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  1. I have at least 6! 3 new on sprue and 3 made. If your interested shoot me a PM!
  2. I’m actually smashed busy with commissions currently dude! Appreciate the shout tho!
  3. I’m still knocking out stuff although I’m trying to mix it up with different projects and taking lots of random hikes! Scotch drinking has become a bit crazy tho with all the spare time!
  4. Managed to finish off some more Night Goblin Artillery to piss Ben off alongside my Doom Diver! 🙂
  5. I have got the blood and plunder rulebook for trade new if you wanna PM me I’m sure we can sort something out.
  6. It’s a very nice paint job but are they worth $1000 probably not. If you are looking to sell you may get $200/250 per as they aren’t gonna fit with most peoples armies. It is all down the what someone is willing to pay tho at the end of the day buddy. Worst case stick them on eBay with a reserve of $500 and see if you have any takers.
  7. You can chalk another one up for those dirty knights today! the battle ‘twas fought outside of Le Bastille De Bastarde. Goblin Doom Diver did massive damage to Bens knights all game and lots of fanatic shenanigans occurred to decimate everyone. Took 7 turns for me to rout him fully so major victory to Ben! Cheers for the game buddy.
  8. Doom Diver Finished now onto 20 final Night Goblin Archers and I’m done!
  9. But They speak they dirty filthy language of Breton. Lol and all smell like cheese.
  10. Its a possibility at the moment! I’m a marienburg fanatic so this will finish off my collection nicely. I would love to give you a game with my marienburg fancy boys army eventually as well!
  11. All sorted thanks for the quick response. Cheers
  12. Just seeing if anyone has it locally for sale at a reasonable price. Would be willing to trade or pay up top $65 for it. It goes for just above this on Amazon used. Cheers Sam
  13. Someone who actually is into heraldry as much as me! Lol I’m flabbergasted I missed this at the beginning of this thread! Ish you’re 1000% right! Ben you need to go hang your head in shame! Lol
  14. Yes it is a wooden sword on the lead gobbo! lol they have so much character it’s great!
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