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  1. Selling wheeled KR case in very good condition with 5 standard sized cardboard trays arranged in different configurations. One is a troop carrier can hold 80, 28 mm miniatures, One is configured for two large miniatures, the others are a mixture of arrangements. All can hold some 28 mm miniatures and some are setup to hold 8 Warjacks. Looking for $400 (or best offer) for the hard case and all 5 cardboard trays. Examples online: https://www.krmulticase.com/product/cases/WH6-S https://www.krmulticase.com/product/cases/KRM Foam in the cardboard trays https://www.krmu
  2. Lots of new Spartan goodies out lately. Halo Fleet Battles New firestorm Armada Fleets
  3. Anyone know of the player or 4 player rules for Firestorm Armada
  4. Feel the same way about the Xbox One. Star Wars Battlefront is the first game I really want for the Xbox.
  5. Could they regroup as escorts for another Tier 1 ship (if available)?
  6. I love the tie in. It is a perfect setup for a fleet based and ground based campaign system.
  7. Jiltedtoo

    Pax's Aquans

    If you want to get a game in in the Beaverton area let me know.
  8. Yes, it is legal for normal play.
  9. I think Aquans have 360 torpedoes which is pretty good.
  10. I play Directorate. I have had little luck with Bio so far. I have spread out my Bio and Corrosive in the past. I think I am going to try building a boarding fleet, with Bio on all weapons I can and Special Forces.
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