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  1. I have a strong feeling that's why Seraphon is lagging so far behind on getting an AoS 2.0 book. My guess is next year when they do get a new Battletomb alongside that they will get a piece of faction terrain, faction endless spells and some new sculpts as well. Just a guess though on my part.
  2. Got to say I absolutely love these models too, they did such a great job of updating them but having the same look and feel of the original models. This could be such a fun army to play since you can take Slaves to Darkness, Everchosen and all of the Warcry stuff together. Lots of potential there. I almost wanted to start it myself but decided against it since I already have 2 full Chaos armies.
  3. Pretty big news. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/15/old-world-new-warhammer/
  4. I am not sure where you are at but we have active Age of Sigmar gaming groups that play at Guardian Games on Tuesday Nights at Geeks and Games on Friday nights and at Red Castle Games on Monday nights. You can only use one endless spell in matched play. Also if you use the official app or Battlescribe it will show you how to create a legal matched play list, most people locally play matched play. That being said list building in the game is pretty simple.
  5. Brought to you from the people whoBrought you Food for The Blood God, CARNAGE, and OFCC The Tyrant of P-Town presents:Rose City Wrath A 2000 point two day five round ITC Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament with Generals Handbook scenarios and Hidden agendas. There are Awards for Best Overall, Best General, Best Paint, and Best Sports. There will also be spot prizes given out over the course of the whole weekend.There is room for 32 players with the potential to expand if needed All models must be fully painted and based. All bases must me the appropriate size and shape noted on the basing chart for AoS on the Warhammer Community site. https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/tx4351qp?embed=false https://www.facebook.com/events/507176143435961/
  6. Its a great minis shop with tons of events and game nights.
  7. For casual play at stores, the vast majority of people wont care if they are on squares or rounds. In tournaments it is really up to the TO, more and more events are requiring round bases. It does become a bit of an issue since all attacks in AoS have range and pilling in becomes an issue as well. Square base sizes are not an exact equivalent to round or oval bases and a lot of base sizes for models have changed over the years. Most players that are really into AoS take the time to re-base their armies onto rounds luckily I never played fantasy so I never had that problem. I have had to re-base (or use extenders) to a few models due to the base size changing.
  8. For any Age of Sigmar players that want to play 3 rounds at 2000 points, taking place on Oct 12th starting at 10am at Geeks and Games in Oregon City. The only requirement is 5 items of food, a 2000p army, there is no paint requirement as well. Further details in Facebook event listing. Hope to see some players out, its going to be a lot of fun. https://www.facebook.com/events/2383768675276927/
  9. Yah I know how that goes, I should be there tomorrow, see you then.
  10. Ok so no problems on table space or terrain then?
  11. I am thinking about coming out tomorrow. Will I have room to play, I may bring 1 or 2 people as well? I heard you had an amazing turn out last time.
  12. Oh I am sure we have played before because I love to play Underworlds as well. We are continuing to play AoS, Underworld and Warcry on Tuesday nights.
  13. I am keeping this very loose and open ended, anyone can join at any time. I did put an official end date of Oct 29th, but that could end up getting extended out. Its really hard to say how long it will take for everyone to finish their own personal campaign quests due to how the whole system works. I really don't expect everyone to finish by that date and it is no problem to extend it past that date. Anyway I hope to see you down on a Tuesday night soon.
  14. Ok works for me sounds like fun if I come I will have with me a silly list of Warcry and Slaves to Darkness stuff I have. I prob wont even worry about allegiance traits.
  15. Ah ok, so no restrictions at all sounds good then?
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