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  1. Yah 2 so far my guess is those armies/kill teams have a long ways to go before they get their kill team specific models so they are white dwarfing them for now.
  2. Yah I chosen to just play the Kill Teams with "full" rules which technically there are are 4 right now, Veteran Guardsmen, Kommandos, Adeptus Mechanicus (via White Dwarf) and Thousand Sons (via White Dwarf). Soon we will have Tau and Sisters of Battle joining the battle. I have played around half a dozen games so far with numerous players and everyone I have played with has enjoyed the game a ton.
  3. I am kind of obsessed with the new edition and I did play a lot of the old edition. To me its maybe my favorite skirmish game from GW and I have played Warcry, Adeptus Titanicus, Old Kill Team, Underworlds and New Necromunda. It just gets so many things right and once you wrap your head around how line of sight works and cover it flows so well. Highly recommended, working very hard to get everyone I know play it haha.
  4. They had a fantastic turn out with 15 players that showed up with several in the wargaming table area and a few in the bar area.
  5. No biggie this is just a kickoff event it will be every Sunday at 6pm.
  6. Just a heads up, they are starting this on Sept 26th and its free to play and join in. This will be an ongoing event that will happen at this time and day every week. The new edition is great and here is your chance to play. They also offer 20% off all GW products all of the time. Warhammer 40k: Kill Team League (getoccasion.com)
  7. I have all of the new kill team terrain and the board, it also comes with the preorder exclusive art cards and kill team buttons. Let me know if you are still interested. I only want to sell it off as a bundle, I think $70 seems fair.
  8. Do you find yourself wanting to play games, but don’t have the time or money to start a big project? Then Skirmish Sunday is right for you! Starting Sunday September 5th @12pm at Geeks & Games, we’ll be teaching, learning and playing a variety of smaller tabletop games, including Warhammer Underworlds, Adeptus Titanicus, Warcry, Kill Team, Infinity, Marvel: Crisis Protocol and more! If you’re looking to try out miniature gaming, skirmish games are a great place to start.
  9. In case no one has heard, Red Castle Games has postponed any in-store gaming until at the earliest January of 2022.
  10. Join us on August 28th from 1pm to 5pm at the Portland Game Store for a day of demos and casual games of Age of Sigmar third edition. We will have several full 1000p armies to try out and tables for people to play on. So if you don’t have anything you can try out an army (or bring your own 1000p army) and play on one of our tables. We will have several people on hand to teach people as well. Anyone is welcome to join even if you have never played a tabletop Wargame before.
  11. I am for sure planning on playing Kill Team along with other players on the weekly Warhammer Casual League at Guardian Games on Wednesday's from 6:30 to 10pm once it comes out. Warhammer Casual League - Guardian Games (ggportland.com)
  12. Yah its been struggle for a lot of game stores on figuring out how to be able to play in store again during the pandemic. Guardian just mandated that everyone in the store has to wear a mask again, starting today. Its nice that the Guardian Games night does not overlap any other local game nights that I am aware of anyway.
  13. Yes Guardian is a good place to play 40k (or any other Warhammer Game) on Wednesday nights. They ask you a series of questions such as: if you are a beginner, casual or competitive gamer, what points level you would like to play at, if you are willing to teach new players and a few other questions to help match up all players. Just sign up on Thursday around noon because they have been selling out all 30 slots most weeks.
  14. Yah its been hard to get players to play other games other than 40k. That being said there has always been at least one or two games of AoS all weeks. I know a lot of the AoS players have been kind of busy in regards to it being summer and such. If you sign up and put down that you would like me (Jeremy Conser) as your opponent. I would love to teach you AoS. A lot of players put down a points range too which is an option I always sign up at 1000 to 2000 points and I put down that I am willing to teach new players. I also put down all of the games I play currently, AoS, Underworlds and Adeptus Titanicus so that way I can fill in where I am needed. We tried to make the system as flexible as possible but its not perfect.
  15. Yep sign ups are still available for tomorrow. They have had a fantastic turn out since they have been doing it, I think they have sold out every week so far, so 30 players playing all sorts of GW games. Full details here: Warhammer Casual League - Guardian Games (ggportland.com)
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