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  1. For casual play at stores, the vast majority of people wont care if they are on squares or rounds. In tournaments it is really up to the TO, more and more events are requiring round bases. It does become a bit of an issue since all attacks in AoS have range and pilling in becomes an issue as well. Square base sizes are not an exact equivalent to round or oval bases and a lot of base sizes for models have changed over the years. Most players that are really into AoS take the time to re-base their armies onto rounds luckily I never played fantasy so I never had that problem. I have had to re-base (or use extenders) to a few models due to the base size changing.
  2. For any Age of Sigmar players that want to play 3 rounds at 2000 points, taking place on Oct 12th starting at 10am at Geeks and Games in Oregon City. The only requirement is 5 items of food, a 2000p army, there is no paint requirement as well. Further details in Facebook event listing. Hope to see some players out, its going to be a lot of fun. https://www.facebook.com/events/2383768675276927/
  3. Yah I know how that goes, I should be there tomorrow, see you then.
  4. Ok so no problems on table space or terrain then?
  5. I am thinking about coming out tomorrow. Will I have room to play, I may bring 1 or 2 people as well? I heard you had an amazing turn out last time.
  6. Oh I am sure we have played before because I love to play Underworlds as well. We are continuing to play AoS, Underworld and Warcry on Tuesday nights.
  7. I am keeping this very loose and open ended, anyone can join at any time. I did put an official end date of Oct 29th, but that could end up getting extended out. Its really hard to say how long it will take for everyone to finish their own personal campaign quests due to how the whole system works. I really don't expect everyone to finish by that date and it is no problem to extend it past that date. Anyway I hope to see you down on a Tuesday night soon.
  8. Ok works for me sounds like fun if I come I will have with me a silly list of Warcry and Slaves to Darkness stuff I have. I prob wont even worry about allegiance traits.
  9. Ah ok, so no restrictions at all sounds good then?
  10. I may be able to come tomorrow. But did you decide on army composition at the 500 point level yet? How many heroes and how many battleline etc, thanks.
  11. Ah that all ties into the Narrative Campaign, arguably the most complicated and advanced way to play the game. For normal games you would just ignore all of that. Basically for most Warbands you choose a quest for them to undertake for the entirety of the narrative campaign. The chaos warbands have two to choose from and the AoS warbands only have one quest to choose from (for now). Convergence battles happen at key points in your narrative campaign that tie into your overall campaign. Basically there are really cool battles that you have to win to progress in your campaign.
  12. Are you talking about open, matched or narrative play? If so all of GW main games now are using that new system to differentiate the ways to play.
  13. Just a final reminder that we are kicking this off soon and anyone is welcome to join in the campaign at any point.
  14. Sounds like the book will only be $25 and it has a ton of really cool options in it can't wait!
  15. I am going to try and make it down as well as long as it does not conflict with my twice monthly Thursday board game night. I also love teaching people how to play.
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