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  1. Here are a bunch of you tube video teaching you the game or reviewing the game etc:
  2. No problem, its always tricky finding a day and time that works for everyone, that's for sure.
  3. I am looking for a Tablewar half case, Tablewar Mini Case or an A-Case and will pay cash for it. Anyway just let me know, thanks.
  4. Starting on Tuesday September 10th at Guardian Games and going until we finish. We will be playing a full campaign run through of Warcry. So get your 1000p Warbands built (paint is optional) and ready to go. We will have multiple starter sets for people to use, so all you need is your Warband. I am aiming for people to get two games a week. The games plays very fast and it will be super easy to play two games on one Tuesday (or other day of the week). If anyone wants a demo game leading up to the campaign start date plan on coming down on a Tuesday. I hope to see a good turn out it and it should be a blast. If you don't have any interest in Warcry, don't worry we will still have Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Underworlds to play as well. Guardian Games Age of Sigmar Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GGPDXAOS/ Warband Roster: https://www.warhammer-community.com/varanscribe/
  5. If anyone want to give Warcry a demo. I will be in the Age of Sigmar area of OFCC Friday afternoon to give people a run through.
  6. Basically all of the rune marks on your unit cards will correspond to all of your abilities on your faction card. The unit cards with the rune marks can use the abilities of the corresponding rune mark on your ability card. The only rune marks that are not going to be match up with your ability card are the leader and fly rune mark. But yes you should really get the core rule book or watch some you tube videos to explain the basics of how the system works, so all of it will make sense to you. Basically the card packs are like your battletomb in age of sigmar. If you have the card pack and understand how the game is played that's all you need to use those models.
  7. Anyone want to play Warcry or Chaos in the Old World on Friday afternoon? I will be getting to the gaming hall around 9am or 10am on Friday and will be spending time getting the tables set up for the AoS GT on Saturday and Sunday, then probably grabbing some lunch. But then after that the rest of the day is open for some gaming. I will be bringing a fully assembled set of the Warcry starter box and my friend will be bringing his copy of Chaos in the Old World as well. I may bring a few other board games as well. I am making a tentative start time around 1pm and will be around the AoS area of the gaming hall if you want to join in.
  8. Wish you guys lots of luck with getting more AoS going in the Portland Metro area.
  9. Meeting Engagements is really made from the ground up for smaller games, you may want to give it a try. Trying to play any AoS games with less than 1000 points can be a little tricky without mission modifications. Even in meeting engagements games are played at 1000p which honestly feels about perfect for that format. You play on half the normal board size and there are way less objectives on the board as well.
  10. I guess the bigger question is how many battleline are required at these lower point values. I think that is what he is asking. I assume only 1?
  11. Now that the game is officially out we are playing it at Guardian Games on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 10pm. We will have a few of the starter sets in the store today if anyone wants to check it out and get a demo game. Also in Sept we will start a full campaign for the game as well.
  12. We are officially at GT status with 21 players signed up, so if you were holding off getting a ticket until it was a GT now is the time to get a ticket and lets see if we can make it a Major event!
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