for next year! Much love! Sam
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