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  1. Cannot wait the event is already going to have a ton of players signed up too even before more tickets gone on sale, this is going to be AWESOME!
  2. We had 16 people sign up and play in the league this month and even more players that just came out and got some games in. This has been the busiest month on record in the Mortal Realms at Guardian Games. If you are wanting to get some Mortal Realms action in next month we are kicking the next league off on March 3rd.
  3. I have usually not been a fan of Privateer press miniatures but these look great and the game sounds really good too with alternating activation's very nice.
  4. I have seen your collections its huge. I am kind of weird in that after I purge I always feel better and gives me an excuse to make more purchases.
  5. You have all of my stuff I would have brought...haha. I may come down looking to buy stuff.
  6. There are several sites that let you sort cards by the set they belong too. With both of these sites you can filter by the set the cards belong too. https://warhammerunderworlds.com/deck-builder/ https://www.underworldsdb.com/
  7. Heads up this was a real success, we had more people than we have ever had show up on a Tuesday and sign up for the new league and get some great games in.
  8. Official start of the league will be February 4th! The full league rules are shown in the attached pictures. The most important thing about the league is, it is completely optional and not required to play on Tuesday nights. You can also continue coming out and playing any of the games we play and earn points. Along with the league we are also going to be running an Age of Sigmar Escalation event that will lead into Rose City Wrath 2020! This is a great opportunity to try out a new army or try out Age of Sigmar. Details are shown below: Feb 4th & 11th: 1000 points (2 battleline) Feb 18th & 25th: 1500 points (3 battleline) Mar 3rd, 10th & 17th: 2000 points (3 battleline) Mar 21st & 22nd: Rose City Wrath GT 2020!
  9. Fantastic turn its good to see these kinds of events being run at the Clubhouse.
  10. Yah was thinking more of an in-direct effect. They had a ton of things tied to the GW licence, board games, RPG's and card games. The company as a whole had to take a hit after that loss, I am still a bit sad they lost the license.
  11. I wonder if any of this has to do with them loosing/dropping support for all of the Games Workshop stuff?
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