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  1. Fantastic turn its good to see these kinds of events being run at the Clubhouse.
  2. Yah was thinking more of an in-direct effect. They had a ton of things tied to the GW licence, board games, RPG's and card games. The company as a whole had to take a hit after that loss, I am still a bit sad they lost the license.
  3. I wonder if any of this has to do with them loosing/dropping support for all of the Games Workshop stuff?
  4. I believe what Andrew is saying is correct in regards to Dark Elf's. If you use the link below it will show you all of the stuff that is valid in a Cities of Sigmar Army that is Dark Elf stuff. At this point in the game everything has been fully incorporated into AoS 2.0 or has been discontinued or relegated to Warhammer Legends (minus Seraphon Lizard men, which are waiting for their 2.0 book). https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Warhammer?N=2070689437+78046592&Nr=AND(sku.siteId%3AUS_gw%2Cproduct.locale%3Aen_US_gw)&Nrs=collection()%2Frecord[product.startDate+<%3D+1578469500000+and+product.endDate+>%3D+1578469500000]
  5. My guess is GW did not want to deal with figuring out how to incorporate the diverse selection of models and sub factions of Cities of Sigmar into Warcry. But once the card packs come out literally every other army will have rules for Warcry. I do think the Cities book is way cool and it gets people playing with a lot of those old fantasy models but it prob was not a big focus for GW. The army did not get any endless spells, faction terrrain, any new model kits or any 2 player starter box. They did however get I think 2 start collecting boxes.
  6. Warcry will soon be getting rules for all current AoS armies (with the exception of Cities of Sigmar unfortunately) and that does include Sylvaneth. I do enjoy these fan made factions.
  7. Not much of an Elf guy myself but the shadowy silhouette looks pretty cool.
  8. Yah its more like finally finishing off my Nurgle army since that was my first AoS army that I never finished. Love this Verminlord it looks way bad ass, one of the best Skaven models. Its good to see more Chaos on the tables, now that we have all of our books updated now. Only Seraphon left.
  9. Very nice I am working on finishing off my Nurgle Army, I may make a small detour back to Tzeentch and those new endless spells once those are out.
  10. I brought all 3 games with me this week, so I should be able to play some Warcry as well.
  11. Love this but can't go, I have to work and ferry children that day...ugh.
  12. We always get some people to show up every week. Last week we had 3 games of AoS and two games of Underworlds. I always bring all 3 games with me so I can fill in where needed, I really try and make sure if someone shows up they can get a game in. Having Facebook makes that a bit easier so I know who is showing up and can help coordinate games, but drop in's are always welcome as well. Once the 15 new Warbands come out for Warcry we will most likely be launching a new Warcry campaign using rules from the newly released book. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it this week because my daughter has a choir performance, but I am there nearly every week of the year. Anyway hope to see you out soon.
  13. I have a strong feeling that's why Seraphon is lagging so far behind on getting an AoS 2.0 book. My guess is next year when they do get a new Battletomb alongside that they will get a piece of faction terrain, faction endless spells and some new sculpts as well. Just a guess though on my part.
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