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  1. Thumbs up for Castle Panic. I play it a lot with my 6 year old. Two other games that are entertaining for both kids and adults are Out Foxed and Race to the Treasure IMHO.
  2. Hi RD I apologize for the delayed response (spring break and such). I'm down in Sherwood/Tualatin area. It would be awesome to join up for some local game nights to learn the game. That being said my schedule is pretty saturated with work and family so my opportunities are few. I need to join a very very verrrrrry slow grow league. Anyways, for the time being, I'm going to live vicariously through all of you, so keep up the posting! I'm going to try to get my IceStorm painted, and go through the learning scenarios I do have one other question: What do most players do for the main rulebook? Is the online version the full version? Is there any advantage (stories, extra pictures) to ordering the actual rulebook? Thanks again! Jim
  3. Wow. Thank you all for all the awesome advice and links. Rudra's technique matches what I'm looking for, but I do like the idea of base coating/priming from below with black and then a lighter color from above. Now to find time to paint my PanO. Currently I'm assembling the Nomads. Assembling these tiny little bits, arms, 'antenna helmet things' is a labor of love and fury...but very addictive. <= my emotions as I attempt to glue those little bits many, many...many times over. Thanks again! Jim
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been slowly (very slowly) working on my Op:Icestorm boxset and now actually got to the point that I'm read to start painting my PanO models. It's been a couple decades since I've painted models and I need some advice and refresher points. I have looked for painting guides online/youtube but they tend to be for airbrushers or more advanced painters; I'm looking for more basic guides using brush painting only. If anyone knows of a good website/blog/tutorial for infinity I would greatly appreciate it. A few questions: What is the best color for the primer, black or white? I'm guessing white? Do you first paint with the blue and then use a black wash to fill in all the little creases and lines or is it opposite of first paint in all the little creases and then dry brush over with blue? Or is there a better technique? Any advice on how to paint the standard black miniature stands that comes in the game for the Infinity world? I saw that some of you have cool specialized stands that look as part of the city-scape, but are there any ideas on blending a standard stand in with the city-scape? Thank you very much! Jim
  5. Hi Raindog, All I have are the two cargo boxes and two barricades that come with the "Core Set Revised". I will want to sell them with the Core Set if possible. Thanks for your interest, Jim
  6. Hello, ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD! NOW I CAN START FROSTGRAVING!!!! (maybe some more Infinity models too) ================================================================================================================== I'm attempting to clear out a few games, so I can move onto another game obsession (Frostgrave and DragonRampant ). Not sure if anyone still plays this but I have a small contingent of Dust Tactics miniatures and game components I need to sell. They are all in excellent condition (played about 5-6 times before being distracted by some other bling). I still have original boxes and contents. I'm asking $80 for the whole thing (which is how I would prefer to sell it all at once). -Core Set Revised - contains all original contents (rules, dice, play mats, and following miniatures: Heavy Flak Grenadiers, Heavy Laser Grenadiers, Sturmpioniere, Lara Feldwebel character, "Hans"-Panzer Aufklarealaufer 1-c, "Death Dealers" - Raner Weapon Squad, Rhino character, "The Hammers" - Heavy Assault Squad, "Hell Boys" -Ranger Attack Squad, and Blackhawk Light Assault walker M1-B). -The first edition Dust Warfare rulebook -boxset "Hot Dog/Pounder/Steel Rain/Mickey" Medium Assault Walker -boxset "Wildfire/Honey"-Light Assault Walker -boxset "The Boss"- Ranger Command Squad -boxset "Kommandotrupp"-Sturmgrenadier Commmand Squad -boxset "Luther/Ludwig/Lothar"-Medium Panzer Walker -boxset "Henrich/Hermann"-Light Panzer Walker -I also have three White Dwarfs (Dec. 2012, Jan 2013, and Feb 2013) (also poster of GW Hobbit minatures and poster of WH 40k miniatures). Sell all for $5 obo. -and I have the Maulifaux 1.5 paperback rulebook in excellent condition sell for $5 obo. Thanks! Jim
  7. Hi Koyote, are you planning on buying these supplements directly from North Star in the UK, or is there a distributor in the US? With the conversion from English Pounds to US dollars, and then adding shipping cost of 25% to cross the pond, items from North Star are approximately 70% increase from list price. Ouch. I guess many are used to that price increase with "other games" from the UK. Thankyou, Jim
  8. Awesome, thank you for the responses. I really like the North Star miniatures. Has anyone ordered from North Star, and if so, how is it (expense and timing of shipping)? I think I'm going to try out Frost Grave first, however, now I have to figure out how, or if to, build a table top representing a frozen city. fun fun fun thanks again!
  9. Hello, Looking into playing some of the new Osprey games (Dragon Rampant, Lion Rampant, and/or Frost Grave), however, before I take the plunge I want to make sure I can find miniatures for these games. I understand that you can use any fantasy/medieval miniatures for these games, but I'm having trouble finding a good, affordable, source here in the US. North Star which supports Osprey with miniatures cost a chunk of change to ship the mini's from the UK to the US. Are there any good fantasy/medieval miniature manufactures in the US or do you know if any FLGS carry the North Star miniatures here in the Portland area? Thank you! Jim
  10. Thanks AbusePuppy! Your numbers sounds about right on track along with paxmiles guess. After reviewing the hobby stores site it does look like once a month. Now, I just have to figure out if I truly have enough time for the hobby (buying, assembling, painting, learning, practicing, playing the games)...it's pretty involved.
  11. Thanks paxmiles for the advice! Greatly appreciated. So, roughly going with your pricing each month for 500 pts added to the army = 25 "generic" marines (let's say $3 with paint, glue, etc.) and maybe something special (vehicle, character, specialized squad) (add ~$30) all equals to about $100-$150 per increment. So, if the league goes to 2000 pts it will be about $500 total.
  12. Hello, I'm considering joining a local escalation league hosted by my local hobby store as a way to getting into playing 40k. I'm basically a new player so don't quite know what I'm in for when joining up and playing this game as a hobby. Any honest feedback is greatly appreciated: My questions: The league starts at 500pts and will grow at 500 pts per increment (2 weeks or 1 month...that's undecided). Approximately how much time and $$$ does it take to keep up with that pace? Would I be spending roughly $100 to $250, $250 to $500, or ?$$$ per increment. I'm considering either Eldar, Tau, or Space Marines. Would these be good newbie starter armies? Is an escalation league the best way to start off in hobby, test the waters? If not, what is the best way for a new player break into this hobby? Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  13. Hi, Does anyone have a list on which model kits that work best for Mordheim? I've been looking into playing a skirmish level fantasy and/or historical based game, leaning more towards Mordheim or Saga. Also, it would be awesome to join a group, however, family life makes my schedule is unpredictable. Is it easy to pick up a single Mordheim game once in a while? Thanks! Jim
  14. Just out of curiosity, what factions is everyone playing?
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